How Does Manufacturing Cloud Help In Growing Business Growth & ROI?

Maintaining leads, streamlining the sales agreement, bringing more visibility in the operations, and formulating accurate & customized forecasting has always been challenging for the manufacturing businesses.

Salesforce analyzed the situation and challenges that manufacturing businesses were facing. 

And here comes the manufacturing cloud into the picture.


What is Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud?

Manufacturing cloud is the product of Salesforce that empowers manufacturing businesses to improve collaboration among sales and operations departments. It also enables users to easily access customers’ data solutions like forecasting and sales agreements. 

The solution facilitates real-time data update and rapid order update and offers more efficient and accurate results & forecasting.


The Need of Manufacturing Cloud

To eradicate inefficiencies, drive collaboration, and improve transparency, a business should adopt the Salesforce manufacturing cloud. One should hire an experienced Salesforce CRM development company to execute the implementation process.

We will discuss the same in detail later, coming back to our basic question, why does your company need Salesforce manufacturing cloud implementation services?

There are multiple reasons, and one of the most important is easy data management. A business has to deal with a large amount of data on a daily basis. Collecting data from multiple sources, managing them, and analyzing the data in such a way that we get accurate results becomes daunting for the manufacturing business.

Because of this process, data often gets lost or entered doubled, which ends up causing great loss to the company. 

To prevent the company from loss and to help a company streamline all data and information in one place, Salesforce brings manufacturing cloud. A business needs this solution to make a well-informed decision, minimize loss, increase revenue, and build strong customer relationships (B2B and B2C).


Important Benefits of Manufacturing Cloud

The solution is equipped with some of the exemplary features. The manufacturing business can leverage the features of the manufacturing cloud and harness the power of cloud computing.


Sales Agreements

The feature of sales agreement in the manufacturing cloud allows businesses to align their management systems with negotiated contract terms. 

The feature accelerates the renewal process, and the sales team can improve its efficiency by bringing additional revenue.

It also enables easy tracking of revenues and the planned volume of a commodity.

Every change, even the minuscule one, gets updated in real-time, and all the stakeholders can easily access the agreements and updates in agreements like order volumes. It empowers businesses to make good operational decisions.

Account-Based Forecasting

Evident to its name, this feature empowers businesses with greater and accurate forecasting capabilities that will help them find and develop amazing opportunities. 

The account-based forecasting features will improve the efficiency of your team, and they can make more accurate and strong forecasts about the manufacturing process.

It will be easy to capture sales forecasts with predicted volumes. Businesses can experience greater collaboration among sales, finances, and operations.


Manufacturing Analytics

A good CRM is one that gives its users all the required analytics which will help them make an insightful decision. Salesforce has introduced Tableau CRM capabilities with the manufacturing cloud. It will help the manufacturing businesses to gain better insights into key performance areas like the health of the account, the performance of products or a particular product, and sales agreement insights.


Rebate Management

This is the newest feature that Salesforce introduced in the manufacturing cloud. With the help of this feature, manufacturing businesses can easily plan, execute, and target their financial payout incentives for their channel partners.

It will be easy for the companies to build incentive programs within Salesforce that can be easily shareable.


Transform your business growth with Salesforce manufacturing cloud

Accurate forecasting, improved collaboration, greater visibility, and streamlined processes, all these benefits make the manufacturing cloud a perfect choice. The solution is to boast of multiple more benefits. Before you finalize the Salesforce CRM development company or hire a Salesforce CRM consultant, go through the following mentioned benefits.


Increased Sales

Every manufacturer wants to improve sales, improve customer reach, and build greater engagement. With the Salesforce manufacturing cloud, one can do all these things and more with more efficiency. Business stakeholders can get meaningful insights and analyze the behaviour of their customers. Based on the analysis, they can draw actionable insights that will be essential to take the required steps to improve customer retention.


Better Planning

Another best part of manufacturing cloud is that it empowers users with volumes of data. The data is easy to analyze, and the team can build a stronger future plan.

The data that this solution offers is absolutely clean and precise, and one can execute well-strategized planning for business growth. There will be no daunting manual task. Everything is automated, streamlined, and brings greater productivity.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

A satisfied customer is a key to greater business growth. The outstanding features of the Manufacturing cloud empower businesses with greater efficiency. The solution improves collaboration among different departments in an organization and helps businesses easily tackle all the warranty-related and service-oriented issues. 

Better customer services ultimately empower customers. It helps in building trust, and that ultimately paves the path of customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Business Expansion

We know, manufacturing cloud automates different tasks and brings efficiency into the business process. This will allow a business to focus its power and efforts on something more productive, like business expansion.

With manufacturing cloud by your side and the guidance of Salesforce consulting company, you can accelerate the business expansion process by letting you focus on potential clients, let you prequalify your prospects, and ensure better communication.



Now that you have gone through the features and benefits of the manufacturing cloud, you must have understood how important it is for your manufacturing business to have this easy integration of the solution.

The solution will improve the workflow, garner greater customer relationships, and improve sales & revenue. 

But to leverage this solution to its fullest, you need to hire a Salesforce CRM development company or an experienced & certified Salesforce CRM consultant. FEXLE Services is a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner and has hands-on experience of working on multiple manufacturing cloud-based solutions.


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