Mobile Game Development: Trends, Best Practices &Tools

From the time when we used to know mobile games as a small application with pixelated graphics, negligible interactions, and a very simple playing mechanism, till today the mobile gaming industry has evolved a lot, and thus, mobile games become a significant part for the mobile app users.

Transformation in the gaming industry is the result of continuous enhancement in the gaming industry in terms of technologies and tools. At present, millions of games listed on the application store, and millions are in the pipeline. Due to this, the gaming industry is getting highly competitive, where it takes a big deal for mobile game developers to build a successful and engaging mobile game application.

To make your gaming app successful and profitable you need to know the key characteristics and trends that will help you to develop high featured game mobile apps.

Here we are discussing some of the major things that will help you to understand the gaming industry.

Mobile Game Trends

Let’s have a look at the latest trends that are gaining popularity in the gaming industry.

Increased Use of AR and VR technology: With games like Pokémon Go, we have witnessed the use of AR technology in the gaming industries. Also, in the coming days, we can see the utilization of VR and MR (Mixed Reality) in the mainstream industry such as machines, ingress, and more. Most of the VR games are still in the development phase.

Wearable gaming: In the continuous evolution of wearable devices there are tremendous possibilities of growth in wearable game applications. Mobile game developers will look to incorporate the presence of AR and VR technologies to deliver users a quick to play.

Cloud-based games: Cloud-based games are on the rise and companies prefer to work on it. Advantages like cloud work and no app downloading features are embraced on a large scale by companies and developers alike. Some of the examples of cloud gaming services are GeForce Now, Playkey, and LiquidSky. This trend can get a huge opportunity in the market in the near future.

Cross-platform gaming: This trend rose in 2018 and developers continuously work on it because users want to access the gaming app on multiple devices like mobile apps, desktop, laptops, tablets, etc. The cross-platform application works significantly and is also easily discoverable to users.

Mobile games for all age groups: The time has gone when games were only meant for kids and youngsters. Today mobile game development companies are targeting users from all age groups including, grown-up youths, sensible ladies, adolescents, elderly people, and even disabled people. In the coming days, we can see the expected growth in these types of game applications.

Multipurpose mobile games: Nowadays, people want to use multipurpose games which help to find the best solutions such as education, learning, lifestyle, health, and more.

The major purpose of the multipurpose games is to entertain users with education and knowledge. The multipurpose games are now trending and will be covering a good market size in upcoming days.

Multiplayer social games:  Due to the availability of the internet and a good count of social media users, we have seen a rise in multiplayer social games. Some applications can be played without the internet, with the help of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, infrared and other similar technology. In the coming days, these trends will surely make a new record due to the increase in the numbers of social media users.

Location-based mobile games: This type of apps work on location based technology like GPS or satellite positioning and using your information like where you are moving, exact location as a key component.

There are lots of players of such kind of application and we can see continuous growth in the coming years.

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Mobile Games Best Practices:

Come up with a unique app idea: If you want to build a successful gaming app, you must have a unique app idea. You need to do a lot of research and come up with an innovative idea that can engage users easily. If you have done such a thing, then you have already completed half the journey of mobile gaming app development.

Create a game design document: After finding a unique app idea you need to document all the things that are required to design and develop a distinct game application. It should be descriptive and edited with the collaboration of designers and developers in every single aspect which is required in the entire game design and development. This document can help you to understand the process and receive feedback about the application.

Create Stunning UI-UX: A stunning UI UX engages the users and induces them to continue with your application. A great UI UX design helps users to find the right thing as per their requirements.

Bring in Social:  Social media is one of the most important platforms, where you can promote your application in a systematic and impressive manner because social media is the best way to get traffic. It is the best mode of harnessing the power of word of mouth publicity. You need to integrate all the features like social logins, referrals, Invite, in-game chatting and calls, status update and more in your mobile game.

Perform Rigorous Game Testing: Once you perform all the above tasks, you need to ask beta testers to rigorously test the application and find bugs. It’s a good habit to know what the weaknesses of your gaming apps are so it does not affect the performance of the app and also user experience.

Best mobile game development tools

There are various gaming tools available in the market but it’s necessary to know which tool perfectly suits your game app requirement. Here we will discuss some of the best tools that pave the path of developing a successful mobile application.

Unity: Cross-platform app development engine developed by Unity Technologies, helps to develop 2D and 3D games for Android, iOS and 24 other platforms.

Lumberyard: Developed by Amazon Lumberyard is a cross-platform game app development tool. It provides the functionality to use Amazon services to developers to develop or host multiplayer games on Amazon cloud services.

Corona SDK: Developed by Corona Labs, it is a cross-platform game app development tool. Using this framework, developers can develop high-quality 2D games for all major platforms like iOS, Android, and more. It’s easy to learn and free to use software that lets developers build high featured gaming applications.

AppGameKit: This framework works on the concept of write once and deploys everywhere, and allows rapid code creation for platforms including windows, mac, Linux, etc. This code can be exported to run on android, iOS, and window devices.

One major advantage of this platform is that you can develop a gaming app within less time irrespective of you being a beginner or a professional developer.

Unreal Engine 4: It is one of the most usable and popular game app development engines which is rewarded with the most successful video game engine from the Guinness book of the world record in 2014.

It uses C++ as its programming language and compacts with advanced features like AR, VR, and Extended Reality. If you want to develop a 3D game app then this unreal engine is an ideal choice for you.


There are several factors that play a crucial role in developing a successful gaming application. The gaming industry has been revolutionized at a new level and the developers are building a whole new level of immersive and entertaining gaming apps which itself is not an easy deal.

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