How To Use Salesforce To Get A 360-degree View Of Your Customer?

Every customer-oriented business focuses on delivering better customer experiences connected with channels and departments. These experiences can isolate organizations and processes across sales, marketing, services and more.

With Salesforce Customer 360 degree view, Salesforce combines Salesforce apps customer data to create a customer management ID in order to provide a single view of the customer. In this post, we will discuss what is Customer 360 and how can it be used for.your business benefits.

What Is Salesforce Customer 360?

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Salesforce Customer 360 is a cross-cloud technique that enables businesses to connect Salesforce and get a single customer ID in order to get a single view of a customer. This tool was introduced at Dreamforce 2018. It integrates Mulesoft’s functionality to let the companies connect any device, app or data source across a cloud server. Customer 360 is not just a customer data platform, as it broadens the methods of CRM with consumer-scale data management activation.

Business To Business

If we talk about Salesforce B2B products, all the information is in a single place, and a single data model for sales, marketing, and business to business commerce & service. Having all of these in a single place makes it convenient for a marketer to keep an eye on their campaigns turn into leads, chances, and sales. This helps sales rep support cases before they attend a meeting as they will know the sales opportunities. Along with this, contact relationships and customer account hierarchies, they can get a deeper view.

Business To Consumer

However, B2C customers don’t have the leverage of getting the data at a single place. Also, tracking the previous experience or use case of a customer can be hard, until you have strong cross- channel experiences.

To provide better customer experience, the assimilation of commerce, marketing and service is important. However, most companies struggle to provide experience due to a lack of resources.

Well, Salesforce has apps for all the above stated issues. You can get Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Service Cloud to manage these areas but linking them all together was still a challenge.

With Salesforce Customer 360, it became seamless as now B2C engagement across Service, Marketing and Commerce was possible by linking these Salesforce apps:

  • Marketing Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Service Cloud

With Customer 360, administrators can enlist their numerous specimens of Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud.

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All these customer records from Service Cloud Person Accounts, Commerce Cloud Customer Profiles, Marketing Cloud subscribers are mapped into one to provide customer’s canonical view.

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Customer 360 allots a unique ID to each customer so that all records of that person can be accumulated together across different systems.

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Customer 360 generates and stores a customer profile and acts as a hub that trades events and data across the various systems as and when needed.

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With Customer 360, you get extraordinary cross-cloud features. For example: With Customer 360, on a service cloud agent console, you can get reconciled customer profile, shopping cart data, Commerce Cloud order, and power to order on behalf of a customer all in one place.

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With Customer 360, the aim of Salesforce is to improve the customer experience within the B2C side, however, the app is restricted to just B2C. Customer 360 also helps B2B to enhance multi-org deployments.

Benefits Of Customer 360:

With all the data from Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Commerce Cloud at a single place, Customer 360 has extended benefits:

  • Produce Strategic Sales & Marketing Campaigns: Customer 360 procures the ability to broaden marketing and sales teams of the business. It, in turn, can help develop sales and marketing campaigns strategically with the help of data present. This will help the sales and marketing team to understand the touchpoints of the customer and also develop a means to cater to customer needs.
  • Understand Customer Behavior: With Customer 360, you can get a better understanding of your customer including their behavior and taste.
  • Ability To Deliver Customized Shopping Experiences: With Customer 360, companies and businesses can utilize accumulated data to proffer personalized experience to their customers throughout.

So, that’s how Customer 360 can help you understand your customers and serve them better.

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