Salesforce Launches NFT Cloud – A Perfect Way to Build Deeper Customer Relationship

Salesforce is known for its innovative approach and futuristic strategies. The cloud computing company always innovates itself by launching new products or solutions, by acquiring new brands, and by bringing updates on a regular basis. A business that leverages Salesforce consulting services must be aware of the brilliance of this world’s number one CRM platform.

Recently the CRM provider company has stepped into the world of cryptocurrency. With this, Salesforce has also launched its new platform, namely, Salesforce NFT Cloud.

According to the official Salesforce source, anyone (even without programming experience) can mint and sell their NFTs in a secured, reliable, and sustainable manner.

This newly launched platform will also empower businesses in building and catering connected experiences to their customers. It will enable businesses to securely integrate their customers’ data and garner a 360-degree perspective of their digital as well as their physical world.


What are NFTs, and how are they beneficial for businesses?

Non-Fungible Tokens are tokens that are unique and cannot be replaced with anything else. These digital tokens represent digital files such as music, videos, photos, etc. that are created and stored on the Blockchain as a distinctive entity.

Let’s understand NFTs with a small example of the difference between fungible and non-fungible tokens.

The tokens which can be replaced or swapped are called fungible tokens. Non-fungible on the other hand, are unique tokens that cannot be replaced with anything.

The currency note, a notebook, a bottle of milk, etc., are examples of fungible products. Each can be replaced or swapped with some identical thing. 

The Bansky paintings can be considered a non-fungible product as they are unique.


Things That NFTs Can Do For Your Business

  • NFTs opened another way for businesses to reach their customers in the Web3 world. It is a decentralized world that gives ownership of digital assets in the hands of the community.
  • The Use of NFTs paves the path for new revenue generation for businesses.
  • It also establishes new channels for customers to give their feedback by opening new markets, new experiences, revenue streams and brand partnerships.
  • NFTs have the potential to become an ultimate portal where independent artists can sell and mint their digital arts directly to customers without the intervention of art galleries and auction houses.
  • NFT will open a new source of income for the artists. It enables artists to receive royalties every time an NFT-enabled audio file gets played or sold.
  • The smart contract feature makes NFTs an outstanding choice for digital transition where it gives users complete rights on the usage of digital assets. The Smart Contract feature of NFT cloud will facilitate royalty programs for businesses that pave the path for continuous earning for a business or an individual.


Things to Understand Before Salesforce NFT Cloud Implementation

We hope you have understood about the NFT as of now. Before you dive deep into the crypto world and hire a Salesforce consulting company for NFT cloud implementation services, it is essential for you to understand the basics of the Salesforce NFT cloud.

  • Like any other Salesforce products, the NFT Cloud is also backed by high-end security measures.
  • Businesses can interact with users in the Web3 environments in a sustainable and reliable manner, all thanks to the Salesforce NFT cloud.
  • With the implementation and integration of the Salesforce NFT cloud, businesses can easily min, manage and sell NFTs directly on the Salesforce customer 360 platform. It also facilitates easy interaction with online communities.
  • It provides a holistic picture of users’ digital as well as their physical world. 
  • Smart contract features in the NFT cloud ensure that each transaction that takes place is highly secured & honest, and prevent fraud, insider trading, and phishing assaults.


Smart Features of the Salesforce NFT Cloud

Salesforce always launches its products with a bundle of exciting features. Some of the most amazing ones are – 

Independent Ecosystem

The NFT cloud comes with an independent ecosystem. It has an in-built NFT exchange, which helps enjoy one-click trade. There is no need to rely on any 3rd party solution with the NFT cloud.

Multi-Chain Aggregator

It is a vital feature of Salesforce NFT cloud. It allows cross-chain NFT minting. The multi-chain NFT aggregator of this newly launched Salesforce product facilitates users to access multiple blockchain ecosystems within OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace that has more than 4 million assets, such as works of art, metaverse land, video games, music, etc.

Users can easily create and share NFT for free and sell it on a selected platform without any cost.

Powerful UX

The Salesforce NFT cloud comes with a free trading experience. It is listed as one of the key features of the NFT cloud, which can be leveraged via integrated custom API. 

The API facilitates users to design, mint, and trade their non-fungible tokens without any gas fees. It happens because users make a trade within the NFT platform, thus it leads to an improved trading experience as well.


Salesforce NFT Cloud – The Wrapping Words

Through this post we have tried our best to help you understand the features and benefits of Salesforce NFT cloud. The launch of this new product will potentially drive a completely new breed of communities.

Companies across the globe are embracing this new technology. If you are in the crypto world and wish to conduct a secure and transparent digital transition, hire Salesforce consulting company. The expert Salesforce professionals will help you with the easy implementation and integration of the solution.

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