Improve Sales & Generate More ROI with Cloud Business Intelligence- The Best of Both Worlds

In the present epoch, there are two technologies that are ruling the IT world, and they are cloud and Business Intelligence. Each has its own power that enables businesses to garner greater results.

Both technologies individually bring great results to businesses, but we want something extra, a platform where we can leverage both technologies in one place, and here comes the novel concept of Cloud Business Intelligence.


Cloud Business Intelligence

What is cloud business intelligence? Are you thinking the same? The concept tells us about the merger of cloud and BI technology that empowers businesses to fetch valuable customer data through BI tools on cloud infrastructure.

Business users used to face several challenges like limited data access, unsecured actionable insight sharing, and low availability of BI solutions hitherto the advent of Cloud Business Intelligence.

The emergence of cloud computing solutions has enabled the easy accessibility of data. It transforms raw data into meaningful insights.

A business can leverage Cloud BI in the following manner – 

  • Cloud Business Intelligence mitigates all hardware-related Business Intelligence costs.
  • It accelerates the deployment of BI solutions. A business can also scale the solutions in a time & cost-effective manner.
  • Low accessibility of data has always been an issue that farrago business entire process. But, with cloud BI, users can access data via any web browser or mobile device.
  • Cloud BI solutions ensure businesses for high availability & fault tolerance.
  • A business user can easily & securely share actionable insights with required stakeholders.

Cloud Computing intellegence

Cloud Computing & Business Intelligence Solution for Businesses

The new concept of Business Intelligence and Cloud Computing amalgamation is quite fascinating. Cloud BI comes with myriad advantages, some of which are as follows – 

Sturdy Security

Cloud BI solutions come with a surdy security feature that enables data analysts to work with data without letting anyone be involved in it.


The blend of Cloud and Business Intelligence technologies drives greater business value and lets the users experience the best of both worlds under one roof. Now businesses do not have to spend extra on additional technologies. Cloud BI brings affordability & scalability.

Seamless Integration

The effortless capabilities of Cloud BI integration with other databases and software make it a solution stand apart. Cloud BI lets businesses collect social media data & perform real-time sentiment analysis.

Perfect Scalability

Cloud BI solutions come with great scalability features. It allows you to set your BI system as per your business requirements without having you worried about spending additional on any other feature.

Scalable Deployment

The scalability feature not only is limited to products but is also extended to the process of deployment. Cloud BI solutions enable businesses to access additional data with utmost ease while processing the resources.

Greater Reliability

Cloud solutions are backed by strong security measures. Solutions like Salesforce CRM, which is cloud-based CRM are the most preferred CRM solution in the world by businesses because of their ultimate security measures.

The intelligence of BI solutions and the powerful security of the cloud together deliver businesses assurance of the finest reliability.

Data Interpretation

Cloud-based business intelligence solution comes with the feature of in-depth analysis that allows businesses to analyze data streams excellently. The availability of visual analytics flowcharts, diagrams, charts, decision trees, etc., makes business reporting and data interpretation super easy.


Various Cloud BI Models

Do you know about these multiple cloud business intelligence deployment models? Before you hire a cloud computing service provider, make sure you have a proper understanding of these following solutions – 


Public Cloud

  • Evident to its name, the cloud infrastructure is shared by more than one person.
  • The same computing solutions are accessible by multiple users, thus, it has large capacity pool.
  • It is a perfect choice for small and mid-size businesses with large datasets.

Private Cloud

  • Deploy the BI system privately by following all regulatory compliance & data security measures.
  • If you want to build your own IT infrastructure then you should go for a private cloud.


Hybrid Cloud

  • It is the combination of both public and private cloud infrastructure. 
  • If you can differentiate between the data that require the highest security and that doesn’t, you can opt for the hybrid model.
  • It is a cost-effective model.


Community Cloud

  • Cost division and improved compliance are the two most important benefits of this cloud model.
  • It is a costly affair for small-scale businesses.


Things to Keep in Mind While Adopting Cloud BI Solutions for Businesses

The process of Cloud BI solutions deployment is quite crucial. One must be aware of all the factors before going for cloud BI implementation services.

Some of the most important factors to keep in mind are as follows – 

Data Processing

  • Understand the need for data processing. Do you want to process real-time data or the data stored in the system?
  • Optimally gather data from multiple sources.
  • Process data for high-quality insights.
  • Make sure data should be present in the accessible format.

Data Security Vs Synchronization

  • Make sure you keep data security in mind before finalizing a Cloud BI partner.
  • Ensure you fulfil all legal and auditing requirements.
  • Make sure the cloud consulting company that you hire must follow practices such as SOX, HIPPA, C2 audits, and PCI.


Seamless BI Architecture

  • Finalize your business architecture based on cloud-based data stores such as BigQuery, Snowflake, MS Azure, etc.
  • Seamless BI architecture also depends on the availability of cloud warehouses. Select the data warehouse that has operations in your selected data centres.



  • For a sturdy architecture, one must ensure the availability of cloud storage with high scalability so that it works seamlessly irrespective of the size of the data.
  • Infrastructure scalability is a factor to keep in mind before finalizing  Cloud BI solutions for business.



The merger of cloud and BI technologies has come with tremendous growth for businesses. According to some sources, the adoption of Cloud BI technology by the eCommerce industry across the globe is nearly doubling every year.

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