Fexle Brings The First Ever Content Migration Tool for Marketing Cloud – Nube Transfer

The world of technology is evolving at a fast pace, and evolution has come up as a boon for all of us.

Fexle Services is a top-rated Salesforce consulting company with Salesforce Gold Consulting badge. We always strive to walk on the path of innovation, so that we can contribute our bit in making the life of the Salesforce community easier and smoother.

Fexle has a glorious legacy of bringing unparalleled innovation and technological inventions. To continue this legacy, we have developed the first-ever, content migration tool for marketing cloud, and it’s called – Nube Transfer.

Nube Transfer

We did thorough research on the content migration process, and we analyzed that if a user takes 100 hours to migrate the content, then with the help of Nube Transfer, it would take 1.5 hours only.

It means that this utility will help companies to save 98.5 hours easily, and they can use this time in some other productive work.

Now, let’s move ahead and learn more about Nube Transfer.

What is Nube Transfer?

We have been serving the realm of Salesforce for more than a decade. And in all these years, we have seen the community people facing multiple challenges because of content migration.

What is Nube Transfer?

The migration of content in the marketing cloud is indeed a daunting task. It takes, efforts, time, resources, and cost in abundance.

Our team has designed and developed this tool to obliterate all kinds of problems that occur at the time of migrating content in the marketing cloud.

This is the world’s first content migration tool which is specifically designed to migrate all kinds of content from one instance to another in a single shot.

We all know the marketing cloud is a marketing platform that enables marketers to develop and organize marketing relationships and campaigns with clients. It let you speak with your customers with the right message, in the right tone, and at the right time.

We also know that the marketing cloud is equipped with multiple benefits and companies uses multiple accounts for development, testing and deploying, and then they face multiple challenges when it comes to content migration from one org to another.

To mitigate all such challenges, comes Nube Transfer.

Challenges That Nube Transfer Could Easily Wipe Out

The companies who are using marketing cloud in their organization, migration of content become an intimidating job.

Challenges that Nube Transfer Could Easily Wipe Out

The users who attempt to migrate their content including, images, content blocks, email template, etc. on marketing cloud from one instance to another, they often get stuck because of its time-consuming process, and due to which their productivity go to rack and ruin.

Are you also facing challenges at the time of content migration in the marketing cloud? Does the error-prone manual process of content migration break you out in a cold sweat? Are the slow content migration process and deteriorating productivity of your company & employees give butterfly in your stomach?

If such questions are bothering you, then don’t be a bundle of nerves, Nube Transfer is here, the first-ever tool to streamline the content migration process in the marketing cloud.

The Amazing Features of Nube Transfer

Let us move ahead and learn all the features through which Nube Transfer could easily strike out all the challenges. 


Hassle-Free Registration - Nube TransferHassle-Free Registration

Nube Transfer let the users register their account with their official mail id, in a hassle-free way.  A 2 steps verification process ensures the genuineness and authenticity of the platform.


Save Configuration

Repeated steps can be saved as configuration and users can take advantage of pre-defined data in the future. All the configuration stores in the application databased in encrypted format using a highly secured encryption mechanism. Even if someone gets the database access, no one can decrypt that information.


Easy to use interface

The secret of any tool or utility lies in its user-friendliness. If the UX/UI design of a product is simple to use, then there is a high chance of success. That’s what we have taken into consideration while building this tool. Nube Transfer has a user-friendly interface, which makes this utility understandable and attractive.


Content Selection Feature

It is one of the best USPs of Nube Tansfer tool. The application allows user to decide if they want to migrate specific content or filtered content or entire instance.


Real-Time Status

Live status shows you what has been deployed and the status of the pass and failed deployed content.

It enhances transparency in the process and guarantees us the accuracy of the live status of content deployment.


CleanUp Process

Keeping the sandbox cleaned up for testing purpose, is one of the key requirement for any organization. Nube Transfer allows you to do that right within the tool and you can cleanup your sandbox instance or sandbox BU for next development.


Nube Transfer


The Advantages of Nube Transfer, The Content Migration Tool


Simple Yet Effective Functionalities

Not only the user interface but also the functionalities of this tool make you a fan of this content migration tool. From an easy registration process to the final deployment, all the functionalities are designed and developed keeping in mind the ease of the end-users.


Time Saving Tool

The biggest and the most important benefit of Nube Transfer is its impeccable time-saving capabilities. The content migration task which you normally do in 100 hours, the same task can be done within 1.5     hours, which ultimately save your time by 98.5 hours. The process of content migration and deployment is the marketing cloud until now, is a time-consuming task. With Nube Transfer, companies can save their ample time, and invest the saved time in some other productive operations.

Nube Transfer is a cost saving toolCost Saving

Before Nube Transfer, companies required to put a dedicated resource to take care of the content migration process because it was a time a consuming process. But with the advent of Nube Transfer, you can start walking on the cost-effective path of content migration in the marketing cloud. No need to hire a dedicated resource to take care of the content migration process, no more burden of bearing additional cost on the extra resource, and no more painstaking task, all thanks to Nube Transfer.

Nube TransferProcess Automation

Another important benefit of Nube Transfer is its process automation capabilities, where it eliminates error-prone manual efforts and performs every task by itself. Companies have to transfer terabyte and petabyte of content in their marketing cloud, and for that, one has to be extra vigilant at the time of content migration. Nube Transfer, on the other hand, takes care of every task smoothly and drives away all your worries. Now you do not have to put manual efforts in selecting the content, the type of content, the destination where content has to be migrated, etc.


Nube Transfer - ConclusionThe Conclusion

We take pride to say that we have built the world’s first content migration tool for marketing cloud that not only can save your time but also improves your productivity, save cost, and bring automation to the entire content migration process.

Building this tool is like adding another feather in our hat, and Fexle will always strive to make this content migration tool for marketing cloud, more amazing and feature-rich with the time.

If, you have any query or if you want to subscribe Nube Transfer, then contact us at anytime. It would give us immense pleasure to be your guide on the journey of content migration in the marketing cloud.

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