London’s Calling Gets Affected by CoronaVirus: Now What?

Stay Safe & Virtually Experience London’s Calling 2020

Coronavirus aka COVID-19 is now declared an epidemic by the World Health Organization. Hundreds of people are severely suffering and losing their lives due to this lethal virus.
The biggest concern is that it spreads easily merely by coming in contact with the person suffering from Corona.
Above all, there is no specific vaccine or medicine prepared as of now that can protect us from COVID-19.
Nothing is more important than the health and safety of people. Therefore, the core management team have decided to organize London’s Calling as a virtual event for this year. This decision has come after concerning the speakers and sponsors of the event so that the health and safety of the visitors can be maintained properly.
The date of the event will remain the same that is Friday 20th March 2020.

The Details of The Full Program
The entire team of London’s calling has already started brain-storming on finalizing the virtual plans. According to their official announcement, they will communicate the details on how participants can join the event as soon as everything gets finalized.

They have ensured that the Salesforce community can expect great content, mighty demo jam, competition prizes, and many more exciting things during the virtual sessions.

For refunds, they stated, “We regret, we are unable to provide any refunds as per our Eventbrite refund policy.” They also said, “We are reducing our expenses as much as possible so that we can potentially offer something in the future.”

As per the recent update, Europe’s largest community-led Salesforce event, London’s Calling will take place on the same day for sure. For more details, we have to wait for the guidelines that will be shared by the event organizers.


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