Why Should Small Businesses Go for Salesforce CRM? Things to Consider

Salesforce is known as the world’s number one CRM provider. Its impeccable features, solutions, and products help not only large enterprises but also small scale businesses to grow and streamline their working process.

In this post, we will discuss a different aspect of Salesforce with respect to small-scale businesses.

There is a misconception prevailing among the users that Salesforce serves only the big businesses. Well, that’s a myth and we are here to debunk this myth.

The beauty of Salesforce is that it serves all sizes and types of businesses. As a matter of fact, most of the Salesforce customers are small businesses which include start-ups, and SMBs.


Salesforce for Small Businesses

In the current working scenario, it is challenging for small businesses to deal with the competition. To cope with the market dynamics, Salesforce CRM comes as a savior. The CRM solution is helping SMBs in improving customer acquisition, customer retention, tracking customers, and analyzing multiple factors with respect to their existing and prospective customers.

Salesforce has multiple products at the disposal of its small-scale business customers. These tools include Sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, Heroku, Pardot, community cloud, and many more. Evident in their names, these products help businesses improvise their respective departments like sales, service, marketing, B2B marketing, etc.

Small businesses, with the help of Salesforce, can easily form strategies and offer a greater shopping experience to their clientele.


Salesforce and Its Commitment towards Small Businesses

One of the best parts of Salesforce is its policy to serve its clients equally, irrespective of size. Salesforce has plenty of programs dedicated to the growth of small businesses.

If you are one of the SMBs and seeking a Salesforce CRM development company, it’s the right time to hire one.

There is a Salesforce accelerated program by the cloud computing company that is designed keeping in mind the needs of the small scale businesses.

The accelerated program helps SMBs get deeper insights into the business and the customers. Dedicated to the start-ups, the Accelerate program is further classified into two sub-programs, namely – Accelerate Build, Accelerate Grow.


Accelerate Build – In this program, small businesses will get help in tracking their customers from the start to till they commence using the AppExchange tool.

Accelerate Grow – This subprogram of the accelerator program will empower the small businesses by giving them the right guidance at the right time from the industry experts.


Some Small Business-Centric Programs by Salesforce

AppExchange Partner Program

Along with the Accelerate Program, Salesforce also offers AppExchange Partner Program through which small businesses can excellently get benefited.

By getting registered under the Salesforce AppExchange Partner Program, companies can work as the ISVs – Independent Software Vendors that can excellently develop solutions for the AppExchange platform. More than 89% of the hundred fortune companies are part of this community.

From free marketing to paid marketing, there are plenty of opportunities available for companies. Being an AppExchange Partner, you will get the benefit of broadening your customer reach in over 150 countries.


Salesforce Ventures

Salesforce is known for its customer-oriented services. A business that has become a part of the Salesforce ecosystem is eligible to not only garner the benefits of higher capital and improved profits but also get a chance to be a part of a diverse and knowledgeable community.

Some of the best parts of becoming a part of Salesforce ventures include – 

  • The customers of Salesforce get best expert assistance as and when required. 
  • The experts at Salesforce help businesses by properly understanding every phase of your business.
  • By becoming a part of the Salesforce venture ecosystem, businesses can gain credibility.
  • Businesses will get a golden chance to develop strong relationships with the other customers and partners of the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Small businesses can leverage their interaction with industry leaders from across the world and gain access to teams and executives.


Why is Salesforce Good for Small Business?

Whenever a small business hires a Salesforce CRM development company or hires a Salesforce consultant, it keeps into consideration the following factors– 

  • A solution that has the ability to solve business challenges easily.
  • A solution that is easy to set up and easy to use.
  • A solution that improves engagement & communication with customers.
  • A solution that could guarantee greater numbers of leads and conversions.
  • A solution that will help businesses optimize their sales and service flows.
  • A solution that brings the power of automation through which cost optimization can be achieved.
  • A solution that helps SMBs to scale their business up and easily adjust to the changes.

Salesforce CRM solution comes with all such and more benefits for small-medium scale businesses. Let’s move ahead and discuss the good things that Salesforce brings to small businesses.


An Array of Licenses – Salesforce is a powerful customer relationship management tool that comes with a myriad of licenses that matches perfectly with the requirements of small businesses and large enterprises as well. 

Out of multiple types of licenses, Salesforce Essentials and Salesforce Professional licenses are a perfect choice for SMBs that cost 25 USD and 75 USD respectively.


Cost Saving – We all know that Salesforce is a cloud-based platform. Therefore, there is no need for investing in the costly server architecture to use the platform. This will enable small businesses to save a substantial amount of money which they can use in other productive aspects.


Mobility – Salesforce CRM is known for its user-friendliness. The CRM platform not only works with the desktop version but its mobile version is equally powerful. Mobile CRM has been quite a rage for the past many years.

Users can easily access their docs, set up meetings, and execute their tasks anytime and from anywhere with the help of mobile CRM and internet connectivity.

Personalization – For small businesses, a quick reply to customers’ queries is an imperative aspect. With the help of Salesforce CRM, it will become easy for them to establish smooth customer interactions. Small businesses can take the help of a number of mobile apps which they can easily find on the AppExchange platform.


Deep Insights – One of the best parts of Salesforce is its impeccable statistics and analytical reporting. It empowers small businesses by offering insightful reporting about business, customers, and prospects. 

An SMB can easily formulate its successful growth with the help of Salesforce and the insightful reporting that it offers.



Salesforce implementation services bring a bundle of growth opportunities for small-scale businesses that help them achieve short-term and long-term goals. Salesforce brings a plethora of opportunities that enable small businesses to grow exponentially.

No matter which industry you belong to, hire Salesforce consultants or a Salesforce CRM development company for a successful implementation of the platform.

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