What is The Cost of Salesforce Implementation Services?

Salesforce is one of the most popular and most widely used CRM solutions with 19% of the market share, which is the maximum of all the CRM platforms.

Known as one of the pioneers in the CRM world, Salesforce has revolutionized the way businesses used to operate or interact with the customers.

Cloud computing technology has shown a new path of running and operating businesses with a stronger customer relationship.

As a leading Salesforce implementation partner, we have come up with an insightful post for you all, wherein will discuss the Salesforce implementation pricing. Along with it, we will also discuss the factors that affect Salesforce implementation cost.


Cost of Salesforce Implementation Services

Ever since the pandemic of Covid-19 has hit our world, having a CRM for business has become a need of the hour. Many Fortune 500 organizations are using Salesforce along with small and medium scale companies.

However, there are still many companies that are not using Salesforce or who are wondering whether to hire a Salesforce consulting company or not.

Salesforce has an illustrious products’ range and solutions. Every product has its own pricing module, and that’s where most organizations lack, as they couldn’t understand the complex Salesforce pricing module.

Salesforce pricing or billing depends on multiple factors:

  • You will be charged monthly, but billing will be done annually.
  • Billing is based on the number of employees using Salesforce.
  • Salesforce implementation cost is different from customizations.
  • There is a trial period with limited functionality but no free plans.

To give an approx number for the very basic Salesforce implementation, it will cost you between $10,000 to $50,000.

To get an accurate answer on Salesforce implementation pricing, we will discuss the Salesforce product pricing. It will help you understand & calculate the amount for Salesforce implementation services.

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Salesforce Products Model and Pricing

In this section, we will discuss major Salesforce products and their pricing details. Let’s start with:

  1. Sales Cloud Pricing

This Salesforce flagship product has impeccable benefits that bolster the strength of the business sales team to efficiently manage accounts, leads, opportunities, contacts, etc.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Comes in Four Editions:

Edition Details Pricing
  • For small businesses.
  • Only up to 10 users.
  • Comes with basic features.
  • For all sizes of team members.
  • Comes with forecasting features.
  • Offers complete customization.
  • Provide in-depth customization.
  • Good for mid & large-size businesses.
  • Advance reporting & forecasting.
  • Most feature-rich edition.
  • High level of sales automation.
  • 24×7 toll-free support.


  1. Service Cloud Pricing

Evident to its name, Service Cloud is a product support centre that allows customer service executives to look at a 360-degree view of customers so that they can deliver a customer-centric precise solution as per the type of support cases.

Edition  Details  Pricing
  • For small businesses.
  • Up-to 10 users.
  • Comes with basic features.
  • More extended functionalities.
  • More features such as milestone tracker, order management, etc.
  • In-depth customization.
  • Easy integration using web service APIs.
  • Service process automation, advanced reporting.
  • Highly customized solution.
  • 24×7 support services.
  • Greater configuration.


  1. Marketing Cloud Pricing

It is a one-to-one marketing platform that helps businesses to send engaging marketing emails, advertise online, send mobile messages, etc. Marketing cloud comes with different modules. Each module has its own price range, features, and functionalities.


3.1. Customer 360

It allows marketers to capture, unify, and segment all customer data.

  • Mid-size businesses.
  • Unify & grow data assets.
  • Help large-scale enterprises.
  • Unify, segment & activate all data.
Enterprise Plus
  • Premier support service
  • Supper message
  • Engagement events


3.2. Loyalty Management

Businesses can easily build, deploy and track their customers’ loyalty programs with this module. Here’s the pricing structure.

  • B2B Loyalty – $30,000
  • B2C Loyalty – $35,000
  • B2C Loyalty Plus – $45,000


3.4. B2B Pardot Pricing

  • Growth – $1,250
  • Plus – $2,500
  • Advanced – $4,000 (It is also the most popular module)
  • Premium – $15,000

There are many other major modules that come under the marketing cloud. Click here and check out every module & make an informed decision.


