Salesforce Mobile Application for Businesses. Benefits That Make You Wow!

Businesses that have opted for Salesforce implementation services enjoy several extraordinary benefits in terms of sales, services, marketing, customer experience, and in many other ways. 

Salesforce undoubtedly drives sales growth. Companies with active sales and support teams have experienced improved efficiency and productivity after the Salesforce integration with businesses.

However, when it comes to field employees, the Salesforce desktop version has some limitations.

For that, Salesforce has introduced the Salesforce mobile application, a perfect way to leverage the most of your CRM.

Salesforce mobile CRM is creating a rage in the market because of its easy to use and easy to access functionalities. As a social and mobile platform, It has completely changed the world of sales and marketing for businesses around the world.

With Salesforce’s mobile app development, the cloud computing company will enable businesses to run their operations completely on mobile. 

To simply put, the Salesforce mobile application is a simplified and customizable edition of desktop CRM, which is optimized for your phone, tablet, or smartwatch. It offers almost all the features in mobile CRM and leverage businesses with multiple benefits.

In this post, we will discuss the top benefits of the Salesforce mobile app. Let’s start our journey towards Salesforce mobile app implementation:

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Accessibility – Anytime & Anywhere

Data is the king in the present time, and with Salesforce mobile application, you can become the kingmaker. You can easily learn everything about your clients irrespective of time and place. All you need is an internet connection of good bandwidth and a Salesforce mobile app.

Suppose you are on your way to meet your clients, and you thought to take a look at the proposal again to refamiliarize with terms and conditions and communication history. Now, you don’t have to travel all the way to your office and access the details; the Salesforce app will let you know every detail like, who is your prospect, what communication you had last time, how are the terms with the clients? And many more things.

Personal Data Scientist

Businesses have to deal with a large number of data that counts in gigabytes and terabytes. Handling and processing such huge data is no more a daunting task for companies because of Salesforce mobile application.

Salesforce Einstein will help you in executing a huge amount of data effortlessly. It will give you a holistic view of your business and resource management along with all-important KPIs with the help of a dashboard.

There are a number of ways Salesforce Einstein Analytics will help you. Some of them are as follow:

  • Einstein will let you get real-time insight into the data. It will help you expand your pipeline & improve sales performance.
  • It will identify the factors that help you close the opportunity.
  • The service team can get customer interaction insights.
  • It can drill any opportunity & gives the required predictions & recommendations.
  • Einstein let you understand high-risk cases that require immediate consideration.

Customer 360-Degree View

People hire Salesforce consulting services to improve their customer relationships, and with customer 360-degree view, it will take the relationship to the next level.

Customer 360-degree is a tool that helps enterprises to manage their data. It allows teams to granularly scrutinize the prospects and hyper-personalized the customer engagement.

The best part of this tool is its easy integration facility. The tool can get integrated with existing products such as commerce cloud, service cloud, sales cloud, etc.

Easier Lead Generation

Opt Salesforce mobile app development service.  It will open the doors of flourishing leads to your business.  It will also increase the sales funnel for the businesses.

Salesforce mobile CRM helps businesses in developing and nurturing lead smoothly. They can also manage and process the sales funnel with utmost efficiency.

There is a lightning mode activity timeline. It helps the sales team by offering them every small detail about a specific lead through which they can understand what has been done for that particular lead, what should be the next step, and how to execute it to get it fulfilled.

Another component named Path also helps the sales team in monitoring the leads at different stages of nurturing.  Then there is a component named News through which businesses can get on-time information on the leads and their status.

Highest Security

The best part about the Salesforce CRM is its high level of security. There is no second thought when it comes to Salesforce mobile app. Rather Salesforce lightning offers an upgraded level of security. 

There is a feature called LockerService. It isolates lightning components to let them communicate with one another. It will help in saving the platform from any malicious data.

A higher level of security leads to a greater performance level. The business team also gets more accurate information. Mobile CRM can easily allow data to enter into the Customer Relationship Management and help the sales team to close the deal effectively with proper understanding. 

Some Other Advantages of Salesforce Mobile App

  • Salesforce apps are customizable.
  • It helps in reducing long forms and workflows that save substantial time.
  • The apps have compact layouts & can be tailored according to the needs.
  • It provides easy navigation based on the requirements.
  • The in-app notifications enable you to quickly respond to approval requests.
  • Offers two levels of offline access: caching of frequently accessed records, and offline edit to create, edit, delete records while offline.

Key Takeaway

Through Salesforce consulting services, companies of all sizes and scales have achieved a greater level of efficiency. They are also delivering the finest customer satisfaction. The Salesforce classic is amazing but the need for remote access to CRM is undeniable. 

Salesforce has introduced mobile CRM and excellently catered to this need by helping sales representatives and service technicians in exactly the way they require.

We can say that Salesforce mobile app has no downside and it offers much more than the usual CRM along with the facility to access the CRM from anywhere & anytime. 

Before we sum-up the post, here’s a bonus advantage of the Salesforce app. It offers an at-a-glance to-do list, having all the important items like meetings, tasks, chatter threads, etc.

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