COVID-19 Outbreaks Impacted Fexle’s Presence at London’s Calling, Europe’s Largest Salesforce Event

“This year London’s Calling will be a Virtual Experience on Friday 20th March 2020.”

Travel bans, all events canceled, mass gatherings prohibited, the freefall of stock markets, and deserted shopping malls. The outbreak of the Corona Virus has brought an ultimate global recession.

Corona Virus a.k.a COVID-19 is now declared an epidemic by the World Health Organization. The government of different countries including, the US, China, etc. have put restrictions on large gatherings and asks their denizens to not to conduct any meet-ups, conferences, parades, concerts or any kind of public assembly.

Various events and social gatherings that are scheduled to happen in the near future are going to halt for some time so that people may not get affected by this pandemic.

Since London’s Calling 2020, is also the largest community-led event, thousands of people of the Salesforce community are expected to attend it from all over the world.

But due to this virulent disease, the organizers of the event have come to the conclusion that nothing is more important than the health and safety of people. Therefore, to take a precautionary step for the safety of their speakers, visitors, organizers, and everyone, the core management team has decided to re-imagine London’s Calling 2020 as a virtual event this year.

Why London’s Calling Re-kindle as Virtual Event?

The COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire. The entire world is struggling with this lethal virus, and billion dollars businesses are at stake.

According to a survey, the number of countries affected by the Corona virus by now has grown to 95, wherein more than one lac and five thousand people are formally diagnosed and, unfortunately, more than 3600 people have lost their lives.

The biggest concern is that the virus is continuously taking toll on the health of the people around the world. Every minute people in different parts of the world are getting affected by COVID-19 and unfortunately, the rise in the death rate is also constantly increasing.

Due to these haphazard situations, Salesforce event will take place in the virtual world. All the sessions and content will be shared and discussed virtually.

There will be no change in the date of the event. The event will be held on the same day that is Friday 20th March 2020.

Fexle Services at London’s Calling 2020

Fexle is a leading Salesforce consulting service provider in the world, and it has gained the prestigious badge of Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner that testifies our dedication and commitment towards this futuristic technology.

As a prominent Salesforce solutions provider company, we are highly excited to be a part of this event. Our team is ready to interact with the Salesforce community on the virtual platform.

This year Fexle will not participate or take session as a speaker, but still our we will be available throughout the event virtually. If you would like to know about the marketing cloud or have any query related to it, then you can arrange the meeting simply by clicking the link here.

There is no doubt that we would miss being physically present at the event, as it would have given us the golden opportunity to share and gain good knowledge and practices with other Salesforce enthusiasts.

Though it is a loss for us as we will miss interacting with Salesforce buffs, still, we appreciate all the efforts that event organizers have taken for the safety of everyone.

We are sure that it would be an interesting experience to be a part of this virtual Salesforce event where we will share knowledge and good practices with other people.

Last but not the least, we would like to pay our heartfelt thanks to team Cloud Galacticos for giving us space among the top 10 people to follow in London’s Calling 2020.

The Details of The Full Program

The entire team of London’s calling has already started brain-storming on finalizing the virtual plans. According to their official announcement, they will communicate the details on how participants can join the event as soon as everything gets finalized.

They have ensured that the Salesforce community can still expect great content, mighty demo jam, competition prizes, and many more exciting things during the virtual sessions.

For refunds, they stated, “We regret, we are unable to provide any refunds as per our Eventbrite refund policy.” They also said, “We are reducing our expenses as much as possible so that we can potentially offer something in the future.”

As per the recent update, Europe’s largest community-led Salesforce event, London’s Calling will take place on the same day for sure. For more details, we have to wait for the guidelines that will be shared by the event organizers.

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