Leverage The Multi-Billion Dollar Online Recruitment Industry With The Best Job Portal Development Company

Job portal development services are rising in the present scenario. According to a report by Fortune Business Insights, the online recruitment market size is expected to reach USD 43.39 billion by the year 2027.

This number was almost half two years ago, which was USD 28.68 billion. The global online recruitment market size is growing at a CAGR of 7.1% during this period.job portal app development company

Job & Recruitment Scenario in India

India is still recovering from the adverse effects of the pandemic. The time is considered to be the worst for the job market. More than 10 million people lost their jobs across industries during that time.

The situation is gradually getting better, and people have started getting their jobs back. Even people are looking to change their jobs and seeking new roles. The ratio of such people is 75%.

On the other hand, even 65% of employers in India have stated that they have returned to the pre-covid hiring levels in the first quarter of 2021.

Presently, employers are inclining towards technology to hire new employees. One such surging technology is the online job portal development services.

Statista revealed that 21% of employers in India prefer online job portals for hiring. Easy accessibility to the pool of talent in one place is one of the most significant factors that has paved the path for custom job portal development services.

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Top Reasons to Build Online Job Portal – Advantages That Bring Employers & Employees Together

Job portal development has emerged as one of the best answers to handle the prevailing unemployment. The job portals help people get the job of their choice and help companies find the right set of talent.

Whether you are from the recruitment industry or an individual business owner looking for a top job portal app development company, then read the advantages mentioned below.

This post will help you make your investment at the right time, right place, and with the right job portal solution development company.


Benefits of Using Job Portal Apps for Recruiters

Save Recruitment Time

Conducting a recruitment drive through a job portal helps businesses in saving time, and recruiters can use their spare time on something productive.

Super Convenient

All the recruitment-centric tasks can be done and viewed via mobile applications. The recruiters do not have to get indulged in the paperwork and access job applications by leveraging the mobility capabilities of the job portal

Fecund Screening

A job portal is a one-stop destination for the recruiters. It allows employers to check every detail of the candidates – like job experience, education, background reference, etc. – in one place. A recruiter gets a bird eye view of the job applicants and screens the resumes more productively.


Benefits of Using Job Portal Apps for Job Seekers

Frequent Job Updates

We have noticed that the unawareness of the recruitment drive and lack of information on job openings leads job seekers to let go of the job opportunities. The job portal solutions help job seekers get regular updates on the job of their domain. The job portal sends regular job updates via emails, Whatsapp messages, etc.

Easy Accessibility

It is quite a daunting process to visit the office personally and drop resumes with HR. This process is now old school. Today’s digitally-driven work job portal has made it super easy for the employees to connect with the company of their choice. The job seekers can easily know about the companies that are having job vacancies and they can connect with them accordingly.

Dashboard Details

Job portals allow the employees to search for a job on the basis of different categories such as years of experience, location, close proximity, relevant experience, and other factors. Job searching becomes highly convenient with the help of an interactive dashboard of a job portal and job app.


How to Earn Money Via Job Portals? The Business Modules of the Job Portals

Job Postings

This is an incredible feature for employers that allow them to post job vacancies on the job portals. Through this feature, the company can get to the pool of talents in a centralized manner. The job portals can charge companies for posting job vacancies as per the selected plan by an organization. 

Database Selling

Job portals have become a potpourri of a database of job seekers. From fresher to mid-career level and to the experienced candidate, job portals hold data of each candidate holistically.

Job portal owners can sell the stored data to the recruiters or recruitment firms against some substantial charges. Job portal giants like Naukri and monsters earn revenue through database selling.


Email Selling

Job portals are the hub of emails. Thousands and a lack of job seekers get registered on the job portals via their email ids. The email ids are saved in the database of job portals. The stored email ids are purchasable. Big firms and organizations purchase these mail ids from the job portal companies.

The price of the email ids is decided based on different parameters like the filtered ids and email ids based on job, industry, experience, etc.


Premium Membership

This is a golden universal factor that allows job portals to earn money. Job portal owners can have extra and premium benefits for the premium members. These premium benefits are chargeable against the premium membership.


The Must Have Features to Include in A Job Portal



The foremost feature of a job portal is that allows job seekers to get registered via mail id, social media channels, mobile number OPT, etc.

Save Jobs

Facilitate your ultimate users with the facility of saving their desired jobs. The employees can save the job and apply later on.

Advanced Filters

This is one of the best features, which you can include while job portal software development services. It allows job seekers to rapidly search for their desired job on the basis of different categories like work location, job kind, income range, close proximity, etc.

Curriculum Vitae Building

Before applying for any job, one must have a strong and appealing CV/resume. Give your users the option to create an impressive resume that attracts companies and new job opportunities.

