Best Address Validation Tool for Salesforce Users – Everything You Need To Know

Until now, companies used to invest hundreds of hours in validating their customers’ addresses to accurately deliver their products or services to their clients’ doorstep or mailbox.  This manual and tiresome job of confirming phone calls and lookups, cost our valuable time and money and led to lower client satisfaction.  Address change is fluid and is nearly impossible to stay up with manually.

Client satisfaction is the ultimate goal of every company who is dealing in B2B or B2C businesses. Each wants to make the purchase lifecycle of their customers as smooth as possible.

In this age of technological evolution, it has become easy for companies to keep this important asset — customer addresses — up to date by providing a seamless customer experience throughout the purchase lifecycle with no shipping hassles and a seamless checkout facility.

The market is more competitive every day, and with that, it becomes necessary for companies to take care of each aspect of customer interaction – make it flawless, manageable, and scalable.

One of the most important factors that ensures top-notch customer service is to have accurate and up-to-date information about your clients such as their correct physical address.  Our experience in processing customer address files is that it is not unusual for over 15% of the addresses to be incorrect or incorrectly formated.

Companies are increasing the use of demographic and lifestyle appends to their address information and that cannot be done without an accurate and correctly styled address.  This requires a system from where they can easily validate the address of their clients, append valuable demographic and lifestyle information to increase the likelihood of future purchases and be certain at the time of checkout that the billing and shipping information is correct.

One recent introduction in this address verification market is a  top-notch quality of product called  Address Validator by Willowbend Corporation. The product competes in the address validation, address correction and address verification markets.  It ensures street and postal addresses in the United States exist and are deliverable.  Also, it correctly styles an address to provide maximum deliverability.  Find more information about this application at our official website Address Validator.

Willowbend Corporation and The Address Validator Tool

With the help of this amazing tool the company aims to verify, correct, and standardize all kinds of addresses including residential as well as corporate addresses. This tool is unique in that unlike many other apps in this market, Address Validator utilizes a complete residential and business address file in its infrastructure to rapidly identify and correct an input address.  Input returns significant additional information such as whether the address is vacant or occupied and a latitude and longitude of the addresses assessor parcel centroid.

willowbend address validation

Through this tool, Willowbend enables its clients to verify mailing lists, their customers’ addresses, and other data that relies on correct mailing addresses.

Willowbend wanted to offer this service through, but, initially, it was not easy for the company. Many challenges were there and one of the biggest challenges was the integration requirements from

Here is where  Fexle Services comes into the picture.  We understood Willowbend’s requirements, analyzed them and our professional Salesforce developers designed a Salesforce-based solution which helps Willowbend in delivering strong and reliable address validation services to their clients across the United States.

Our Salesforce professionals build this tool as a managed package which stores addresses and granularly verifies them. We have built this tool in such a way that it is now capable of converting an address into an equivalent accurate longitude and latitude located on a map, and efficiently perform geospatial analysis.

Find more information about this application at our official website Address Validator or you can Click Here to get it on the Salesforce AppExchange platform.

Address Validation Tool and The Three Elements

The address validation tools addresses majorly three elements namely –

  • Cleansing – This element refers to the repairing info like a typo in the street’s name.
  • Supplementation – This element deals with the missing of the component of an address such as postal code, etc.
  • Standardization – This element will take care of factors such as parsing and address formatting.

The Features That Gives This Tool A Competitive Edge

Address Validation tool by Willowbend enables businesses to get the exact methods of locating the address which are generally difficult for use cases such as geospatial data analysis.

Fexle has equipped this tool with multiple advantageous features which make this tool listed the best among its competitors. Some of the major features we integrated in this tool are as follows:

  • Rapidity – Address validation tool is highly capable to match thousands of addresses per second.
  • Robustness – The powerful technology of this tool validates and automatically corrects the addresses. It will tell users about all the changes that are required.
  • Resilience – It’s flexibility makes it more reliable and configurable. It supports addresses in different types of formats and users can use the format suitable for their business.
  • Easy Integration– Users can install this managed package of address validation tools and integrate it within their system without any hassle.

Key Benefits of Address Verification/Validation Tool

Address Validator

Businesses across the world always strive to improve their customer services, which leads them to gain improved business outcomes. With the help of this customer-oriented tools, companies can augment their revenue and excellently serve their customers. Some more benefits of this address validation tool are as follows:

Time and Cost Saving

For every business, time and cost are two most important factors which if used effectively can deliver numerous benefits. Address Validation tool will help companies to store only accurate addresses in their database. All the wasted and wrong entries will be eliminated, thus helping them in saving time and cost. It also ultimately enhances end-user experience.

Informed Decision Making

The address validation tool is always ready to help clients in making informed and accurate decisions. It will help companies to understand their customers and help them make informed decisions.

Enhanced ROI

Companies can leverage this tool in multiple ways. One of the best benefits of this tool is the enhanced ROI. The address validation tool will improve the mailing efficiency and help companies save cost in postages and printings. Through this tool companies can also avoid address correction penalties. Ultimately it will enable companies to improve the returns on sales and marketing campaigns.

Instant Validation

The address validation tool by Willowbend allows instant address validation facility. It helps users to on-the-spot validate their addresses, and give instant results. Because of this functionality, the tool is also known as an instant address validator tool.

Detailed Address Validation Tool

Users will get information about an address in detail with the map. Address details which users will get include longitude, latitude, state, city, zip code, area-key, street name, passes, etc.

Application of The Address Validator Tool

The tool has a core set of use cases which include the preparation of addresses for geo-coding, ensuring users that they put the right address to get the parcel or letter delivered correctly, and many more. Below are mentioned some of the most common use cases where Address Validation Tool could prove helpful:

  • Postal Address Verification – The postal services can leverage this intelligent tool to recognize or verify the mailing address.
  • Shipping Address Validation for eCommerce – For eCommerce websites, having a correct shipping address is mandatory. With this tool, eCommerce companies can effectively validate postal addresses, and let their client choose the right address without any mistake.
  • Census Research – This address validation tool by Willowbend enables GIS and marketing professionals to identify the optimal census blocks like customers’ facilities, and other geographic and demographic factors.
  • Online Brands –Customers of online brands can have their parcels received right on their doorstep, all thanks to Willowbend’s Address Validation Tool.

Address Validation Tool - Willowbend Corporation

Other Use Cases of Address Validation Tools Can Be – 

  • 3rd Party logistics companies
  • Home-share and vacation rental services
  • Background check firms
  • Anyone who required parsing
  • In a political campaign
  • Schools for students’ detail registration
  • Wedding invitation cards sending

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