Top Features of the Salesforce Summer’24 Release: A Gateway to Become Top Salesforce Consulting Partner

It’s time you strengthen you Salesforce Support Services and Become a Top Salesforce Consulting Partner, Because Summer Release 24 is Here

The world’s number one CRM, Salesforce , is leading the business world because of its innovation, futuristic approach, and strong foothold in the ecosystem. It never leaves any stone unturned when it comes to serving its global clientele.

The CRM pioneer is known for bringing three major seasonal updates every year. With that note, we are here with the Salesforce Summer’24 release update.

The highly anticipated Summer ’24 release is here, and it’s packed with exciting features designed to transform how you connect with your customers.


Salesforce Summer ‘24 Release – Updates for Admin

Whether it is about simplifying the workflow or eliminating usage complexities, the Salesforce Summer’24 release has some exciting updates and features for Salesforce admins.

  1. Supercharge Dynamic Forms: Customize standard objects with new custom fields and dynamic actions. Say goodbye to complex coding for enhanced user experiences.
  2. Perfect Page Alignment: The new Blank Spaces component lets you add vertical spacing between fields. Combine this with the “Align fields horizontally” feature for a visually pleasing layout.
  3. Formula Fixes with Einstein: Einstein for Formulas got a summer glow-up! It now deciphers existing formulas and even suggests fixes for errors.
  4. Manage Automation Like a Boss: The new Automation Lightning App streamlines flow management. Users get a central hub for everything automation-related, ditching the setup menu maze.
  5. Einstein for Flow: Automation Made Easy: Building automated tasks just got simpler! Einstein for Flow (Beta) can now generate draft workflows based on your descriptions.


Salesforce Summer’24 Release – Top Features for Salesforce Flow

  1. Refreshed Flow Creation Wizard: Ditch the scrolling! The revamped wizard lets you choose between starting from scratch or selecting a template for a more focused experience.
  2. Action Button Component (Beta): Introducing the Action Button component! This beta feature lets you trigger auto-launched flows directly from your screen, simplifying data manipulation and enhancing user experience.
  3. Duplicate Detection for Records: Ensure data integrity with the new duplicate check feature within the Create Records element. Match records against defined criteria and choose to skip or update existing entries before creating new ones.
  4. Expanded Flow Type Variety: No longer limited to standard flows, explore a wider range of flow types to perfectly suit your specific needs.
  5. Flow Repeater Takes Center Stage: The Flow Repeater component is now generally available! Effortlessly manage repetitive tasks, leverage conditional visibility, and enjoy a smoother debugging experience.


Supercharge Your Analytics with the Salesforce Summer ’24 Release!

The latest Salesforce Summer ’24 release brings a wealth of exciting updates to the world of analytics, empowering you to gain deeper insights from your data and make smarter business decisions. Here’s a breakdown of the key features designed to revolutionize your reporting and analysis:

Enhanced Collaboration:

  • Share Insights Seamlessly: Directly post CRM Analytics dashboards and lenses (including intelligent app dashboards) to Slack for easy team collaboration. Users can even interact with the data through quick action buttons.
  • Unified Analytics on Lightning Pages: Embed a collection of analytics tools directly onto your Lightning pages. This collection can include CRM Analytics dashboards and lenses, Lightning reports and dashboards, and even Tableau dashboards.

Deeper Data Exploration:

  • Master Complex Data with Matrix Reports: Gain a comprehensive view of your data by organizing Data Cloud records in a matrix format. Identify customer trends, analyze product categories, and unlock hidden patterns with ease.
  • Unify Linked Data from Data Cloud: Data Cloud reports now support unified link objects, allowing you to analyze records from various sources within a single report.
  • Unstructured Data? No Problem!: Extract valuable insights from previously untapped resources like call notes and chat transcripts. Data Cloud reports allow you to process and analyze unstructured data within your data model object (DMO).