Push Job Notifications

The feature of job notifications is one of the most useful features of job portals which you can discuss with your job portal development company. This feature will enable job seekers to get job alerts for the new job postings with respect to their industry, niche, and expertise.

Job Application

One of the basic yet most effective features of the job portal is the apply-for- job feature. We can say this feature is the backbone of any job portal. If this feature works properly, a job portal gets successful.

Build this feature in a user-centric way so that job seekers can apply for their job with minimal clicking.

Fill Job Application

It is the basic duty of a job portal to allow job seekers to apply for the desired job by giving them the option to click on the apply now button. Whenever a user clicks on the apply now button, a custom application form appears that requires basic details of the candidate.

Personal Profiles

This feature of the job portal will allow users to build their personal profiles and save their professional details in it. The personalized profile of a candidate lets him or her showcase his or her professional capabilities to the companies seeking talents. 

While applying for a job, a candidate’s information is sent to the company. And job seekers do not have to fill in the details over and over again.

Payment Integration

It is an important factor that requires a great level of responsibility. The payment integration feature allows the users to make payment for the availed paid services via a suitable payment gateway.

Hire app developers of experience. They can seamlessly install 3rd party payment gateway API with your job portal solution.

Contact & Calling

This feature is beneficial for both job seekers and recruiters. Both can get in contact with one another with the contact and calling features.

The contact feature allows both parties to execute the recruitment process further. The calling feature enables job seekers and recruiters to call on their phone numbers to take the process ahead.


Some Additional Features Based on the Job Seeker Panel and Recruiter Panel

Job Seeker Panel

  • The feature of profile management and resume management
  • Management of the list of recruiters and top job opportunities.
  • Excellent job search filters for different categories.
  • Regular job alerts and job notifications.
  • Facility of creating video resumes.
  • The option of video conferencing.
  • Company review check and background check.


Recruiter Panel

  • Easy to sign in and sign up feature.
  • Facility to create job postings on the portal.
  • Feature to conduct video interviews via integrated API.
  • The advanced job application tracking system.
  • Smart talent search option.
  • Seamless profile management.
  • Facility to get underscored as a premium user.


Factors that affect the cost of development of Job Portal software

By now, you must be thinking about how much does it cost to build a job portal solution like Naukri? If yes, here your wait is over. Following are mentioned the different factors that are pivotal in deciding the cost of job portal software.

Types of Application

  • There are different kinds of apps like native apps, hybrid apps, cross-platform apps, etc. Decide which type of app you want to go for.
  • The native app development is comparatively costlier than the other types of apps.
  • Cross-platform solutions run on multiple platforms and work on a single code base.
  • Native apps require dedicated-OS developers, and for each OS, separate codes are written. It is a time and effort consuming task.


UX/UI of The Software

  • The first impression is the last impression. Therefore, the UX and UI of software play a pivotal role in deciding the cost of development.
  • The User Interface of an application is important because it is the one that interacts first with a user. Design it carefully.
  • The cost of the development is based on the experience and expertise of the UX UI designer. 
  • Cost is also dependent on the type of design you select.


Level of Functionalities

  • The more features and functionalities you wish to include in your job portal, the higher the cost of development goes.
  • The number of features and plugins you wish to integrate affect the cost of development.
  • Building a job portal with a basic User Interface and pre-defined templates & functionalities will be cost-effective. It saves time and effort.


Technology Stack Used

  • The use of technologies also impacts the cost of development. The level of technologies used for the development of a job portal is a pivotal factor.
  • Some technologies are quite costly if you want to build an advanced solution.


The Team of Developers & Location

The team that works on your project, their experience, their expertise, and their proficiency matter a lot. Also, the number of people working on a project affects the cost of development.

Here’s a list of team sizes – project manager, UX/UI designer, QA and testers, back-end developers, and front-end developers.


App Support and maintenance

  • Software updates and upgrades are a pivotal part of software development. Once the solution gets deployed, regular maintenance and bug fixing become necessary.
  • The cost of development of the job portal also gets affected by the app support and maintenance services.

Based on all these factors, the ballpark figure for the cost of job portal development comes out as 15k USD to 25k USD. These figures are for the basic job portal development. The more advanced technologies you wish to integrate the higher the cost will go.


Hire Job Portal Development Company – The Conclusion

Ever since the pandemic has hit our world, the rate of unemployment has surged high. It is the right time to tap the job portal development market and get your business a strong & responsive job portal solution. 

We hope that this blog will prove beneficial for you in hiring a job portal development company. We would like to thank you for reading the details on how much it costs to build a job portal like Naukri.

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