6 Best Practices for Successful Salesforce CRM Implementation in 2022

Having the right and experienced Salesforce CRM implementation partner is evident for the success of every business. It helps businesses enhance their process, improve client communication, and nurture leads in the most systematic manner. 

In the absence of proper implementation and poor adoption, the CRM projects fail and because of which business faces grave consequences.

Therefore, having an experienced CRM implementation company is a must for businesses.

However, CRM implementation is not a piece of cake. It requires expertise and experience. According to a report, companies that spend $1 on CRM get to earn $8 as a positive ROI. And companies that have poorly adopted CRM implementation, 75% of them have failed.

To bring your sales, marketing, customer management, customer acquisition, HR, inventory management, and other processes in proper alignment, a business must hire the best Salesforce implementation services provider.

In this post, we will discuss the best ways for CRM implementation that will lead to a growing business.

Let’s begin!

Salesforce CRM Implementation

Best Ways for  Salesforce CRM Implementation

Set Your Goals

Before you dive into the CRM implementation process, it is essential to have a clear and simple goal for the implementation of CRM. For that, you can pen down all the macro targets along with the overall CRM implementation vision and its impact on your business in the future.

Have a clear idea of which CRM features you should include and what CRM tool will satiate your business requirement.

Businesses often mistaken features and functionalities of CRM integration with goals achieved. Avoid this scene if you are thinking the same.

Ask yourself, which CRM system will satiate your business requirements? What are the features and functionalities that can fulfil your business needs, will it streamline your business process?, and most importantly, does your business really require Salesforce integration and implementation services?

When you get the precise answers to all these questions, you proceed to the next step.


Thorough Research

A business can do wonders if it has the right CRM implemented. Before you jump to any conclusion, we recommend you do your own research to find the right CRM solution that fits your business requirements.

Among many available CRMs in the market, one of the best CRMs providers is Salesforce. It is the world’s biggest cloud-based CRM and offers immense opportunities to businesses to grow and scale their working process.

Among many other factors like features, uses, functions, etc., one major factor that affects your decision is the pricing module. In order to get the best solution, make sure you don’t affect your budget. 

CRM solutions like Salesforce come in different pricing modules. You can choose the module as per your business process, ease of use, and level of integration, and pay for what you only use.


Team of CRM Experts

A CRM solution can only be considered successfully implemented only when it has a team of experts associated with it. Hiring Salesforce implementation services is not difficult. The thing that makes it tricky is the guidance of Salesforce consultants and their expertise. 

Therefore before you finalize the CRM solution make sure you have a team of choicest of Salesforce experts who closely align with your vision and execute Salesforce implementation services with utmost ease.

An ideal team for Salesforce implementation services includes a project manager who leads the project, a system developer who executes installation, a data analyst for seamless data migration, a QA engineer for thorough testing, and a team of Salesforce professionals.

Determine the size of the project or scale of business, and you can customize your team accordingly.


Forecast Costs and Benefits

Salesforce implementation requires a huge investment. It will not be wise to jump to implementation directly without determining the costs and benefits of Salesforce implementation services.

Prior to finalizing the CRM implementation, businesses can brainstorm with the teams on the effects of Salesforce integration on the business process during the implementation, in the initial one year and after the launch of the CRM solution.

Have your cost report and CRM implementation time well-prepared in advance. It will help you understand the further process. Also, have a timeframe for any kind of contingencies that might occur at the time of Salesforce implementation and integration.

All these points will help you make a more realistic goal that can be achieved within the budget and required timeframe.


Data Integration and Migration

Implementation of CRM is considered successful if the migration of data is done without any error. Scrutinizing and migrating data from a legacy system to a new CRM is a long, daunting, and error-prone process. It might take days, weeks, even months.

Make sure your Salesforce professionals execute data migration from the legacy system to the Salesforce CRM in an error-free way. It will improve the effectiveness of the CRM and the efficiency of the business and team post-CRM implementation.


User Training

The last step of a successful Salesforce implementation completes with the users training and system testing.

Once the CRM gets implemented, it’s time for your expert team to try their hands on the newly implemented Salesforce solutions. Allow your professionals to get familiar with the system, its uses, benefits, and other functions and features.

A good Salesforce implementation partner with certified Salesforce professionals will always help businesses with Salesforce users training.


Steps for CRM Software Implements

  • Create a working team that handles the implementation process from start to end.
  • Hire an experienced project manager. He or she will be responsible for the entire show.
  • Appoint a primary user who is a know-it-all person for your new CRM.
  • Launch CRM with full-swing marketing activities.
  • Finalize the internal CRM usage guidelines.
  • Offer sufficient training to the ultimate team of users.
  • Have well-defined CRM strategies and adopt CRM philosophy.
  • Always be ready for changes and customization.


Advantages of Salesforce CRM Implementation Services

Salesforce CRM implementation is only successful when you hire an experienced Salesforce implementation and consulting company. A Salesforce CRM implementation partner will get you multiple advantages. One of the most important ones is the properly & effectively implemented CRM solution.

The well-implemented CRM system comes with multiple advantages. Some of the important ones are as follows:

  • Successful Salesforce implementation helps you centralized databases across your organization.
  • It will help you manage all the conversations and interactions with clients.
  • You can easily leverage automated data entry with Salesforce implementation.
  • Successful Salesforce implementation services will help you with follow reminders with prospects.
  • It will be easy to organize contact data.
  • You can effectively segment the customers.
  • Develop insightful sales reports.
  • It empowers you with automated sales forecasting abilities for sales.
  • It will be easy to scale up the process gradually.
  • Improves communication among the team members.
  • Improves administrative tasks.



If you are looking to implement Salesforce CRM at your company, make sure you discuss all the possible queries with your Salesforce consulting company.

Salesforce implementation is a process that requires substantial time, costs, and effort. Make sure you hire a Salesforce implementation partner like FEXLE Services. They are Salesforce Silver Consulting Partners and help you effectively achieve your business goals and maximize the impact of Salesforce implementation.

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