Top 7 Benefits of Salesforce Magento Integration Services

In the past couple of years, online shopping has become new normal. The widespread pandemic along with the norms such as social distancing and lockdown, has induced many small and big businesses to bring their operations to the virtual landscape.

There are multiple technologies & tools that can help you bring your business online one of them is Magento. It is one of the most powerful and flexible open-source eCommerce solutions and it is boasted with multiple advantages such as flexibility, resilience, and open-source that empowers eCommerce store and elevate sales.

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To enhance its functionality to the next level, businesses are leveraging the power of Salesforce CRM and opting for Salesforce Magento integration services. 

Salesforce and Magento integration solution helps businesses to understand their customers more clearly, offer a personalized experience, and provide an enhanced level of customer service.

Together Salesforce and Magento deliver complimentary benefits that offer users a strong infrastructure and an interactive front end at the same time.

Top 7 Advantages of Salesforce Magento Integration Services

Before you hire any Salesforce implementation consultant or a Salesforce Magento integration solution provider company, let’s first understand the benefits of the same and how it will help you build strong customer relationship and boost your sales.


Structured Customer Profiles

Magento is an eCommerce platform collects the customers’ information and their order detail, but it lacks when it comes to organizing customer profiles, due to which the sales team often gets stuck at the time of collecting information about a particular customer. Here comes Salesforce into the picture, where it automatically creates a profile of each customer and updates it with time.


Bi-Directional Synchronization

The businesses that have not adopted Salesforce Magento integration services, often struggle to keep up with their order volume. It takes their time and ample efforts to transfer data from an eCommerce store to CRM. And it also leads to delays, errors, and data loss.

On the other hand, with Salesforce and Magento integration services, you can rest assured for bi-directional synchronization where as soon as an order gets placed in the Magento front end, its entry automatically gets updated in the Salesforce environment.

It will help businesses enjoy fast business processes, accuracy, and consistency. The integration enables Magento to deliver real-time data about products, prices, shipping, delivery, and other important factors. It enables everyone to be in the loop at all levels.


Lightning Service

An online store visitor expects to resolve their issues as soon as possible. Ecommerce store owners need to understand that making them wait will only bring their reputation at stake. But with Salesforce Magento Integration Solution, you could effectively maintain customer communication and services at each step of the journey.

Integrating Magento with Salesforce will help you keep all the cases from across the channel in one place. 

An agent does not have to have to ask the same question repeatedly from customers and can have all information such as previous communication, clients details, etc., and deliver the best lightning services to customers.

Processed & Refined Leads

Businesses can enjoy having a greater level of insights and better customer relationship with Salesforce Magento integration services. Through integration, businesses can also make better forecasts and anticipate potential threats or roadblocks in a precise manner.

Through integration, you can learn things such as visitors on the eCommerce portal, the action they perform, the time they spent on each page, and their purchase behaviour to name a few.

With all this information on your side, you could effectively personalize your customer experience by delivering them what they are seeking.

An integrated eCommerce platform delivers lots of insights to the business. Your team can learn whenever a purchase is done, get crucial data that enable cross-sell and up-sell, eliminate duplicate leads, and empower your sales reps with the most up-to-date lead information.


Sales Analytics

One of the best parts of the integration between Magento and Salesforce is that you get a refined and precise sales report that will help you strategize your future plan of action. You can easily generate a report by selecting the filters and fields as per the metrics of your choice that you want to track and analyze.

With the integration solution, you can get a real picture of your business growth and processes. Backed by the power of Einstein Analytics, the integration helps businesses in processing historical data, uncover trends, and deliver data-driven sales forecasts.


Improves Efficiency

The integration between Salesforce and Magento brings lots of benefits for business, and greater efficiency is one of them. The integration lubricates the revenue and sales cycle of a business that leads to enhanced efficiency, greater accuracy, more productivity, and rapidity while maintaining additional costs.

With an integrated system, you can more efficiently overcome potential problems that lead to redundancies in daily operations. It mitigates manual tasks and saves time by driving away several layers of process.


Personalized Customer Journey

The integration between Salesforce and Magento has helped businesses to improve their communication with customers at the granular level. Through integration, businesses can easily collect and analyze their customers’ information in a centralized manner, and automate personalized promotions and track the results. 

There are plenty of ways through which you can personalize and strategize your marketing activities. Tools such as email studio, social studio, mobile studio, advertising studio, and interaction studio are some of the most cutting-edge tools that empower your customer journey.

You can also create a personalized customer journey for a particular segment of customers and let them engage with your business and induce them to make a purchase.


Additional Benefits of Salesforce Magento Integration Services

  • The data automatically gets populated without error and manual effort.
  • With integration, you can easily accumulate data in a short time.
  • You can easily collect & refine data from multiple sources in real-time.
  • The power of automation offers an enhanced user experience.
  • Leverage more customer engagement and more growth in sales.



It is high time to take your eCommerce business to the next level. The pandemic and lockdown have been instrumental in letting businesses understand the importance of online platforms.

You can hire a Salesforce Magento integration company and get a better idea of how you can harness the power of the two most powerful platforms.

You can hire FEXLE Services, a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner that promise to deliver valuable solutions for business and help you drive substantial results.

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