Top 10 Salesforce Tools For Every Business to Boost Productivity & Efficiency

Salesforce is a vast CRM solution that comes with a myriad of features and functionalities. The CRM giant offers futuristic functions which help businesses carry out their every work, it still provides the facility of third-party tool integration. 

Sometimes, it becomes challenging for Salesforce users to identify and choose the right Salesforce tool for business. Under such confusion, help from Salesforce Consulting company could be a better choice.

There is a plethora of Salesforce tools available in the market. Every tool claims to solve a specific business problem and bring efficiency into the process. 

But choosing the right one is not a piece of cake.

Therefore, we have come up with a list of the top 10 Salesforce tools that will bring efficiency into the business process, help Salesforce users streamline their everyday tasks, and accelerate business growth.

The tools mentioned here are listed after a thorough discussion with Salesforce professionals. They have shared their experiences and insights on each topic.

So don’t scroll and skip the blog because you don’t know which tool will end up solving your business problem.

top 10 salesforce tools

Best Salesforce Tools For Business Productivity


This is an incredible marketing automation tool. Its integration with Salesforce helps businesses accelerate their marketing strategies and garner greater marketing returns.

With the help of Hootsuite, users can easily schedule their social media posts across channels. The tool has the capability of executing social media tasks with great perfection.



This is an analytical tool that helps Salesforce users in sales management. Those companies that are collecting data from multiple sources can use the Ambition tool and curate & showcase insightful details with utmost ease.

The data analysis has become extremely simple, all thanks to Ambition. It helps in the management of the sales team. Sales people can retrieve real-time data from myriad sources.



Are you looking for a Salesforce integration tool through which you can handle tasks such as chats, spreadsheets, and documentation in one place? Quip will be the answer to your search.

The Quip Salesforce integration brings an interactive, connected, and collaborative environment that leads to a more efficient process, more growth opportunities, and enhanced team productivity.



One of the most popular Salesforce tools that facilitate easy onboarding of sales teams and help them drive greater business outcomes. This DAP( Digital Adoption Platform) intelligently embed training in the sales team’s workflow.

It syncs automatic changes, and a simple documentation process with an enriching document editor that comes with the facility to add videos, pictures, emojis, etc. Spotlights, speks, flows, and dock are some of their important features.



Overcome the data integrity issues with Cloudingo. The tools empower the sales team by helping them efficiently set up filters, identify duplicate records, handle data quality issues, standardize customer data, and eliminate bad records.

The automation power of Cloudingo enables the tool to run regular data checks. And if it finds any duplicate data, bad data, or any other data-related issues, it resolves it excellently.



The SMS Magic tool elevates the performance of Salesforce CRM and enables business users to connect with their clients across multiple platforms. The tool is crucial for the sales team as it streamlines their tedious tasks of connecting with customers manually on different platforms.

Businesses can engage with leads via any customer-preferred communication channel such as WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, etc. business users can handle every conversation in a centralized manner.


Cirrus Insights

This one is one of the best Salesforce integration tools for G-Suite and Outlook. Cirrus Insights is a pioneer in Salesforce integration with the other two platforms. The platform is known for its capabilities of offering the most reliable emails, calendar sync, etc.

You can easily set up the outbound email and execute call sequencing with the help of the Flight Plan functionality of this Salesforce integration tool.



Every business needs a strong financial operation. Be it a small-scale business or a large-scale enterprise, a reliable financial process will be a boon for any business. QuickBooks comes here to aid the finance of the business. 

The Salesforce QuickBooks integration will help businesses carry myriad financial responsibilities such as microscopic tracking of income & expenses, optimized invoicing, seamless processing of payments, error-free finance report creation, and many other fiscal-centric tasks.

The best part of QuickBooks is its scalability. As your business grows, the tool will take care of every aspect of business finance with utmost perfection.



It is a perfect tool to take care of your entire contract lifecycle management. Icertis enhances the capabilities of Salesforce’s in-built contract management features. The robust contract lifecycle management features of Icertis help businesses handle complex data analysis, and granular reporting provides in-depth negotiation tools and facilities for ERP integration.

Connect with an experienced Salesforce consulting company to harness the power of this tool to its fullest. If implemented properly, the tool will enable you to create contracts quite easily, track contract status, manage the progress of contracts, etc.


Now it becomes easier for businesses to identify leads, engage with them, and convert customers across the addressable market with the help of the ZoomInfo tool, which comes with great functionalities such as the unification of data, software, integrations, and insights.

The combo of Salesforce & ZoomInfo allows users to log into different channels, all at once. The tool constantly improves the quality of Salesforce records.

It follows a multi-touch sales approach that enables businesses to define target market & potential customers. ZoomInfo can excellently help you handle different departments of your business via different platforms such as SalesOS, MarketingOS, TalentOS, and OperationOS.


Other Salesforce Tools That Will Come Handy to You

  • Clearbit to enrich prospective customers’ data.
  • Drift tool for hyper-personalized web conversation and online chat.
  • Engagio is the best account-based marketing tool that also manages sales.
  • Gong for call recordings and coaching. It captures records, stores and analyzes communication.
  • Guru is the best Salesforce tool for content management.
  • Hello Sign, the Salesforce tool for user-friendly eSignature.
  • Perzi, the presentation and deck preparation Salesforce tools.
  • Tenfold is an incredible tool that streamlines cold calling and call centers.



Apart from the above-mentioned Salesforce tools, there are many others that can help your business achieve excellence. Some of them include names such as Org Dictionary, Easy Permission, Nube Transfer, and Media File Player. All these will be available on the official website of FEXLE services. The Salesforce tools are designed by expert Salesforce professionals. Hire the Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner and get the most suitable Salesforce tool for your business.

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