Top Features of Salesforce Spring’ 23 Release That Must Not Miss

Salesforce never stops to surprise its user base. It keeps bringing new updates and upgrades frequently. In the recently launched Salesforce Spring’23 release, Salesforce has kept its legacy and come up with some exciting features.

All those who are wondering what the Salesforce Spring’23 release date is? Let us tell you that it is now launched and is available for general users also.

The release data of Salesforce Spring’23 release date is February 13th 2023.


What’s New in Salesforce Spring’23 Release Date?

The new Spring’23 release by Salesforce brings numerous features. The new features are specifically about the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a.k.a. SFMC.

This release has its focus especially on saving costs and improving the efficiency of business and business users in terms of marketing process.

 Another factor that makes this release more special is that it focuses on enabling organizations to deliver seamless, personalized, and enhanced customer experience and drive success.

Let’s move ahead and discuss the top innovative and cutting-edge advancements that users will get with this new Spring ’23 release of Salesforce.

Do read this post and take full advantage of these innovations and make the most of SFMC to improvise your email marketing and customer engagement.

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Highlights from Salesforce Spring’23 Release

WhatsApp Business Messaging

Salesforce has recently announced its strategic partnership with WhatsApp. This is given flame to the news of Salesforce WhatsApp integration. The aim of this partnership is to enable businesses to connect with their customers in a more personalized manner and to deliver customers a new messaging experience.

Salesforce WhatsApp integration is the highlight of the Spring’23 release by Salesforce. Businesses can directly integrate WhatsApp with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and improve the selling of their product and strengthen their customer services.

Following are the benefits of this new integration – 

  • Improved customer engagement
  • Richer customer integration
  • Personalized conversation
  • WhatsApp branded messaging experience with the audience
  • Promotion and selling of products and services
  • Better customer support outcomes
  • Reduce waiting time


Real-Time via Customer Data Platform

According to the new release, businesses can use SFMC CDP to personalize every customer interaction along with email messages that businesses will send to their targeted audiences. 

Now businesses can drive value out of real-time customer data in a more personalized manner. Make email campaigns more targeted and value-driven and improve customer retention.

  • Centralize customers’ data from any source like Salesforce, AppExxchange, etc.
  • Businesses can deliver a hyper-connected experience.
  • Customer behaviour analysis across channels.
  • Build understanding of each customer.
  • Create a single source of truth via data centralization
  • Businesses can offer 1-to-1 personalization and improve conversion rates.


Simplify Data Stream Management

The data Stream Control Centre is an important part of the Salesforce Spring’23 release. Businesses can now simplify their data stream management and experience transparency in the data estate.

Businesses can collect different types of data from different sources and improve oversight.

This update will provide an intuitive dashboard through which businesses can analyze the stream status, evaluate data quality, and identify ingestion issues. 

With the help of actionable insights, businesses can work on the enhancement of the brand’s data hygiene & row management capabilities. It will help you understand the data that need immediate attention.

  • It comes with exciting and enhanced analytics capabilities.
  • You can get the most up-to-date data via Data Stream Control Centre.
  • Get the status of the active data stream – success, pending, failed, and waiting.
  • Check data processing status as per individual data source.
  • Businesses can stay on top of data management.
  • Bolster their data strategy.


Pivot Tables with Marketing Cloud Intelligence

The new release has introduced the visual pivot table in the marketing cloud intelligence platform. The pivot tables will help you explore your data from multiple perspectives, and business users can strategize their marketing plans more efficiently.

The new update in Salesforce spring’23 release will help businesses in the following manners – 

  • Businesses can validate their data effectively.
  • They can ingest data from their source more accurately.
  • Value aggregation and its correctness become easy.
  • Business users can export pivot tables in the local system and turn them into a schedule report.


Marketing Cloud Engagement for Slack

Another update related to Salesforce Marketing Cloud in SF spring’23 release is that now businesses can use the efficiency of Slack tool and marketing cloud platform under one roof. It will help businesses connect with clients more effectively and ensure better collaboration among sales and marketing teams.

Following are some of the ways through which businesses can leverage Account Engagement with Slack – 

  • You can send a real-time notification to your prospects and establish result-driven interactions.
  • It will be easy for marketers to customize messaging for each notification.
  • Businesses can send the right automatic notification to the right team accelerate follow-ups and increase the probability of conversion.


Salesforce Spring’23 Release – The Conclusion

The new updates in the Salesforce ecosystem will definitely bolster the marketing power of the businesses. Companies are now more effectively building their marketing strategies which are personalized, customized, result-driven, and more-over, cost-saving.

If you are already a part of the Salesforce ecosystem, now is the right time to connect with a Salesforce consulting company to understand the importance of the new release and discuss with Salesforce professionals how you can leverage the new features of the Salesforce Spring’23 release for your business growth and saving cost.

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