Top common UI UX design mistakes you need to avoid.

Design work is a crucial component for building a successful product. A successful product is a blend of exceptional design, prevailing content, and important features. To make high-quality products, all of the minor details are significantly important.

Even if you are designing for the web or a mobile app, the key purpose of all the designers is to deliver a pleasurable user experience to attain more user engagement.

You have to be very cautious throughout designing as one minor fault can make a lot of modifications.

This blog post will aid you to find out mutual UX/UI mistakes to avoid that will help you in your existing and forthcoming application development projects.

According to the investigation, a well-planned UX/UI has the power to increase conversion rates by as much as 400%.


But before starting, let’s discuss what UX/UI design is?

UX/UI designs are all about interactions, and designers have to keep themselves up to date with the rapidly growing technological trends in order to evaluate and iterate their designs.

The UX/UI services are all about imagination, and designers should create user-centric designs that induce customers to retain and return for a longer time.

things not to do in ui design

Not to Do Check List

We have enumerated 9 common UX/UI mistakes and tips to avoid them. Let’s have a look at it.

Putting much consideration to creativity rather than usability

If a designer focuses only on creativity and in doing so he or she forgets to take care of the user-friendliness, then no matter how brilliant creativity is, it ultimately gets rejected by the end-user.


Letting trends guide your thinking

Everything is not what it seems. This phrase suits well with the UX UI designers. Platforms such as Dribble and Behance are considered some of the major sources of designers’ inspiration.

But most of the things you see on Dribbble or Behance can’t and will not ever make it to reality, because of many factors such as usability, user experience, and many more.


Not-responsive design

The one who has been into the realm of UX UI design, he or she must be aware of the term, responsive design. Responsive designs play a crucial role in the success of any website.

Still, there are numerous websites that are not responsive to different devices. Responsive design makes a website respond seamlessly to different screens of different devices. Thus, making a non-responsive website is another mistake which you should avoid as UX UI designers.


Unintuitive Navigation

An easy to navigate website is the one that every user prefers to visit frequently, as easy navigation offers user-friendliness. The navigation of a website should be crystal clear and should always satisfy visitors’ expectations.

A designer should never ignore the website navigation while designing the user interface.

Designing without content.

Content is the king, and if the king is not right, then the entire realm would doom. A designer should understand the importance of content on a website. While preparing the design, a designer should keep in mind the area of content and keep Lorem Ipsum in that particular area. In this way when the real content will be placed it won’t spoil the design.


Hard-to-Read Fonts

The legibility of a website is very important. A designer, who in the name of creativity, keeps illegible fonts in the website design, will end up spoiling the charm of the entire portal. The website is meant for users, and if a user cannot read your website, it will increase the bounce rate and users will switch to your competitors. Thus, it is advised to use only the web-fonts, check line spacing, and line length, and font size while finalizing the user interface.


Poor Contrast

After content, it’s the color combination and contrast setting that makes a website appealing. Website design without proper contrast setting will be of no use. A designer should not forget to play with the contrast.

There are different factors related to contrast that designers should not avoid. These factors are as follows:

Low contrast = Lower usability

The contrast in colors = To built perfect color combinations

The contrast in Size = To create a hierarchy of font sizes, and

Contrast in Alignment


Unintuitive Buttons (CTAs)

Buttons make a website more navigational. A button that is too small, or hard to see or, which is wrongly placed on a website, is considered a bad component on a website.

Designers should avoid all the aforementioned mistakes while placing Call to Action buttons on a website.



All the designers and the aspirant designers, we hope this article proves helpful for you all. We also hope, through our post, you all have come to know the mistakes which you should avoid becoming a great UX/UI designer.

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