The Dawn of New Salesforce Age for Australian Businesses Has Come Fexle Services Now in Australia

FEXLE Services, a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner with a team of seasoned Salesforce professionals has now embarked on its voyage in the Commonwealth of Australia.

After playing successful innings in the United States and India, the Salesforce consulting services provider is all set to accentuate its Salesforce expertise in the CRM market of Australia.

By adding this new feather in its growth hat,  FEXLE leverages the opportunity to serve Australian clients by bridging the gap between companies and customers.

Salesforce has been in the Australian market for more than a decade and is very well established. The opportunity for growth is still nurturing in the APAC region without any sign of stopping.

Companies have experienced 44% of growth in lead volume, 37% of growth in win rate, 45% increase in customer retention, and 37% of growth in sales revenue.

FEXLE, being an experienced Salesforce solutions provider analysed and understood the requirement of a strong CRM solution in the Australian market and decided to deploy its tranche of expertise at the disposal of businesses in Australia.

Fexle In Australia

How Will FEXLE Services In Australian Help The Industries Here With Their Salesforce Need?

No matter what country you are from, the relationship between customers and businesses holds a very special place in every part of the world. Australia is no exception to it.

Salesforce has always been a maverick when it comes to strong customer relationships and client satisfaction. Maybe that is the reason why Salesforce alone possesses 20% of the global CRM market share, which is the highest.

Pandemic has dwindled businesses across the globe. Be it work from home or any other aspect, everything has come online. And with Salesforce CRM, things get just better.

Here’s how FEXLE Services will deploy its experience and expertise for the betterment of different industries in Australia with the help of Salesforce.

Bolster Healthcare Industry – In these trying times of pandemic, if you are still not using Salesforce then you are squandering your valuable time and resources. FEXLE, with its team of professional Salesforce consultants, will help the healthcare industry to improve patient care and get improved outcomes.

With FEXLE and Salesforce, healthcare industries in Australia can:

  • Get a comprehensive patient view.
  • Enjoy smarter & simplified patient engagement and management.
  • Leverage connected patient engagement.
  • Enhance the quality of care with a unified digital platform.
  • Get a unified view of every single patient.
  • Establish seamless communication with patients.

Balance Finance Sector – The need for Salesforce in the finance sector is no less than in any other industry. FEXLE understands this and is all set to help banks and financial institutions in managing their clients’ assets, financial accounts, liabilities, and many other aspects.

FEXLE and its team of professionals leverage the power of the financial service cloud and deliver the following benefits:

  • Defined & deep client relationship management.
  • Access to real-time data of clients.
  • Smart actions based on insightful data.
  • Real-time client management.
  • Automatic reminders for upcoming payments.
  • AI-driven decisions.

Strengthen Manufacturing Industry – Not taking the right decision at the right time will only exacerbate the financial conditions of businesses that occurred due to lockdown and pandemics. 

FEXLE with Salesforce helps manufacturers to develop accurate forecasts and help you manage demand for relief supplies. Manufacturers can also collaborate to improve order & demand visibility. Our services will also let manufacturers track and manage customer demand and enable the fulfillment of prioritisation and orders.

Some additional advantages that FEXLE brings for manufacturing industry are as follows:

  • Streamline partner lead assignment.
  • Easy configuration of workflows.
  • Partner forecasting.
  • Strong dashboard for 360-degree customer view.
  • Determine quality leads.
  • Quick response to clients, and many more.

Thorough Retail Experience – Salesforce also does wonders in the retail industry. It enables customers to experience personal and omnichannel retail experience. In this phase of the pandemic, when retail industries are executing their operations in a perfunctory manner, FEXLE’s presence in Australia will prove sanguine for all.

Our experience in the retail industry will help us understand the needs & wants of the customers more accurately.

With FEXLE Services, the retail industry can get the following benefits:

  • You can understand, personalize, and engage with customers.
  • Offer connected omnichannel commerce experience.
  • Deliver smart and fast customer services.
  • You can turn your prospects into buyers rapidly.
  • Identify new customers through multiple channels.
  • Manage marketing campaigns, visualize & report ad performance to offer customers the right offer at the right time.
Fexle In Austalia

What Will FEXLE Bring To Australia With Salesforce CRM Technology?

We would say enhanced customer experience. FEXLE with its unparalleled Salesforce consulting services, decade long experience will cement its position in the market of Australia. Here are the following advantages that FEXLE has brought with it for the industries & businesses of Australia:

Technological Development

Businesses in Australia have now become more benign towards Salesforce. We elevate their experience by delivering them advance, reliable, efficient, accessible, and accurate Salesforce implementation services that lead to unprecedented technological advancements.

Rise of Small Businesses in Australia

Salesforce in Australia is having a high adoption rate. The rise of this CRM cloud computing platform is paving the path of success for small and medium-scale enterprises. FEXLE will try its best to reach every small business and become part of its success journey right from the beginning.

Affordability for Small Business

Salesforce has a benign effect on small businesses with respect to affordability. According to a survey, there are around 97% of small businesses in Australia, which forms a substantial opportunity for cemented growth.

FEXLE will reach these small businesses and ally all their pandemic-driven concerns, and try its best to deliver good value for their money by increasing their reach.

Job Opportunities for Australian Denizens

The arrival of FEXLE in Australia is a win-win situation for all. It serves businesses and people with utmost concern. As soon as our operation bolsters in the country, we will create numerous job opportunities for the people of Australia.

There are different Salesforce-based job opportunities that people of Australia can expect and apply to. Some of the main roles include Salesforce administrator, Salesforce architect, Salesforce developers, Salesforce functional consultants, Salesforce pre-sales consultants, and many more.

Fexle Services Private Limited


Salesforce is booming in Australia, and FEXLE’s arrival in the country will bring benign effects for businesses and customers of the country.

The Salesforce consulting company delivers all the CRM-centric services to its clients including Salesforce integration, Salesforce consulting, Salesforce implementation, Salesforce migration, etc.

Pardot, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Einstein Analytics, Heroku, Community cloud are some of the many Salesforce products on which FEXLE holds expertise and delivers business-centric solutions.

Hire Salesforce consultants today from FEXLE Services Australia and enjoy the power of CRM solutions!


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