Salesforce Integration: Challenges & Benefits for Businesses to Understand

This is the age of customers, and to survive here, businesses need to have a strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Salesforce helps businesses to offer their clients an exceptional customer experience throughout the customer journey.

One thing, which you should understand is that no matter how strong & advanced Salesforce has become, it still requires certain software or applications to perform certain actions.

And to fully utilize the full potential of this stellar cloud-based CRM, you need to go for Salesforce integration services.

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In this post today, we will discuss all major points related to Salesforce integration.

What is Salesforce Integration? A Brief Introduction

Salesforce is an advanced technology, and it has been in our lives for more than 20 years and effectively helping businesses to collect customer data along with other functionalities such as tracking conversation with clients, collection of customer data, and managing business processes. To make these functionalities more strong, businesses should go for integration services.

Integration is a process through which you can enhance the standard functionalities of your Salesforce environment. With the Salesforce integration services, you can synchronize customer data across the system and offer a 360-degree view of the entire information about all the customers.

The Salesforce integration service is a process to empower a company to help customers with perfect product recommendation, save your time, help you offer timely responses to support tickets, and grow the chances for upselling in a personalized manner.

Challenges That Companies Face In Absence of Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is an advanced technology, and in its absence, businesses have to face multiple challenges. Some of the top challenges to overcome with the help of Salesforce integration services are as follows:


Error-Prone Manual Process

Salesforce integration enables automation in the process, and the businesses who have not yet integrated Salesforce with their current system often lament about lower customer experience.

Due to the lack of integration services, business people spend a substantial amount of time on fifteen-plus systems to pull out data and process it. Such manual processes often lead to garnering inaccurate information, take hours & days (depending on the amount of data), and leave loopholes for errors that might lead to lower business growth.

A manual process is indeed costly, time-consuming, and full of errors.


Lack of Customer Understanding

The businesses that have not opted for Salesforce integration services often find it difficult when it comes to overall customer view. In the absence of Salesforce integration, the companies could not have an agile and extensible infrastructure with which they can build customers’ 360-degree view.

It will become daunting for you to compete with the biggies like Amazon and other companies in the absence of Salesforce integration.


Lack of IT Resources

In the absence of integration, IT companies custom-code integration that connects key applications which is a daunting as well as non-scalable task. In the absence of Salesforce integration, companies could not analyze the data and that leads to low customer satisfaction and lower business growth, as it demands custom coding. And custom-coding will eat your IT resources and their time, and it will incur more cost.


Different Types of Salesforce Integrations

Integration of Salesforce works according to the different stages of the customer lifecycle. Here are some of the best application cases where Salesforce integration can execute:


Salesforce Integration and Marketing

Salesforce brings automation to your marketing strategies. It helps businesses generate leads, drive sales, increase customer satisfaction, and enhance brand awareness.


Salesforce Integration with Ecommerce

For eCommerce businesses, Salesforce proves to be a boon. It helps people generate and access real-time data at the time of acquiring new customers. It will prove very beneficial while delivering customer satisfaction, up-selling, and cross-selling.


Salesforce and ERP Integration

Most finance-related operations of big and medium scale enterprises depend upon ERP software. With Salesforce integration, you will be able to streamline your business operations, and excellently meet revenue forecasts, oversee cash flow, and get insightful reporting. With Salesforce ERP integration services, you will be able to streamline other operations such as accounting, procurement, supply chain operations, and others.

Salesforce Integration with Customer Services

Bolster your customer services with Salesforce integration and elevate customer satisfaction rate. You will be able to focus more on strengthening customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and much more with the help of Salesforce integration services. Your customer handling team is also able to respond to customer needs in a rapid and intelligent manner.


Benefits of Salesforce Integration Services

Businesses using Salesforce are bestowed with multiple benefits. Some of the most important benefits of hiring a Salesforce consulting company for the integration solutions are as follows:


Improved Productivity 

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM platform and one of its most amazing things is its power of automation. It will help businesses to reduce errors, save time, and garner accurate results that lead to enhanced productivity.


Codeless Workflow

Integrating Salesforce with business apps does not require custom coding, and that helps businesses save their IT resources and their time. The codeless integration triggers workflow automation.


Data Accessibility

Once you get Salesforce integrated with your business, you can easily access data from other applications as well. It will help businesses to curate, analyze, and process the data that could be helpful for pivotal decision making.


Insightful Reporting

As you can access data across multiple devices & platforms, it would become easy for you to get to the meaning as well as manage reporting. The insightful reporting helps businesses strengthen their business to craft informed and structured decisions.


Customer Retention

One of the best parts of hiring an experienced Salesforce integration service provider is that their solution could help you attain greater customer retention. You can access data easily, process it, and get insightful reporting. All these factors help you target your customer in a more personalized manner and you would be able to turn leads into sales more efficiently.



We have discussed all the possible challenges of Salesforce integration, and we have also discussed the benefits of having the integration services. However, now it’s up to you, how you want to move ahead with the Salesforce integration services. It all depends on your business requirements.

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