Why is the Salesforce Commerce Cloud is Better Than SAP Commerce Cloud?

The ecommerce industry has evolved a lot since its inception. With the advent of advanced technologies, the industry has experienced multiple advancements. 

Two of the most amazing technologies are Salesforce and SAP. These technologies are Salesforce commerce cloud and SAP commerce cloud. Both are cloud-based platforms and are designed & developed to cater for the needs of online businesses.

In this post, we will discuss the importance of Salesforce commerce cloud consulting services, and you will also learn the reasons to choose it over SAP commerce cloud.

salesforce commerce cloud vs SAP commerce cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Vs SAP Commerce Cloud

Are you looking for a perfect solution for your eCommerce business but getting confused about whether to choose it or not? Then worry not, here’s a brief comparison between both the solutions.

Before you hire Salesforce commerce cloud integration services or select SAP commerce cloud, go through this brief but insightful comparison.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

  • There are more than 13600 websites across the world that have the Salesforce commerce cloud implemented.
  • It is a B2B industry-leading commerce solution.
  • Salesforce commerce cloud is leading in every aspect such as top 10K sites, top 100K sites, top 1 Million sites, and it even leads in the entire web.
  • The major site niches in which commerce cloud leads include lifestyle, sports, eCommerce, home & garden, etc.
  • Countries like the United States, Japan, France, and the United Kingdom have maximum usage.


SAP Commerce Cloud

  • There are more than 3800 websites across the world that have SAP commerce cloud implemented.
  • It is a B2B, B2C, and B2B2C cloud-native and omnichannel solution.
  • SAP commerce cloud is behind Salesforce commerce cloud in every aspect of market share segment such as top 10K sites, top 100K sites, top 1 Million sites, and it even leads in the entire web.
  • The major site niches in which SAP commerce cloud leads include Pets & Animals, Heavy Industry, Engineering, Consumer Services, etc.
  • Countries like Kazakhstan, Côte d’Ivoire, Jersey, Botswana have maximum usage.


Boost The eCommerce Landscape & Deliver Personalized & Improved Shopping Experiences to Customers with the Right Commerce Cloud Integration & Implementation Services


In this section, we will understand the reasons to choose Salesforce commerce cloud over SAP commerce cloud. Both the platforms are used as a prominent eCommerce solution where Salesforce is considered as a highly scalable SaaS-based eCommerce platform while SAP is considered for the larger organization with SAP heavy environment.

There’s an important factor where Salesforce commerce cloud gets an edge over SAP, and it is its ability to provide a more personalized online shopping experience to customers.

However both are equipped with robust functionalities & multiple rich features still, there are certain points where Salesforce commerce cloud leads the race.

Here are few points that will help you decide why you should go for commerce cloud implementation services:


Omni-Channel Engagement

One of the best parts of Salesforce commerce cloud implementation services is that you can experience the perfect omnichannel engagement. It is one of the strongest features that make it a preferred choice of users.

Salesforce commerce cloud enables business users to get a holistic view of their customers across multiple channels. You can manage details such as operations, order management, marketing, etc. The best part is that you can use these in a centralised location.

On the other hand SAP, commerce cloud has the following capabilities like omnichannel connect, extensible architecture merchandising, and assisted service module.


Use Cases and Deployment Scope

Salesforce commerce cloud does not follow a size fits all approach. The cloud platform can be integrated across different industries of different sizes of business. Salesforce commerce cloud integration helps users experience more personalized shopping experiences.

On the other hand SAP, commerce cloud is a solution meant for large scale businesses. The platform is equipped with all the basic eCommerce features like cart, checkout, Omni-commerce, order management, etc., which helps users conduct online businesses effectively.


Architectural Capabilities

Another factor that makes Salesforce commerce cloud a preferred choice is its architectural capabilities. The solution tags along with multiple comprehensive APIs, extensions, and third-party applications.

It also has a marketplace namely, LINK, wherein small-sized business users can get value-added services. 

SAP commerce cloud’s architectural capabilities include extensible & reliable features that are customizable as well. The platform comes with accelerators that help users save their time and cost on eCommerce projects. SAP commerce cloud include MDA approach (Module Driven Approach) that enable users to customize the solution as per business requirements


Functionalities of Platforms

All the eCommerce based functionalities such as omnichannel approach, catalogue management, internalization capabilities along with machine learning and in-line reporting and Einstein, you can find all these and more with Salesforce commerce cloud implementation services.

On the contrary, SAP commerce cloud does not support Force.com and gets integrated only with SAP products like SAP Sales Cloud, SAP marketing cloud, etc.


Amazing Personalization Features

Salesforce commerce cloud is a platform that enables a personalized shopping experience for customers. It harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence and due to which personalized search becomes easier. Business users can save ample time to search and increase conversions for your business.

Ultimate Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Admin Interface – The admin interface of the Salesforce commerce cloud is more advantageous than the SAP commerce cloud. 

Support – Businesses that have opted for Salesforce implementation services gets an edge over competitors by providing greater customer services like phone, emails, tickets, live chats, etc.

Features – The Salesforce CRM platform offers an extensive range of user-friendly features that are missing in the SAP commerce cloud. 

Mobile and Social – Salesforce provide its users with a custom-branded and low-code mobile development policy that simplifies the usage.



Both Salesforce commerce cloud and SAP commerce cloud are giant solutions for the eCommerce industry. But after all that we have discussed above, we can say Salesforce beats SAP in multiple ways. 

You can hire Salesforce consulting company to get more ideas on the commerce cloud integration and implementation services. The Salesforce commerce cloud consultants will help you leverage the advantages of Salesforce commerce cloud in an utmost manner.

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