Pharmacy Management Software Development – An Ultimate Guide for Cost, Features, and Technologies

Pharmacy management software has become the need of the hour in the present world, where everything from patient registration to treatment becomes an online process. The pharma management software development empowers pharma companies to stay competitive and cater best-in-class care to consumers through an automated and efficient process.

If you are a Pharmacy company and want to customize the workflow, it’s time for you to hire a pharmacy management software development company. Hiring the one will get you the personalized solution fitted with myriad features & functionalities such as automation, data collection, data processing, CMS, CRM, etc.

The Pharma industry abides by many compliances and regulations. Keeping up with all the rules & compliances and building a highly responsive and compliant app is a daunting task. Along with this, there are other processes such as cash flow management, patient management, documentation, meeting the market requirements, etc.

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Functionalities of Pharmacy Management System – A Brief Introduction

The development of Pharmacy Management Software brings multiple benefits to the users. The solution carries out several business processes in a more streamlined manner.

  • Pharma stores can cater to patients’ medicine needs prescribed by doctors.
  • It will become easy for them to interpret prescribed medicines, accessibility to the right drug dosage, and track the drug regime of patients.
  • Pharmacy software helps with insurance formalities and other financial obligations.
  • Pharmacy software makes medicine stock management very simple. 
  • It makes the record management process easy for cash memos, inventory, invoices, etc.
  • Other functions that pharma businesses can perform with the help of Pharma software solutions include staff management, sales & returns management, customer feedback, customer complaints, order deliveries, marketing, etc.
  • Pharma software eliminates manual work and the chances of errors that might occur because of manual work.


Pharmacy Management Software Helps Businesses Overcome the Following Challenges

Challenges are a common part of running a business. Software development companies make the journey easy for businesses and enable them to overcome challenges like a pro. Following are the challenges that pharmacy company faces – 

Lack of Uniformity

Every store has its own working culture, work processes, rules, and workflow. It confuses users to cope with the system.

Pharmacy Management Software is developed per specific business requirements and workflow, and therefore, it enables users to carry out their tasks efficiently.

Paper Prescription

There are still many places where doctors prescribe medicine on their letter pads. Illegible handwriting can cause chances of errors and delays.

The pharmacy management system allows doctors to prescribe medicine in a system that the pharma store can access and cater to patients as per their requirements as and when required.

Errors in Billing

Pharmacy management software solution also helps overcome the billing errors problem. The solution brings automation and accuracy that helps businesses calculate billing and invoices.

It eliminates the chances of errors occurring to incomplete entries, illegible writing, incomplete tax computations, and other factors.

Inventory Management

Proper maintenance of the medicine inventory is a daunting task. In the absence of an inventory management process, the decision making capabilities of the user company get hampered.

The pharmacy company can keep an effective record of inventory sold, in-store, returned, and expired, and helps businesses fill with efficient stock management. The software helps businesses avoid the conditions of overstocking and understocking.

Payment Management

Improper payment management causes severe damage. A pharma company has to deal with payments from multiple sources like clients, suppliers, staff, etc. Pharmacy Management solutions enable seamless and secured payment management with accurate online billing solutions.

Changes in Compliances

Rules and regulations often get changed. It significantly affects the working process of the pharma companies. It will help the regulators to ensure no shortage of medicines. Pharma companies can keep proper track of stocks, sales limits, and prices of medicines and follow prescription standards.


Different Modules That Completes Pharmacy Management Software 

Following are the different modules, which, if properly implemented, will give you a strong, reliable, and secured pharmacy management system.

  • Report Module – To generate custom reports.
  • Purchase Module – To take care of the medicine purchase requests, order requests, etc.
  • Billing Module – To keep a proper record of the billing of every individual customer.
  • Drug Issue – To maintain the records of the drugs issued to patients.
  • Stock Management Module – To maintain, verify, and manage medicine stock and enable a business to take an informed decision.
  • Supplier Module – To help a store maintain the records of the supplier and manufacturer from whom it purchases medicine stock.
  • Expired Medicine Module – Very important module to manage expired medicine and process the disposal of the same. Users can also maintain a proper record of the medicines that are nearly expiring.


The Must Include Features in a Pharmacy Management System

Record System – The pharma store can easily keep a proper record of patients, the drugs prescribed to them, details of prescriptions, doctors who prescribed the medicine, and other records.

HIPAA Regulatory – Make sure the software development company that you hire should align your product with legal requirements as per HIPAA compliance rules.

A pharmacy solution should be compliant with one or more of the following regulators – USP, HHS, EMA, FDA21, HL7, and HITECH-MU. 

Prescription Management – This feature in the pharmacy management software allows users to store & manage prescriptions by doctors.

Claim Processing – A strong pharmacy management software solution is compact with an automated claim processing system that helps maintain the records of claims submitted by patients from doctors.

Account Management – This feature ensures the smooth functioning of the accounts, especially accounts receivable, where it makes sure the amount owned by the store gets refunded in the shortest possible time.

E-Signature – This is one of the important features that enhance the pharmacy billing process. Store owners can electronically acknowledge prescriptions with the help of the e-signature feature.

POS Integration –  A pharmacy management system must be integrated with a strong Point of Sale system that helps stores manage cash flow efficiently across different floors, chains, and stores, that are owned by a pharma company. 


The List of Technology Stack which You Should Know

Following are the in-trend technologies that you should be aware of before you hire a pharmacy management software development company – 

Front End – Swift, Angular, CSS, HTML, React.

Back End – Python, Laravel, Node.js

Payment Gateway – Stripe API, PayPal, Cards

Notifications – SNS, email alerts, push notifications

Analytics – Google Analytics, Apache Spark, Rapid Miner

Cloud Host – Azure, Google Cloud, AWS

Social Login – LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Location – MapKit, Google Maps, Apple Maps

Database – PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis

Mobile App – Android, iOS, Hybrid

Cloud Host – Google, AWS, Azure


How Much Does it Cost to Build Pharmacy Management Software?

We have discussed the must-include functionalities of the solutions, we have also discussed the challenges that a pharma solution software solves for businesses. Along with all these, we shared insights on the different modules which make pharma software absolutely cutting-edge, along with the list of business-specific features that comes in handy at the time of pharma software development.

Keeping all these features, benefits, technology stack, and other factors in mind, it becomes quite tricky to give an exact development cost figure. However, considering all factors, the pharmacy management system development cost will range as follows – 

  • Development cost in the United States – $150 to $250 per hour
  • Development cost in Europe – $120 to $180 per hour
  • Development cost in Europe – $40 to $80 per hour



We hope the points we have discussed here will prove helpful to you at the time of pharmacy management software development.

Hiring professionals for  software development services is not an easy task. One should hire an experienced software development company so that one can leverage the full potential of the pharmacy management system.

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