How to Leverage the Most Out of Your Salesforce System Integrator Partner? A Guide to Help Businesses

Have you heard of the Salesforce System Integrator Partners? If you are using Salesforce CRM technology, then you must have heard.

We cannot deny the impeccable solutions and tools that Salesforce offers its users. Each one of them is designed with an aim to boost productivity, elevate business growth, improve teams’ efficiency, and strengthen the customer relationship.

Adopting Salesforce technology is a piece of cake. The real challenge comes when there is a requirement for proper Salesforce integration and implementation. To help businesses avoid project failures and improve implementation and integration rates, the cloud computing company has introduced an initiative called the Salesforce system integration partner.

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Who is A Salesforce System Integration Partner?

Salesforce integrator is a certified Salesforce consulting partner. One is Salesforce specialists that help businesses carry out Salesforce integration services with the legacy system.

Salesforce system integrators a.k.a, consulting companies work on building, optimizing, and configuring the Salesforce environment and help businesses real the maximum benefits of their CRM system.


5 Factors to Consider Before Selecting Salesforce Integrator Partner

Apart from driving value for your business, Salesforce system integrators are responsible for many other tasks. Therefore, it becomes imperative to consider at least these five factors before you hire a Salesforce consulting company – 

System Knowledge

A good Salesforce system integrator should always be well-versed in his domain. With hands-on experience, one can effectively handle integration & designing of the right solution.

Having system knowledge also means that one should work with the latest technology stack and have a proper understanding of S-controls, Lightning pages, Visualforce pages, and more.


Process Driven

It has been revealed in a Salesforce white paper that the average customer attrition in Salesforce is 9%. It means that customers stay with Salesforce technology for an average of 10 years. On the other hand, the attrition rate of Salesforce developers ranges between 23-33%. 

The numbers indicate that your business requires someone who could stay with your business for the long-term. You definitely do not want your processes and systems to suffer.


Trust and Cultural Fitment

A good fit for a business team is someone who holds the same vision as your business. A suitable salesforce integrator can mingle with the team and culture of your business effortlessly.

A good Salesforce system integrator is one who never hesitates to tell you about right & wrong and who never gets afraid to talk about risks and failures.

A project culture filled with collaboration and bonhomie increases the chances of project success.


Cost of Consulting Company

We often believe in the dogmatic process of higher the rate, better the quality. But that is not always the case. With time, the dynamics of technology have changed a lot. It is not necessary to hire a Salesforce consulting company with a higher or lower price. 

Make sure the system integrator that you have hired suits your business requirements and vision.


System Security

Always walk the extra mile when it comes to IT security. One small malware or a simple hack and bring down your entire business. Before you hire a Salesforce system integration company, make sure you cross-check the background and reference of the individual who will work on your project. 

Salesforce system integrator should be a company that uses the right tools and applications and constantly take care of IT security protocols.


Type of Salesforce Integration

Majorly, there are four kinds of integrations that take place in an organization. These four kinds are data integration, process integration, user interface integration, and lastly, security integration.

Data Integration

The integration of data refers to proper data analysis and data processing. The entire data in a system gets moved from one to other system with the help of APIs. Data integration takes care of different factors, such as password management, system performance, and collaboration with other systems.


User Interface Integration

In this type of integration, the Salesforce system integrator mitigates the requirement of unnecessary entry points. He will create a unified entry for all the apps of the companies. It helps an entire organization to work in collaboration.

Security Integration

The Salesforce security integration takes care of all authentication mechanisms collectively. The integrator enables the storage of all authenticated data. The security integration helps the users access the authentication, which gets passed on to different apps.

Process Integration

It mostly focuses on business logic. Process integration is an important type because the growth of business mostly depends on how effectively the process gets integrated with the new solution. It helps businesses run their operations, processes, and other factors run smoothly.


Top Benefits of Hiring Salesforce System Integration Partners


In-depth Business Analysis

A Salesforce consulting company has a team of professional consultants who have years of experience. Salesforce professionals are well-versed in KPIs, specifications, KPIs, and operations. They can effectively assess every aspect of your business (present state, opportunities, challenges, etc.).

Save Time and Resources

When you hire a Salesforce integrator, you can rest assured of time and cost efficiency. The team of certified Salesforce consultants helps you experience cost-effective and time-saving integration services.


The Salesforce consultants have in-depth knowledge about coping with the customization of the solution. They understand the dynamism of the business world and customize the solution as per business requirements.


Some other advantages of hiring Salesforce consultants are as follows – 

  • Businesses will get a deeper insight into the customer experience.
  • Businesses can determine specific business needs and make necessary customization.
  • It will be easy for business users to get an insightful business assessment.
  • Salesforce helps companies get the perfect solution & save ample time.
  • A salesforce system integrator will help businesses with all recent updates and future changes.



Businesses should be certain that the integrator is selected based on the factors discussed in this article. They should also ensure that there is a good communication channel between their IT department and the Salesforce integrator. This is an important requirement because it is the key to the success of any implementation project. Salesforce is not just a software program, but also a platform that can be used to build a powerful business application. It makes no difference why you are planning to implement Salesforce in your organization, but whatever may be your reason, we hope that this article helped you to grasp the basics of SAAS implementation in general and of stage-by-stage Salesforce implementation in particular. You will get maximum value from Salesforce if you have it implemented by the Salesforce System Integrator who has expertise both in developing applications as well as in implementing Salesforce itself.

Choosing the right Salesforce System Integration Partner can make or break your business. This is because integration requires a very delicate touch, and not all partners are created equal. If you have been planning to integrate Salesforce with your existing business applications, then it is very important for you to work with the right partners. 

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