Best Features Of Salesforce CRM You Should Know About

Salesforce or SF, the American cloud-based software company, gathers the significant revenue from its customer relationship management or CRM service. The service provides businesses with a great way to connect with customers. With a single view of every client interaction, it offers an unparalleled experience. This service comes with all the extensive features which are needed to run a business on the automation platform with embedded intelligence.

It is featured with all the elements required to run your business on an automation platform with embedded intelligence.

This CRM service consists of various broad software including Commerce Cloud, Data Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud and more. It is one of the best CRM services available across the global, used by the best in the business. Have you ever thought about what makes it the best of all?

Don’t know? No worries, we will discuss the best features of Salesforce CRM which have made it insanely popular. Let’s get started!

  1. Contact Management

Salesforce CRM provides contact management in the easiest way as it gives access to your critical data of customers along with interaction history. It provides you with complete information on customers which include insights and engagement strategies. With the social data of customers, you can understand their behaviour related to the product in a better way.

With cloud-based contact management, you can collaborate in the organization efficiently. It gives you the liberty to share your docs and insights to get a knowledge-sharing workspace. Also, with access to all data, you can track the movement of deals.

  1. Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management is another Salesforce CRM feature, which can allow keeping an eye on customers’ activity timeline. Moreover, it shows different stages of a deal, which assists you to plan your next move. With ready-made templates, you can email your clients without any hassle.

  1. Lead Management

Salesforce CRM comes with Lead Management, which helps you track all the information about your CRM leads. With the activity timeline, you can see and access all the up-to-date contact information. This CRM tells you about the primary source of leads and provides automatic emailing to boosts revenue-generating mechanism. Salesforce CRM scores your points automatically and allots you the hottest point at first-hand to appropriate executive. This keeps you on track and helps you increase your revenue.

  1. Territory Management

Salesforce CRM’s territory management supports you to manage territory assignments, assignment rules along with new hierarchies. It allows you to assign a single rule to multiple territories. It comes with run rules for every area in the hierarchy, which will enable you to run rules for individual territories without neglecting the context of the hierarchy. Territory roles assist users in distinguishing collaborators, associates, and other vital sources to help close deals.

  1. Reports and Dashboards

With Dashboard Component, you get a visual representation of how your business is doing in the market. It allows you to identify market trends, calculate activities along with clearing up the quantities.

With the CRM analytics software, you can drag & drop filters, fields, charts, and grouping that you want, and you will get a real-time view in the form of reports. This keeps you updated as you have customized sales forecasting reports.

  1. Salesforce Mobile

With Salesforce mobile app, you can view events, meetings and receive account updates all in a single place. You can join conference calls with a tap, take meeting notes without any hassle. It allows you to access and update your CRM data anytime, anywhere.

It enables you to track your accounts and sign deals conveniently. With in-app notes, task management, and events, you can stay more productive. The app provides you with a real-time view of sales performance with reports & dashboards. Find uploaded files on Salesforce, & browse, share and edit all your data with a few taps.

  1. Inside Sales Console

With the dashboard like interface, the sales representative can follow up on leads, identify important contacts, assess companies and sales intelligence. The CRM is flexible so the administrators can configure a console for each sales process individually. Inside Sales representatives can manage their inbound lead queue and tasks on a single screen. This provides easy access to essential lead details and sales intelligence, in turn, assisting them to qualify and move more deals to the next stage.

  1. Email Integration

Salesforce Email service allows you to access Outlook and Gmail inboxes to sync emails. With seamless integration and Salesforce Lightning, users can get the entire view of the customers along with contacts and calendars from any device, post-integration.

Salesforce inbox for Outlook comes with inbuilt intelligence, which allows you to sell your services and products more smartly. It will enable sales reps to update real-time data in the sales pipeline to smoothen the workflow.

  1. Salesforce Quote-to-Cash

Salesforce CRM automates three essential elements: configure, price and quote (CPQ) to make quote management comprehensible. This gives liberty to the sales rep to choose the right quotes for customers. Users can create realistic quotes and submit the proposal faster. With Salesforce Lightning, sending invoices and collecting cash process becomes more straightforward.

  1. Sales Forecasting

Salesforce CRM provides a complete view of a pipeline and how your business is performing in the market. With sales forecasting, users can keep an eye on the journey of leads in the pipeline to review whether deals are closing or not. This will help you forecast amount and plan your strategies.

This forecasting report helps you to know the top performers on the real-time leaderboard. Moreover, it makes complex sales processes easy by telling the right overlay process. In this way, you can identify the top performers so that you can give credit to the deserving candidate.

  1. Workflow and Approvals

With point and click interface and process builder, Salesforce CRM automates your sales and your business process by automating email alerts and assigning of tasks. With inbuilt intelligence, users can plan their next step to stay ahead.

  1. Files Sync and Share

Salesforce CRM comes its document management system, which allows you to share your files from any device at any time. You can collaborate the document internally and externally. Users can drag and drop files to share. Also, you can grant or deny access to a document with ease. Moreover, Salesforce CRM provides you with filters which makes it easy to find a document.

  1. Sales Collaboration

Another great Salesforce CRM feature is Sales Collaboration which helps you keep essential projects, topics, team in a social feed. This helps the organization in working together to attain the primary goal. With recommendations by Salesforce, you can find out the right information, right people and files based on interests and activities.

  1. Sales Data and Intelligence

Data is essential for every business. Salesforce CRM can help you get access to high-quality prospects with Prospector. This will help you find new contacts for upselling and cross-selling. With Salesforce CRM, you can get hands to real data; you can manage and get more opportunities to make smart data-driven decisions.

So, these are the significant features of Salesforce CRM. These things will help you build a better relationship with customers. Along with this, it also enables you to define market reputation, brand positioning and public image.

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