What Is Cloud-Based Document Management & How Is It Useful?

Gone are the days, when you had to dig into a pile of papers to scour a document, as, with evolving technology, there are effective ways to create, manage and organize documents. Documents hold significant importance especially in organizations, irrespective of the field.


Earlier, we were limited to storing our documents on a PC using software like Excel, Word, and Powerpoint. Now, with advanced technology and cloud services available, we can access documents on any and every device.

Document management is the most important thing to keep your business run smooth. In this post, we will discuss cloud-based document management and its use and importance.

What Is Cloud Document Management?

Cloud document management is a great way to access their documents from multiple locations. It is mostly used in organizations to manage and access documents easily. Also, whether it’s speeding up the workflow, or keeping a track of your important documents, with cloud DMS, it has become easier. With cloud document management, you not only get accessibility but also get to save on hardware or software installation.

Now you know what is cloud document management and so let’s check out how the cloud document management system can be useful for organizations.

1. Saves Money

Whether you save your documents on a computer, server or disk space, it requires regular maintenance and monitoring, which is not pocket-friendly. Wherein with a Cloud-based document management system, you don’t need to monitor and safeguard your data using servers or onsite architectures.

Moreover, the monthly price to get cloud-based document management is less than traditional ways of saving data along with maintenance charges. You can also save up money that could have been spent on printing, as with cloud DMS, you can email documents to share and collaborate.

2. Easy Deployment

You can access cloud-based SaaS using just an internet connection. You get DMS deployed with minimal IT input from the client, and no need to install software, configure firewalls and backups. Cloud-based DMS provides you with the flexibility to modify and upgrade solutions when needed.

3. Accessibility

As your documents are on the cloud, you can access anytime, anywhere. All you need is a device with working internet to manage your documents. With advanced DMS solutions, you get the liberty to do metadata tagging to help organize and access documents easier and faster.

It gives you the liberty to add or edit things along with group access to a document. Moreover, multiple versions of documents can be shared, organized and accessed using SaaS cloud-based DMS. Cloud DMS helps you not only to keep your documents safe and accessible but also to speed up the workflow.

4. Compliance

There are a number of organizations that have strict document and record maintaining compliance. With cloud-based DMS, you get storage capacity along with low cost & less risk of violating compliance.

5. Security

Cloud-based document management solution is the best way to secure your files. With DMS, you get off-site redundancy, on-site parts replacement, key-card access, and more as security measures. This eliminates the need for on-site maintenance and monitoring programs. From software updates to backup, the cloud-based document management system will handle all.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about documents for physical damage as it is stored safely online, reducing the risk of a security breach.

6. Less Support Needed

With a cloud-based document management system, there will be no need for in-house server maintenance, monitoring, licensing, security fixes, upgrades, patches, and backups.

It will also eliminate the need for IT personnel for this work and give them time to perform other important tasks.

7. Recovery

You may lose data due to viruses, & other factors, thus making recovery difficult. If you have cloud-based DMS, the recovery of files becomes easier than ever. As your files are not actually on the infected devices, instead they are on the cloud, hence they are secured.

Giving organizations the biggest reason to get cloud-based document management services.

8. Free Space In Office

Who likes an office room with documents piled up across? With changing technology and the introduction of cloud, the way of a document is handled is also changed. Now you don’t see offices with papers stacked in the corners.

With Cloud DMS managing your documents, you can work in a decluttered environment and utilize the free space in a better way.

9. Improves productivity

With no need to arrange, transfer or download documents, you can invest your time in more productive things instead. You can find all the records in one place in a single format, which can be easily shared with others on the same platform.

10. Sharing Becomes Easy

With crucial and essential documents on the cloud, you can share the documents with your team and clients with ease. This saves your time and effort that put on attaching and sending files. Also, you can limit the extent of access to a document as per the user category.

So, these are some of the reasons why you should opt for cloud-based document management systems.

Cloud DMS is a way to redefine and modify record-keeping methods. It’s safe, easy to use, allows you to share and collaborate. Now that you know cloud-based DMS is useful, want to know how to get it for your organization?

Well, that’s where we can help. We, FEXLE, can help you setup and manage cloud-based DMS to keep your documents organized in a single place.


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