AngularJS vs NodeJS: Which one is Better For My Business and Why?

In this modern technologically-advanced era, websites have become a crucial part of our day to day business activities. The business website helps us to establish our brand digitally.

Nowadays, businesses prefer to develop websites, which are equipped with the advanced and high featured combination of the functionalities. The advanced functionalities and features like user-centric designs and strong security, etc. pave the path of success for your services and product.

Hence, businesses are opting for the latest technologies and web development frameworks that suit them best with the needs of their businesses.

One of the most preferred frameworks is the JS framework. The JS frameworks complete the needs of the businesses by offering cutting-edge technology and utmost security. People are opting JS as a smart choice.

If you are willing to develop a web app or website, there must be a question in your mind like which is the best option between NodeJS and Angular Js? What are the differences between them, how the technologies work, and what are the features and benefits that you should know to make a better decision?

In this post, we have made a detailed comparison between both the technologies that enable you to find the best option for your business requirement.

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What is Node JS?

Node JS is a cross-platform library. It is a free open source tool that works outside the browser and runs JavaScript applications. It can create server-side JS applications. This application can run within Linux and Microsoft windows. It provides a rich library of various JS modules to simplify the web development process.

What is Angular JS?

It is an open-source web app development framework that lets programmers develop dynamic web app development. It’s a full-featured JavaScript framework that allows HTML as a template language. AngularJS is based on the MVC programming structure and allows creating single page web applications and provides support to dynamic web applications.

Major Difference between Angular JS and Node JS

The difference between both frameworks depends on various attributes. Let us discuss these attributes in detail.



Angular JS was launched by Google as a web app development framework. It was developed to create dynamic web applications that work with better performance on desktop and mobile applications.

NodeJS is created as a runtime environment cross-platform which is dependent on Google’s V8 JS engine. It is written in various programming languages such as C++, C, JavaScript. IT permits NodeJS to create Server-side applications to run smoothly and scalable. NodeJS is basically used for web servers (web apps) and can be applied for mobile applications as well.


The developers need to install NodeJS into their system while making the development environment. The NodeJS needs to run on different platforms like Linux, Windows, macOS, etc. Developers can write the code of the NodeJS app in JavaScript.

On the other hand, AngularJS has not required any installation on their systems. Developers can insert Angular code files in codebase simply like other JavaScript.

Scope and Applications:

AngularJS is based on the MVC framework and provides powerful features to develop dynamic and single page web applications. It provides many elements that developers use to build complex solutions. The framework has important features like deep linking, data mining, routing, templates, and dependency injections.

Node JS is a server-side framework that provides powerful features to create networking and server-side applications like single page video streaming sites or chat applications. You can use NodeJS for both frontend and backend development as it allows the use of the same in Javascript. It provides better performance due to its V8 engine and is completely free to use. The NodeJS has become an ideal choice for developers due to fast speed and amazing features.

Examples of Developed Apps:

Both platforms are popular and acceptable by developers to create the application on a large scale. Both frameworks have unique features and functionalities that enhance the efficiency of developers. The biggest example of the usage of AngularJS is Netflix.

Netflix is a video streaming application based on the Angular Js framework for frontend development. The other example of Angular apps like Upwork, Youtube, and Gmail.

While NodeJS is used by some popular brands like UBER which is a ride-hailing application. This framework provides a fast cross-platform apps solution to UBER that manages the request and notifications.

Other than UBER, Linkedin and eBay also got good results in their application using this NodeJS.

Which One Is A Better Node JS Or Angular JS?

Both platforms are using Javascript for web app development. And both are different in architecture. NodeJS is used to create server-side web applications and angular JS is used for building a client-side single-page web application,

Both platforms are compact with rich features and are widely used across the world. Hence, both are unique in their own ways. So choose according to your business requirements.

Before selecting one of them you need to know the goal of your business application which you want to achieve, and what kind of product you are looking for?

Both are amazing and incredible due to powerful features and have a strong base to develop an application on large size with high performance.

Hope the above information will help you to understand the difference, features, architecture, and other needful things. All the best!

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