Leverage These Features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Boost the Lead Generation Process

Businesses that have hired Salesforce marketing cloud consulting services have experienced exponential growth in their business processes, sales, and also in lead generation.

Marketing Cloud is a platform by Salesforce that helps digital marketers in accelerating their marketing process. With the help of Salesforce marketing cloud implementation services, you can send the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Along with its impeccable marketing process enhancing features, Marketing Cloud also helps businesses in managing the lead generation process. The cloud-based CRM platform is equipped with a highly customizable lead capturing feature. A business can easily adapt to this platform as per the current business requirements.

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Let’s move ahead and discuss how Salesforce marketing cloud leads capturing features help your business.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Web Collect

Web collect feature, evident to its name is a simple HTML form that you can simply embed within a webpage of your website. You can also send a web collect form as a CTA link within your promotional emails, newsletters, and other marketing materials.

The web collects feature not only efficiently help you capture leads but also automatically create leads into a subscriber, every time a lead enters his or her details and submit the form.


Lead Capturing with Smart Capture

Smart capture is a built-in lead capturing feature of the marketing cloud platform. It is an easy to configure tool that has multiple cloud pages. To capture a lead, a user creates a data extension with the required fields for details that one wants to capture.

Then the user creates a cloud page under the web studio with a smart capture block. Salesforce Marketing Cloud selects the fields from the data extension and automatically creates a lead generation form for you.


DE Manager

The DE Manager tool of Salesforce Marketing Cloud is similar to the web collect feature that helps you add your form data to a data extension rather than adding it to a list.

One of the best things about the DE manager feature is its ability to add code to the HTML feature that will make it easy to embed it into any web page.

If you only want to capture the lead data and do not want leads to becoming a subscriber then DE Manager would be the right choice for you.


Custom Lead Capture Form

Salesforce Marketing Cloud gives its users full liberty to build custom lead generation forms. A user can build a campaign-centric custom lead capturing form with the help of this powerful tool.

As the lead capturing form you build here is custom made, it will be easy for a user to host the form on the company’s website or on the SFMC platform.

To execute the custom lead capture form, one must have all the necessary skills such as AMP scrip, SSJS, REST/SOAP API. It will streamline the implementation of the process.

The custom lead forms are scalable, and it allows users to directly capture new leads into the journey and also send them to the Sales cloud.

Opt-in Through SFMC MobileConnect

Another interesting way to capture leads is through MobileConnect. It is an SMS and MMS marketing tool that is fitted inside the Marketing Cloud. The tool enables businesses to mass send text messages and multimedia texts to large/small numbers of audiences.

Evident to its name, the opt-in functionality allows customers to opt-in for email channels or mobile channels to get messages, updates, and communication-related to your brand.


Capturing Leads Via Social Platforms

One of the best parts of hiring Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation services is that it never leaves any stone unturned when it comes to delivering the ultimate user experience.

SFMC has yet another interesting way to capture the lead, and it’s via social media platforms. Users can leverage this by using the advertising studio.

Salesforce understands the advancement in technology because of which almost every person is present on either social platform. To capture the audience on a social platform, Salesforce Marketing Cloud empowers digital marketers to showcase and sell their products and services.

A business can segment its audience on the basis of different factors, demographics, etc. and develop an ad campaign with lead capturing form. Whenever the ad is shown to any person, they can enquire about the product or service via embedded lead form. And in this way, Marketing Cloud will capture the lead and maintain the lead funnel.



Marketing Cloud is an amazing platform, and it has been helping businesses accelerate their marketing activities to the next level. You can also harness its power with the help of a marketing cloud implementation company.

FEXLE Services is a top Salesforce marketing cloud integration services provider with a team of certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts. By using their experience they will help you streamline your marketing efforts and improve the chances of lead generation.

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