Simplified Reporting & Increased Flexibility:

  • Export More, Analyze More: Export up to 50,000 rows from Data Cloud reports for in-depth analysis (previously limited to 2,000 rows).
  • Granular Insights with Calculated Reports: Gain deeper understanding from calculated insights with the ability to add up to five dimensions (previously limited to three).
  • AI-Powered Formula Creation: Einstein Generative AI simplifies building calculated fields. Simply describe your desired calculation, and Einstein suggests the relevant formula – no coding expertise required!

Enhanced Visual Storytelling:

  • Waterfall Charts with Conditional Formatting: Highlight key trends and guide data exploration with conditional formatting in waterfall charts. This allows for a more visually impactful representation of data fluctuations.

Streamlined Dashboard Integration:

  • Embed CRM Analytics Dashboards (Generally Available): Natively integrate your CRM Analytics dashboards directly into Lightning Experience pages using the new CRM Analytics Dashboard Lightning web component. Deliver valuable insights alongside relevant data for a unified user experience.

These are just a few of the exciting ways the Salesforce Summer ’24 release empowers you to unlock the full potential of your data. Get ready to make data-driven decisions with greater confidence and clarity!


Marketing Cloud Gears Up for Summer with Powerful New Features (Salesforce Summer ’24 Release)

The wait is over! The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Summer ’24 release is here, bringing a wave of exciting updates designed to streamline your marketing campaigns and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Here’s a closer look at what’s new:

Enhanced Automation Studio:

  • Visualize Automation History: Gain a clearer understanding of your automations with a new dashboard showcasing historical performance data.
  • Optimized Scheduled Sends: Leverage AI-powered recommendations for optimal scheduling of your marketing blasts, ensuring maximum impact.
  • Refined Import File Activity: Experience increased functionality within the Import File activity for more efficient data management.

Stricter Email Quality Control:

  • Empty Text Block Blocker: Maintain email professionalism with the new setting that prevents accidental sends containing empty text blocks.

Data Extension Boost:

  • Expanded Field Limits: Work with larger data extensions with the increased field limit of 255 characters, enhancing performance and flexibility.

Supercharged Developer Tools:

  • Compressed Journey Downloads: Download journey history data faster than ever with the new compression feature.
  • REST API for Data Extensions: Manage your data extensions with greater precision using the enhanced REST API.
  • Advanced Journey Controls: Release multiple contacts from Wait Until API Event steps for more granular control within journeys.
  • AMPscript for JWT Encoding: Leverage AMPscript to efficiently encode JWTs with RSA signatures.

Journey Builder Advancements:

  • Prioritize Your Efforts: Expedite critical communications by assigning high priority status to specific journeys.
  • Refined Inbox Delivery: Schedule inbox message deliveries for optimal engagement times within Journey Builder.

Mobile Marketing Enhancements:

  • DLT Templates & Custom SMS Links: Stay compliant with global regulations and improve message delivery with DLT templates and custom domain SMS links.
  • MobilePush Power-Up: Access more ENS events, detailed SDK implementation guidance, a self-diagnostic tool, Flutter app integration, and updates that ensure compliance with evolving privacy regulations across iOS and Android platforms.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence Insights:

  • Expanded Campaign Data: Gain deeper campaign insights with additional Performance Max data within Bing Ads.
  • Google Integration & Data Depth: Integrate Marketing Cloud Intelligence with Google Search Ads 360 and unlock a wider range of data fields within Google Display & Video 360.
  • Unlock Customer Behavior with LinkedIn: Leverage LinkedIn data to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your customer journey.

Marketing Cloud Personalization Management:

  • Proactive Consumption Monitoring: Effectively manage Marketing Cloud Personalization usage with enhanced org-wide and dataset-specific consumption metrics.

This is just a glimpse of the many innovations available in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Summer ’24 release. Get ready to elevate your marketing campaigns, personalize customer experiences, and drive measurable results!



Salesforce Summer Release’24 will be a game changer for sure. Whether you are an admin, a marketer, or a service agent, the new features and functionalities will empower you and your organization for sure.

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