How Businesses can Leverage from Laravel Development?

Are you looking for the most suitable web and app development framework for your business? Are you getting confused about choosing the best PHP framework?

If yes, then this post is for you, because we are here to tell you about the one such PHP framework that will streamline your web development process and help in delivering a strong and client-focused website.

The name of the framework is Laravel.

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Through Laravel web development, you can now create outstanding as well as a custom web application without any technical jargon. The Laravel development framework offers exquisite simplicity to ease the development process.

What is Laravel?

In simple words, Laravel is an open-source PHP framework. It is a set of PHP files, which is built with an aim to ease programming using PHP.

Professional expert Laravel developers across the globe are embracing this framework with open arms to build effective and client-centric solutions.

Laravel uses MVC patterns and creates the most surprising web apps, which give your business a competitive edge.

If you require professional Laravel development services, and have confusion, whether you should go ahead with it or not, then do read the entire blog, and don’t miss any point you might find an answer to your confusion any time.

Some Interesting Facts on Laravel

Before digging deep about the benefits of Laravel development for businesses, you might want to look at some interesting facts of this framework.

The popularity of this framework can be imagined by the fact that alone in the USA, there are more than 10 lacs of Laravel-based websites. 4,86, 424 websites are currently live, and 601,221 sites have used this technology previously.

The following are the top different industry verticals where the Laravel framework is being used.

top industry verticle laravel usage

Top countries where Laravel-based websites are in huge demand are as follows:

top countries for laravel

The numbers and facts of Laravel usage suggest that this PHP framework is whole-heartedly accepted by the web developers around the globe and it has excellently boosted PHP developers’ website building experience to a great extent.

How Businesses Can Leverage from Laravel Development?

There are plenty of reasons that let businesses opt for the Laravel development services for building custom web apps that cater to vivid business requirements.

Below are listed the significance of having Laravel development for the growth of businesses.

Strong Security

Laravel framework helps companies to run their website smoothly with minimal or negligible chance of cyber threat.

The users who have eCommerce portals, for them, privacy and resources of the clients’ data hold a great prominence. Laravel framework provides the highest security to both these attributes of businesses.

Laravel keeps safe your digital assets from all sorts of online threats. Along with this, the Laravel framework also remains safe from risks like cross-site forgery requests, SQL injection, etc. and safeguards your code base remarkably.

Exceptional Performance

Speed and the performance of a website are the two most vital factors for online businesses, especially for start-ups. The slow page loading speed might lead to low conversion rates.

Here comes Laravel as a boon for website page speed. This framework not only determines the fast loading speed of a website but also improves the website response timing.

Say goodbye to the tension of slow website loading speed with the Laravel framework by your side. The framework is compact with multiple extra-ordinary features and out-of-the-box functionalities that take businesses’ growth to the next level.

Redis and Memcached are the tools of the Laravel framework that will improve your website’s performance and overall productivity.

Multi-Language Capabilities

Presently, the Laravel company offers widespread solutions to its global clientele. One of the many advantages of Laravel web development is its multi-lingual friendliness. For Laravel app developers, building compelling multilingual applications is possible and achievable.

This will help businesses to reach out to the wider audience & tap the virgin territories.

It not only improves their online visibility but also allows them to boost sales and improve revenue.

Strong Software Architecture

Laravel, as a website development tool, implements a templating engine, and it is known as Blade. The best part of the Blade engine is that it does not restrict the developers from using plain PHP code. It also automates template boilerplates.

Excellent scalability and easier code management are the two must-haves for any kind of complex projects, and Laravel provides both benefits by following the patterns of MVC architecture.

There are multiple tools that come with the Laravel framework. These tools ensure that your system adheres to the designed architecture at all stages of the designed architectures. One of the most prominent tools is Artisan CLI.

The MVC architecture feature empowers Laravel developers to fix all kinds of technical issues in the application without any hurdle.

Amazing Traffic Handling

Sooner or later, your web application will fetch more traffic one day. It means that as soon as a web app gets more traffic, it has to deal with more number of requests each second.

It also depicts that with the higher web traffic, users also have to deal with problems such as malfunctioning of website servers and data loss.

With Laravel, you won’t face such situations.

Before the development of any project, Laravel always gives a message queue system that proves helpful in load balancing. It will keep the web server strong, reliable, and healthy by improving the speed of an application and maintaining the data integrity.

Top Features That Give Laravel an Edge Over Other Frameworks

  • Laravel Packages – Laravel framework autonomously installs new Laravel packages.
  • Simplified Coding – The Blade template engine simplifies coding.
  • Routing System – The framework allows the Laravel developers to choose route and application triggers.
  • Swift Time to Market – Laravel framework streamlines the rapid development process that enables a smooth time to market.

Top Websites That Have Deployed Laravel Framework

Multiple businesses and industries across the world have wholeheartedly accepted the Laravel framework. Here are the websites’ names that are developed with the Laravel framework:

Deltanet Travel – It is a destination management website that manages tourist services in Greece.

Neighborhood Lender – It is a business website for loans. It has a mortgage calculator that shows a wide range of functionality.

My Rank – It is an online learning website for Indian and excellently flaunts the versatility of the Laravel framework.

Laravel Tricks – Equipped with simple and effective functionalities the Laravel tricks have everything.

World Walking – This website motivates people to walk more. It has multiple features for its smartphone app.

Laravel Snippets – Whether you need any inspiration or want to simply look at some code, the Laravel Snippets website will help you in all situations.

The List of Companies That Use Laravel Framework

  • BBC
  • 9GAG
  • Pfizer
  • Crowdcube
  • Lenovo
  • FedEX and more


So, you can see that the Laravel framework is widely accepted and deployed by multiple big names across the world. The framework has not only helped businesses to grow financially but has also helped them to improve customer satisfaction and interaction.

Rest assured that whether you choose a Laravel development service provider or an individual Laravel developer, you will always get an equally amazing result for sure.

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