How Salesforce Einstein Analytics Implementation Helps Businesses Grow Customer Experience?

Ever wondered, how OTT giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, etc.,recommend the exact video content, which you like and end-up watching? The credit goes to big data technology. And to process and deliver user-centric results out of the big data comes Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the picture.

In the present time, building a strong and connected relationship with customers is a key to a successful business. A business can only come closer to its customers only if it understands them well. And to understand them well, a business requires strong technology like Salesforce Einstein AI.


Salesforce Einstein is a product by Salesforce that leverages AI technology to boost the capability of this cloud-based CRM. With the help of Salesforce Einstein analytics cloud services, a business not only can gather a large amount of data but also get to experience predictive analytics, NLP capabilities, and machine learning.


How Artificial Intelligence Elevates Salesforce CRM Capabilities?

Salesforce is the world’s number CRM, and there is no doubt that this platform is filled with unprecedented features and functionalities. To improve its customer relationship power, Salesforce has included the use of Artificial Intelligence technology.

With the integration of AI with the Salesforce platform, businesses can excellently improve their sales, services, marketing, and other important operations. It helps users work smarter and improve customer experience.

To understand the reason for integrating AI with Salesforce CRM, you need to read this example – Suppose there’s an apparel shop. A customer enters the shop. To attend to a customer, a shopkeeper tries to understand his or her choices and other factors like size, types, choice of clothing, so that he can deliver the best customer service. To deliver the best, personalized and more client-centric recommendation, a shopkeeper collects data & gives a required recommendation.

Recommendation only works, only if you have sufficient data. Big companies have to deal with a large amount of data every day. To process the data and get an insightful result requires a team of data scientists, data engineers, and proper technology infrastructure.

With AI technology, a business can store a large volume of data in the cloud and access it from anywhere. 

Salesforce Einstein is like a data scientist that helps businesses build strong customer relationships. It solves customers’ queries faster and which leads to strong customer relationships. Einstein AI has the power to understand data from email, social channels, IoT, and other sources and offers the most accurate prediction & recommendations.


Salesforce Einstein AI Bolster Your Routine Business Operations

Salesforce Einstein AI elevates the capability of CRM to the next level. It is compact with modern & sophisticated features and lets businesses deliver smarter customer services. 

Take a brief overview on how Salesforce products bring value for you with the help of Einstein:

Einstein Sales Cloud

  • Helps businesses keep close eyes on potential leads with the help of tools like opportunity insights and lead scoring.
  • Businesses can easily prioritize their leads & opportunities.
  • Get meaningful insights to close a deal faster.
  • Keep your record up to date. 
  • The Activity Capture function eliminates automating the data entry process.
  • Leverage Automated Contacts functions & link emails with calendar to recognize new contacts.


Einstein in Service Cloud

  • Improve customer interactions by leveraging Natural Language Process (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML).
  • Bring automation into the process and get routine service requests resolved automatically.
  • It saves time and improves teams’ efficiency.
  • It brings the right case to the right agent at the right time. Improves customer experience.
  • Gives agents contextual & smart solutions through a predictive module. 
  • Accelerate query resolution process.


Einstein in Marketing Cloud

  • Get new business insights through Einstein Vision for Social.
  • Track customers’ journeys & empower businesses with meaningful insights to boost conversion.
  • Use of Einstein Recommendations and Einstein Journey Insights to understand the current & potential customers’ preferences and social activities and send recommendations accordingly.
  • Build smart and personalized marketing messages for customers with the help of the Einstein Engagement Scoring module.


Einstein in Community Cloud

  • Bolster your community of users, customers, and all other stakeholders with the help of Einstein Recommendations.
  • Make all essential resources at their disposal.
  • Give automated suggestions on the resources, based on their history.
  • Empower the community with Einstein Feed Insights and help them see updates & new posts that they find important.
  • Leverage Einstein Experts if you don’t want to search or read answers to your queries.


Einstein in Analytics Cloud

  • Analyze billions of data in a more error-free manner.
  • Obtain more predictive insights.
  • Deliver insightful & prescriptive recommendations.
  • Easy prioritization of the next insight you need to know.


Einstein in Commerce Cloud

  • Create & send more personalized recommendations to your customers.
  • Easy visualization of customer interactions & delivering the most relevant deals.
  • Personalized email communications by offering relevant product recommendations.


Einstein in IoT Cloud

  • By merging PredictionIO & IoT Cloud, developers can build smart apps that can connect IoT data & logic.
  • Use of predictive scoring to check how the connected devices are performing.
  • The connected devices provide insights to users & customers & induce them to take the next best action.


Features of Salesforce Einstein That Will Help Your Business Keep Up & Running

Ready to Use Apps – With Salesforce Einstein Analytics Cloud Services, you will get to use its amazing feature, such as using ready-to-use applications. As AI technology is already crafted into apps for sales, commerce, service, etc. It will make the process smooth.


Intelligent Interpretation

Through this feature, a user can easily forecast user behaviour on the basis of metrics like past behaviour analysis, demographic factors, context, etc.


Voice IO

Artificial Intelligence technology is proving the utmost beneficial for Salesforce Einstein. Salesforce Einstein helps users hear what users are talking about, listen to the users, and talkback with the precise solutions.


Einstein Platform

Einstein is a platform that works as per the multiple business operations requirements and offers the tools that allow managers & developers in building customized assistance.



In the world of CRM, Salesforce has always proved itself a master of innovation. It brings customization, foresight, and growth to a business. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Salesforce has proved that it never leave any stone unturned when it comes to delivering the best customer experience.

With Salesforce Einstein AI, Salesforce once again has taken cloud computing to the next level. If you are looking for Salesforce Einstein Cloud Services, we suggest you hire an experienced Salesforce consulting company that has a team of certified developers.

Good guidance from the Salesforce Einstein Analytics Cloud Services provider will garner amazing results for you.

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