What is The Importance of Salesforce for Medical Devices Manufacturers?

In the present time, when the entire world is fighting against one common enemy, there’s one industry domain that has come as a frontline warrior, and it is medical device manufacturers. The outbreak of pandemic has overwhelmed the industry and severely affected the delivery of medical care to patients. 

The sudden surge in demand for medical devices such as oxygen cylinder, oximeter, oxygen can, ventilators, and medicines, has brought a scarcity in the entire world.

It was becoming tricky for the medical devices company to make an informed decision about their products, supply chain, regulatory obligation, and many other factors.

Here comes Salesforce CRM to aid the medical devices manufacturers.

Salesforce is the world’s number one cloud-CRM company, and it is known for helping businesses bolster their customer relationship and streamline their business operations.

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Salesforce and Medical Device Manufacturers

Whether you have a small or a big medical device manufacturing business, with the help of Salesforce consulting services, you can grow exponentially. Salesforce CRM will bring more consistency, superior quality, and efficiency to different departments of your business, such as sales, marketing, customer support, field support, and many more.

In this blog post, we will understand the importance of Salesforce for medical device manufacturers.


Lead Management

In recent times, the demand for different types of medical devices is surging high, and it is becoming hard for companies to manage the demand and process it easily. 

With Salesforce CRM, you can easily gather lead information from multiple sources, validate it, score the leads, categorize, and route them.

You can also easily track the leads and get insightful reporting on leads and understand the best source of your leads.

The information that you get after Salesforce integration services, will help you refine the lead scoring. It will also improve your sales reps efficiency in such a way that they start working more on qualified leads.


Lead Generation

Lead generation is a continuous process. To keep the flow of leads, businesses have to reach out to potential customers on a regular basis. Regular lead generation ensures business to stream regular website visitors that ensures the acquisition of new customers and higher the chances of profitability.

Medical device manufacturing companies, with the help of Salesforce consulting services, can go for setting up marketing campaigns based on specific goals. You can reach your targeted audience with the targeted message.

Salesforce will help you track the performance of your campaign by collecting data from different sources and help you understand how you can improve the performance of a campaign in the near future.

This cloud-based CRM will track leads for you so that you can close deals at a rapid rate.


Enhance Sales Process

Get Salesforce integration services or higher experienced Salesforce consultants that will help you elevate your business sales’ growth more rapidly. Through the Salesforce solution, a medical device manufacturing company can empower its sales team to increase the conversion rate by shortening the sales cycle.

The use of Salesforce in the medical device manufacturing industry will be beneficial because it reduces error-prone manual tasks. It will set follow-up reminders, configure quotes, route documents, and give the facility to work on the phones.

An integrated CRM solution will produce metrics that you require to analyze the health of your business and the scope of improvements.


Medical Device Quoting

The sales quotes are rule-based. It means that every company has its own sales quotes. It can be a simple one-page quote or multi-page document with descriptive paragraphs and images.

Each company has defined its own sales quote, and you can configure CRM accordingly so that it can address the requirements.

Later, you can create the workflows for the automation of approvals in case if the quotes are required to send for approval.

You can also convert the quotes into order before you send them to the ERP system, and you can leverage a well-managed quote – order – invoice process.


Medical Device Support

For a medical device manufacturing company, the requirement of customer support comes in different forms. As in the present time, there’s a huge demand in medical devices and so it leads to a higher number of customer support tickets. There are many support ticket scenarios, one of the most common ones are as follows:

  • Support ticket addressing the shipping related problem.
  • Support ticket related to replacing devices when there is no option left.
  • Support ticket for training a user and help him/her in operating the device.
  • Support ticket to solve equipment problems, and on-site part replacement.
  • Support ticket to resolve the issue related to the medical device remotely.

There are many other types of customer support tickets. You can resolve all of them and many more complex issues with Salesforce integration services.


Organized Field Service

In this hustling scenario when medical device users are facing multiple problems with their devices, Salesforce CRM comes as a saviour. If you are facing a situation where neither remote solution nor device integration is working, then Salesforce Field Service functionality could be the best option.

You can also leverage field service functionality with Salesforce integration services. It will empower your field reps to manage and view all their appointments through a unified console. It will also allow field reps to manage their day from mobile phones.

You can also leverage IoT technology and feed your CRM the information of your medical device via a highly encrypted connection.


Physician Support

There are certain businesses that work directly with physicians. For such businesses, Salesforce implementation services offer a facility to build a separate portal. In this way, sales reps can manage their work effectively.

It will allow you to share the required information with the targeted audience. You can also encourage your physician feedback & invite them for collaboration through discussions and forums.



An integrated Salesforce solution will empower your business. It will enable your sales team to access their customer support cases and resolve the queries in the most appropriate manner.

Taking the present scenario into consideration, we highly recommend companies hire Salesforce consulting companies like FEXLE Services. It will help medical device manufacturers to get a 360-degree of the customers and effectively fill the gap between supply and demand.

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