Salesforce CPQ vs Apttus CPQ: The Comparison You Need to Know

Businesses in the present time are known for their ability to quote their business services to their prospects and clients. If you are a business visionary, it is essential for you as well to thoroughly analyze and thoughtfully choose the right quoting solution for your business that could help your business as well as your services get an edge over your competitors. Here comes the idea of CPQ implementation services.

CPQ stands for Quote to Cash. There are multiple advanced technologies available in the market that offers a platform to streamline quote to cash process. Two of the most sturdy ones are Salesforce and Apttus. 

Salesforce CPQ implementation service is something which you could go for, or you can go for CPQ Apttus. But, which is the most suitable one for you. That’s the biggest question, as both are big players of the platform, both operate effectively, and both are compact with impeccable features.

So, if you are wondering which platform you should go for, you have landed on the right page. Let’s move ahead and understand both the platforms and their differences in detail.


What is Quote to Cash (CPQ)?

CPQ stands for Configuration, Pricing, and Quoting. It is used in the quote to price process that helps businesses in generating quotes in a seamless manner and rapidly. The CPQ process helps the sales team of a business in many ways and manages the entire cash process as per the requirements.

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What is Salesforce CPQ?

It is a platform that helps businesses manage & organize customer lifecycle with its impeccable capabilities with Sales Cloud integration.

The Salesforce CPQ implementation services enable businesses to have full control of product building as per unique business rules. Irrespective of the devices, sales reps can easily create quotes & proposals with the help of the native Salesforce interface.

Here are the popular features of Salesforce CPQ:

  • It acts as a product configurator.
  • Businesses can get its help in selling & improving sales.
  • It offers revenue recognition, sales tax management, etc.
  • It becomes easy for businesses to manage a contract.
  • Keeping proper track of orders and renewals is super easy after adopting Salesforce CPQ consulting services.
  • Businesses can easily handle subscription billing and other payments.


What is CPQ Apttus?

It is also one of the most popular CPQ platforms in the world. Built on Salesforce’s platform, Apttus CPQ claims itself to be an end-to-end CPQ platform. The tool is compact with X Author technology that enables seamless generation of price quotes. Businesses can excellently manage even the most complex pricing rules.

Following are the major features of the CPQ Apttus which you should know before you go for CPQ Apttus consulting services:

  • It has the ability of multiple quoting.
  • Businesses can get up-sell and cross-sell recommendations.
  • It will be easy for businesses to change their products’ prices.
  • It allows users to get recommendations of price and discounts.
  • Seamless and brilliant customization options are available.


Comparison Between Salesforce CPQ and Apttus CPQ


On the Basis of Clients’ Requirements

  • Support Platforms – Both platforms have a strong web-based support platform. However, Salesforce CPQ additionally has iPhone app support, whereas Apttus CPQ gives support to the Windows Phone app.
  • Customer Support – Apttus CPQ provides support via multiple channels like phone, online chat, and video tutorials. Salesforce CPQ support services however are available over the phone. It also has a knowledge base, which allows customers to find required solutions for all their problems.
  • Customer Types – Salesforce CPQ services are mostly desired by the businesses of small scale, medium scale, and large-scale enterprise. Apttus CPQ customers mostly belong to medium and large size businesses.


Difference on the Basis of Pricing


Salesforce CPQ Pricing Models

Basic Pricing Model – $75 Per Month.

It comes with the following features:

  • Product configurator
  • Contract changes or amendments
  • Product selector
  • Reporting aspects
  • Proposal generation feature
  • Dashboard
  • Management of orders
  • Success plan
  • Dynamic order generation tool
  • CPQ essential training
  • Dynamic contract generation tool
  • Renewal management
  • Management of discounts feature
  • Pricing parameters


Salesforce CPQ Plus Plan Model – $150/Month

You will get all the features & functionalities of the basic model, in addition to the following services:

  • Advance level order management
  • 3rd party API integration
  • Customer self-service
  • Partner self-service
  • Portal integration of 3rd party
  • CPQ plan features

There are two more pricing models namely CPQ & billing growth and CPQ & billing plus. You can select the services of your choice and you will be charged accordingly.


Apttus CPQ Pricing Models

One of the interesting things about the pricing models of Apttus CPQ is that they are tailor-made to their quote dealings, price quoting, and configuration services.

The pricing model information is not mentioned anywhere. However, their basic pricing starts from $35 per month. A user can connect with the Apttus team for the demo, and they will provide you with a customized demo as per the business requirements.


We have discussed Salesforce CPQ, we have also learnt about CPQ Apttus. Both are extraordinary platforms and are highly efficient in their respective fields.

If you are looking for a CPQ Apttus integration company for the respective services, you can connect with FEXLE Services, an experienced CPQ implementation company. The team of expert and certified CPQ experts will give your more clear understanding of both the platforms and also help you decide the right one.

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