How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Casino Games App?

Gambling is one of the ancient games in the world. It has dramatically evolved a lot since its inception. There’s one thing that remains constant throughout the thousands of years of gambling game and it is the love and craziness of people towards these games.

In the present technologically-driven world, people love playing gambling games online, and here comes the concept of casino mobile applications.

In this post today, we will discuss the different aspects of casino app development. Before moving ahead, let us take a brief look at the status of the casino gaming market.


The Market Stats of the Casino Gaming

People love entertainment, they get fascinated by the thing where they get entertained. Casino is one such place. It is not possible for everyone to go to the physical casinos and here come casino gaming mobile apps for the rescue.

Though being strictly regulated by the Government, people love to bet big and try their luck in the Casino gaming apps. Such craziness for casino gaming has paved the path of growth for casino game development companies.

According to a report by research and markets the global market for Casinos was estimated at 123.4 billion USD in 2020, which was amidst the pandemic crisis. In the same report, it is mentioned that by the year 2026 the global casino market will be revised to 153.2 billion USD, and it is currently growing at a CAGR of 3.7%.


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India and The Casino Games Statistics

  • In India the total revenue in Casino gaming is expected to reach 34.32 million USD in 2022.
  • The revenue is expected to reach 49.63 million USD by the year 2026.
  • The CAGR is recorded at 9.66%.
  • In revenue via in-app purchase in Casino apps is projected to reach 24.81 million USD by 2022.
  • Paid app revenue is expected to reach .15 million in 2022 in India.
  • There will be a growth in casino gaming app downloads and it is projected to reach 67 million downloads by 2022’s end.


Casino Gaming Industry in the United States

Here are a few points that will help you understand the casino gaming market in the United States. Before you hire a casino software development company, go through these stats. It will help you understand whether you should invest in the gaming industry or not.

  • In the US, the total revenue is projected to reach 6.12 billion USD in 2022.
  • The number of revenue will increase to 8.60 billion USD by 2026.
  • The value of in-app purchase revenue in Casino games  is expected to reach 4456 million USD in 2022.
  • Paid app revenue will reach 1.93 million USD in 2022.

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Different Kinds of Casino Games

Before delving into the Casino app development process, check out the different types of casino games that you can go for. Here is the list – 

  • Fruit games
  • AWP slots
  • 3D slot games
  • Branded slot games
  • Card games
  • Classic slot games
  • Bingo
  • Mobile slot games

Categorically, casino games are as follows – commercial casino games, tribal casino games, limited stakes casino games, and I-gaming casino games.


The Must-Have Features of Casino Games

There’s a fierce completion prevailing in the casino game development industry. Each game is equipped with some of the most cutting-edge features. Therefore, if you want to stand above your competitors you need to understand the basic, advanced, and hyper advanced features that you can consider to include when you will develop a casino mobile game application.

Here are few important features that you can consider –

Social Media Integration

The world is highly driven by social media platforms. Social media has the power to drive the decisions of mass. Integrating social media with your online casino app will be highly beneficial.

Users can share their results and gaming experience on their social media handles, and they can have the experience of fulfillment.



In the present time bonuses have become an integral part of casino games as it fascinates myriad users. Bonuses keep the excitement of the players on throughout the game.

There are different kinds of bonuses which you can offer to your users as rewards and benefits. These bonuses include free spins, internal purchases, lucky draws, etc.


Payment Methods

In this digital world, there have emerged multiple payment options. Different people use different kinds of payment methods. Try to include a sufficient number of payment options that gives users the ease of processing fiscal transactions easily. Some of the payment methods could be cryptocurrency, paypal, online wallets, etc.


Security & Privacy

In the casino games, security and privacy plays a pivotal role. People use apps which are backed by sturdy security measures. Casino game development is considered successful only when you have strong security features. The safety of an app takes the solution to the next level.

At the time of discussing your project with a casino game development company, you can discuss the following features with them – SSL authentications, TFA level of login protection, and many more.

Development Process and the Cost of Development

Before we move ahead to discuss the casino mobile app development cost, it is essential to understand the time taken during the development process. However, to give you a ball-park figure, the casino mobile app development takes three months to a year.

The development depends on the complexity of the application, types of features you wish to include, the level of technology, level of expertise of mobile app developers, experience of mobile app development company, and many more.

A big casino software game development company with substantial team members can build the app faster than small mobile app development partners.

All the development factors that are discussed above play a vital role in the pricing. The table below shows the different factors that affect development cost and time.

Development Stage Development Time Development Cost
Application Concept 24 Hours $1000 to $3000
Design of Application 1500 Hours $50,000
Casino App Development 800 Hours $40000
QA and Testing 200 Hours $10,000
Marketing of Casino App 24 Hours $10000 to $1000000


Casino App Development Services – The Conclusion

The casino software development is a lengthy process. An app owner has to consider different aspects of development that will ultimately affect the cost of development. Owners of an app also have to ponder a lot on the target audience along with the genre of the game, both should match or else the investment in casino app development will be in vain.

Check for the experience of the mobile app developers, and the portfolio of the casino game development company. It will ensure you greater results.

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