  1. Lightning Platform

One of the most essential components of the Salesforce platform that help businesses in increasing business efficiency and growth:

The lightning platform pricing model is classified into three parts:

  • Platform started – $25
  • Platform plus – $100
  • Platform unlimited – Custom pricing


Factors That Affects The Cost of Salesforce Implementation


Level of Implementation

Before you hire Salesforce implementation partners, the first thing that you should do is to finalize the level of implementation. The small and basic level of Salesforce CRM implementation requires minimal spending of time and cost. Whereas, the complex implementation process could result in higher cost and time.

Identify your requirements, and proceed accordingly.


Identify Recurring Costs

Salesforce CRM is not merely a tool. It is a platform that is designed and developed to reduce costs and time. With the help of CRM and the guidance of a good Salesforce implementation consultant, you can read a greater return on CRM investment.

Identify all the recurring costs which you might have to take care of frequently while you are using Salesforce. Take these recurring costs as an investment and not expenses. 

Here are some of the major costs: ongoing maintenance, licenses, technical support, enhancements, programmatic costs, etc.


Cost of Salesforce Consulting Services

Working on Salesforce is a costly affair, and so it is necessary to understand that whatever you want for your project, it is either built, purchased or integrated. That means you have to work with an experienced Salesforce consulting company such as FEXLE services, which is also a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner.

The cost of Salesforce consulting depends on who you hire.

However, the Salesforce partner selection can be done either by going for a freelance Salesforce consultant or a dedicated Salesforce implementation partner.

Freelance Salesforce consultants can charge you on an hourly basis. Their price is based on their location, expertise, knowledge, experience, etc.

Still, we suggest you hire an experienced Salesforce implementation partner company. The price might go high, but you will get better outcomes and fewer complications.


Salesforce Migration Cost

Factors that affect Salesforce implementation also include the process of migration. It generally comes when a business is already using any other CRM platform and wants to migrate to Salesforce.

The Salesforce migration service is a costly affair as it includes multiple steps including, data accuracy check, error cleaning, redundancy elimination, and data mapping, to name a few. And there often comes a time when to execute Salesforce migration, you might also require to develop custom tools that automate data transfer. 

To carry out this process smoothly, you require an expert Salesforce consultant. And on average the cost of Salesforce migration can hover around $10,000, as per your business needs.

A mid-size company that requires to go for Salesforce implementation to manage its sales and customer service process might require the following things:

  • For a Sales Cloud subscription, you might need 5 C-level executives.
  • 2 Sales managers, and
  • 30 sales representatives.

For service cloud subscription, you might need

  • 1 customer service manager
  • 5 marketing managers
  • 6 customer service executives

If we take the above scenario, the total annual fee to Salesforce from your business will be 88, 200 USD for Lightning Enterprise and 1,76,400 USD for Lightning unlimited.


However, the price may go up and down because of a number of reasons. Some of the most important ones are as follows:

  • The size of your org chart.
  • The number of potential users of the edition.
  • Different types of products & services that you sell.
  • The availability of up-sells and cross-sells.
  • Online payment method (online/offline).
  • Regulation jumps.
  • The need for integration with other apps.


Salesforce Implementation Cost for For a Medium Size Business

  • Salesforce consulting – $14,000 
  • Salesforce customization – $50, 000
  • Salesforce user training – $10,000
  • Lightning enterprise edition – $88,200
  • Salesforce migration – $10,000
  • Salesforce integration – $35,000
  • Post-launch support – $45,000

The final Salesforce implementation pricing would cost you around $2,52,000.



As one of the prominent Salesforce implementation partners, we have tried to cover all the aspects and scenarios that you might face while going for Salesforce implementation services.

Through the hypothetical situation of a mid-size organization, we have given a rough estimate for Salesforce implementation. However, the real price will depend on your actual business goals, project size, number of users, project requirements, and the level of features you want to include. For more details, you can hire an experienced Salesforce implementation consultant from FEXLE services.

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