The List of Innovative Web Design Trends That Will Rule 2021 & Beyond

You just have 50 milliseconds to make a first good impression on your website visitors. It means that within a fraction of a second, your website visitors decide whether they should stay on your website or leave. The designs, looks, and feel of websites are the drivers of the first impression. According to one of the British research institutes, 94% of first impressions are related to the design of a website.

Therefore, it is essential to put extra efforts when it comes to website design because the world of web design is highly dynamic and if you don’t adapt to the changing requirements, there are chances your website and online business won’t survive for long.

To help you prevent any such situation, we have come up with a list of new web design trends and inspirations for 2021. Don’t skip the blog, for these biggest web design trends will prove important to your business.

One more reason why you need to know the top website design trends of 2021 is that when you hire a web design company, you would be able to make a wise decision.

Let’s start with your ultimate guide to web design trends!

AI-Powered Chatbots

Chatbots help users by solving their queries instantly and can be invoked based on multiple triggers. According to a recent survey, it has been found that around 57% of website visitors prefer Chatbots because of their instantaneous feature.

95% believe that Chatbots have improvised the quality of customer service and around 15% of people avoid going back to the traditional chat-based support.

Adobe revealed in its study that 91% of businesses have already invested a huge sum in voice assistant technology, and in the near future voice Chatbots & assistants on the website will become the need of the hour.

Soothing Color Palettes 

Gone are the days when brands used to design their websites wrapped in bold color palettes and gradient schemes. With time, the demand changes and in the present time, brands have started toning down their usage of colors.

The eye-comforting color palettes are in vogue, and brands have started asking their website design company to use more sophisticated and toned-down color palettes. 

Colors are pivotal in inspiring and enhancing the user experience. As per a study by Econsultancy, 95% of respondents believe that a good user experience always matters the most.

Here are some tips for UI/UX designers:

  • You can go for high contrast with the minimalistic color scheme.
  • Use such color combinations that are favored by all kinds of the audience like, the one with color blindness.
  • Present backgrounds and information in soft colors.
  • Present action items like CTA in bold and warm colors.


Known as the successor of Skeuomorphism – a website design technique – Neumorphism has been in a rage for the past few months. Through this technique, designers are now able to create an entirely new UX style.

This style focuses more on the color palette rather than contrast or similarity between the real and digital world.

Neumorphism helps a designer can create a soft interface wherein the UI elements are behind the background and not on the background.

In this designing technique, a designer can showcase the physicality via drop shadows with semi-flat colors that represent digital embossing or debossing.

Organic Background

Evident to its name, the organic design is about bringing the natural elements into the digital platform. These natural elements’ designs could be of wood grains, fabric, earthy textures, etc. Organic background also represents something abstract that captures the flow of nature, be it colors, natural elements, natural shapes, etc.

In recent times, organic web design has been in trend because of its minimalistic quality. Here are some successful ways to get amazing organic web designs:

  • Bring natural earthy tones in your organic design by including burnt oranges, deep gray-purples, and hues of olives.
  • You can go for fire-truck red and cobalt blue if you are looking for a vibrant organic design. It gives refreshing looks when muted with a palette.
  • Nature works best when balanced so does the organic designs. Make sure the tones, style, and design remain balanced whenever you hire web design services for organic web design.
  • Always ask your web design company to amalgamate the modern and traditional elements to get the best organic web design.

User-Centric & Mobile-First Designs

Google has released a statement in 2015 in which it has mentioned the importance of mobile-first design. It said that websites, which are not clean, full of fuss, and are not mobile responsive, will be penalized.

Following this statement, web design and development companies have started building and designing aesthetically restrained designs, replete with open spaces, clean typography, and fine edges.

All these elements have paved the path for the ease of navigation and timelessness of a web design. The clean, simple, and functional designs keep potential and existing customers engaged. Apple is the best example of fuss-free product designs. The clean-looking simple website design also proves helpful in SEO, as it will lead to reduced website loading time. It will also help you keep engaging mobile-savvy prospects.

Geometric Shapes Design

The geometric shape-based designs have been in the trend for quite sometimes and this trend will only rise in 2021. Designers are creating more imaginative combinations by using individual shapes, large blocks, solid outline, etc.

The geometric shape web designs have shown that simple blocks can also create a recognizable impact on website visitors. You can go for 3D geometric shapes in design. Such designs come by mixing depth, shadow, and gradient effect. It will allow designers to open their creative eye.

Another type is the simple geometric shapes in design which can be created from basic shapes. The charm of simple flat geometric shapes will result in exceptional design, abstract, and confidence.

Concise Storytelling

Designing is not only about graphics, color combinations, shapes, and sizes. It is also about the way you have presented a page, its conceptualization, its’ flow, and its’ hierarchy.

Through your website design, tell your visitors a story that captivates them and compel them to stay. A well-strategized web page reduces bounce rate and improves visits.

Learn what problems your customers are facing, and try to include the solutions in your design. It will improve your brand value and trust among your present and prospective clients.

Some More Website Design Trends 2021 That You Should Know

  • Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity
  • API-first designs
  • Mobile responsiveness
  •  Modular designs
  • Full page headers
  • Include more user-centric video content
  • Go for parallax animation
  • Scrolling transformation
  • Three-dimensional colors
  • Digital interpretation of physical products.
  • Typography chaos design

Final Words

The world of web designing is constantly changing, and so does the needs of people. Trends come and go, but the one who will compile these trends will win. We have tried to cover all the essential trends that will rule the web design world, and we hope that this post will prove beneficial for you.

Hire a web design company that follows all or some of these trends, and even if they are not following them, now you have that knowledge to ask them to include a unique and trendy web design.

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