How much does it cost to develop a car wash mobile app

Worried about regular car cleaning? Car cleaning is an important thing for vehicle owners, and it is always challenging to get the car cleaning work done on time.

With the emergence of the on-demand car wash appointment services, the vehicle owners can now say goodbye to their tension of sending their car for maintenance and cleaning. The car washing process has become smoother and hassle-free, thanks to car washing mobile applications.

Nowadays, the on-demand car wash app development business is exponentially growing. And this gives an amazing employment opportunity to hidden talents who are seeking careers in this domain.

According to a report by grand view research, the global carwash market is expected to reach USD 41.1 billion by 2020.

The number describes the increasing value of the market size and proves the growth of the car wash market.

So right now, the on-demand car wash app development is one of the most preferable businesses and has great opportunities to start a car cleaning appointment business.

But before you dive deeper into the development process, you need to understand the facts behind the car wash booking business.

Business Model

Let’s explore the concept of the car wash booking business model.

The concept of car wash app booking business is extremely impactful for the business owners who want to increase the ROI and business growth of their car washing business. For that, one needs to understand the different types of car washing app which a user can opt for. These are:

Dedicated apps: These types of apps are most suitable for business owners who are dedicated only to the car washing business. These applications help them to increase the ROI and engagement ratio and let them offer a wide category of services to customers.

Aggregator apps: These types of applications provide an accomplished infrastructure to the car owners to get services from a registered car wash agency. It is a standalone business model where the detailer offers his service and gets in touch with the clients.

Top players in the market

All these are the top players in the car wash app development market. They are serving their car cleaning services with their unique marketing strategies.

Different Panels for Car Washing App

Let’s’ explore the feature list of car wash app development

Feature in the customer panel:

Select Car location: Users can select the car through this option as they want to services with a location.

Choose a service:  Users can opt for various types of services. The car wash detailer provides a list of services, and a user must be able to choose the services according to money and time.

Monthly packages: Users can select the monthly packages of car wash services offered by car wash detailers as per their suitable offers. The payment of services of this package is paid in advance, so users no need to pay on each service. This feature helps users to pay off for the services hassle-free.

Login and Sign Ups: This is a common feature in an app to track the record of the clients. On the basis of the information that clients provide, app developers allow users to create their account on the app via email id or direct social media login, so users directly access the app and take the services via request each time.

Find nearby detailer: Users can find a list of nearby detailers and can choose one accordingly.

Chat and calling: This feature allows users to communicate with car washers for their query from anywhere from booking service to deliver their car from any car wash station. Users can interact with the chat and calling features through an app with service providers and get solutions in real-time.

Real-time tracking: It is one of the great features in the app that allows users to track the path of the car wash area. It plays an impactful role between users and car wash detailers to maintain transparency.

Cost calculation: The car wash app has an inbuilt feature where users can calculate the cost for each service. This feature allows users who want to keep a record of money to spend on each service.

Payment option: This feature allows users to make online payments through multiple wallets and UPIs as well as debit and credit cards to do the hassle-free transaction for their car wash services.

Review and rating: After taking the car wash services, the users can submit their review on the app for the services offered by a car wash and provide their feedback, which builds goodwill in the market.

This is an important feature for every car wash application to maintain the quality and satisfaction score for the services as they provide.

car wash mobile app

Car Detailer panel:

Service location: The car washers have a limited area of the location of the specific service hence, they provide a service’s location for the car wash request.

Accept/reject request: Through these features, the car washers can accept and reject the services according to the availability of the resources and services. They have the authority to manage the request as per the area of services they provide.

Share the service status: This feature informs users of the service status of the car washThrough these features, users get real-time clicked photos during the services offered by car washers.

Push notifications: Through the push notifications feature, users get notified about the entire user request, transaction details, and other activities happening on the platform.

Admin panel features:

Manage the service time zone:  This feature connects users to car washing companies in their region that are located nearby. The admin can manage all the requests of the users for a car wash to car washers as their preferred locations.

Manage registrations: The support team manages all the registration for the car wash applications and guides the users by giving satisfactory answers to their queries. Also, manage activity about the services for users’ requests to car washing centers.

Manage payments: The admin manages all the payment transactions which charge for the services and transfer money to car washers. Also, they keep a certain amount as a fee and receive it from car washers.

Manage reviews: The admin can manage the review and rating received for the services provided by the car washer. The users pleased with car wash services post their reviews on the app about the services delivered by car washing companies related to their request and admin manage these reviews about their criteria and post them.

Heat map view: This is a special feature only the admin can view the maximum used services from their organization and most used areas of the application.

Loyalty programs: This feature allows admins to promote the application via promotions and loyalty programs for their loyal customers. The users who want to participate in online events or promotions through the app provided by car wash companies. The admin can manage such activity and pave the path of the user’s engagement.

Technology stacks:

Front end development: Swift, Java, CSS, and Bootstrap.

Backend development: Javascirpt, Ruby on Rails, AngularJs, and Python.

Real time analytics: Google Analytics, Hadoop, Spark, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

Location Trackings: Google Maps, Apple Maps.

Payment integration: Paypal, Braintree, Stripe, EWallets

Notifications: Facebook, Google sign-in, Twilio,

Cloud storage: Google Cloud Storage, Amazon Cloud storage, Azure

Database: MongoDB, Cassandra, MySQL, HBase, Postgress.

Final cost of car wash app development:

At Fexle we built an MVP version of car wash mobile application in around 1500 hours. The cost of a car wash application depends on multiple factors such as location, size of applications, 3rd party integration, resources, platform type, and features list that you want to integrate into your business applications.

Because of the location difference, the companies charge different rates. Here is the detail:

US-based developers: $50 to $180 per hour

Asia based developers: $ 30 to $120 per hour.

Most of the companies charge for this application between $40000 to $80000 with MVP features.

This is just an estimated cost of such kind application, and it entirely depends on various aspects that describe the bottom line.

It is better to understand the final cost hence; you need to consult a car wash app development company for your business requirement who expertly describes the final cost based on your requirement.

Revenue model followed by car wash application:

Understand the revenue model, followed by car wash applications.

Advertisement: The app owners provide a space for advertisements to third parties who want to showcase their products and services. The advertisers pay for this space to app owners. It is one of the common methods and earns a significant amount for advertising by the app owners.

Sponsorship: By allowing companies for sponsorship programs, the app owners get a handsome amount of money via companies through promotions.

Merchandise: With the regular car washing services, one can also sell their product related to categories like car shampoo, wax, cleaning items, etc. on their app and can get benefits through the sale of products.

Conclusion:  The car wash app development is the preferable business nowadays, and it is an effective way to earn money via a unique business strategy. To develop a high featured car wash app mobile application, you need to consult a leading car wash app development company, which is dedicatedly working on such kind projects. We at Fexle providing offshore car wash booking mobile app development services to our clients with MVP structure over the globe and maintaining the highest score of client satisfaction. We hope this article will help you to understand the car wash application concepts and other things.

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