This Holiday Season, Connect With Customers More Closely and Strongly with Salesforce Services

The holiday season is almost upon us. The business world is preparing to allure customers with seasonal discounts and offers. The holiday season is one of the biggest and busiest times of the year for any business. 

People love to spend their holiday shopping with open arms and open heats. Connecting with a large number of customers at different channels and serving them in a personalized way becomes daunting for businesses during the holiday season.

And here comes to aid, the Salesforce CRM, world’s biggest Customer Relationship Management software.

Salesforce offers different solutions and products that help businesses bring efficiency into their operations.

In this post, we will discuss all those Salesforce products which if implemented or integrated properly, could make your holidays merrier.

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Leveraging Salesforce Sales Cloud for Holiday Season

Every business wishes to increase sales, and when the holiday season comes, this requirement becomes more crucial. In this digital era and artificial intelligence sales process has become more interesting, easier, and well-managed. 

With Salesforce Sales cloud consulting services, you can empower your sales team to take global clients from leads to cash and loyalty. Salesforce cloud helps you sell smarter, sell faster, and sell the way as per business requirements.

Let your business experience the brilliance of the Sales cloud this holiday season – 


  • Mobility – Sales Cloud comes with the feature of mobility. It enables businesses to track sales activity from anywhere in the world. You can also track every single sales activity, operations, etc., via charts, reports, call logs etc., and accordingly prepare sales strategies for Christmas.


  • Forecasting – You can implement Salesforce sales cloud now and harness the power of forecasting. By the time people start holiday shopping you will be ready to serve your clients and make their holidays joyous. 

  • More Leads – Who doesn’t love more leads? And the holiday season is the perfect time to garner more leads and turn them into your loyal customers. Salesforce sales cloud implementation will boost your conversion rates, help you manage leads, track them closely, and serve them as per their convenience channel.

  • Artificial Intelligence – Sales cloud is backed by the power of Einstein Artificial Intelligence. It is a built-in technology that automates core sales processes, prioritizes potential leads, and helps sales teams convert leads into buyers in a quick turnaround time.

  • Data Management – The smart data management feature of Sales cloud enables businesses identify potential customers, recognize budding segments, and bring best opportunities for business.


Leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Holiday Season

Sending the relevant message to the relevant customers is imperative for business marketing, especially in the holiday season when there are multiple competitors trying to lure your customers.

Salesforce marketing cloud implementation will enable businesses to send the right message to the right customers at the right time. It will increase the impact of a marketing campaign, attract more customers, and deliver personalized services to each customer.

There are various channels through which you can target your customers, such as emails, mobile, social channels, websites, content on chatting software, etc.

Here’s how to leverage Salesforce marketing cloud consulting services and experience a happy holiday season – 

  • Customer Journey – Businesses can create personalized customer journeys with the help of the marketing cloud. You can personalize the journey of customers with your brand at every touch point and make them feel special. The marketing cloud connects customers’ data with the marketing process, and helps you understand clients’ needs, and help you serve them more personally.


  • Call-to-Action – The marketing cloud prepare a dedicated profile for every customer through which you can understand customer behavior and their interest and accordingly give them targeted call-to-action that will be beneficial for the holiday season. 


  • Data Analytics – Holiday season is the busiest season of the year. On the contrary you can simply focus on your business operations while the marketing cloud handles all operations, such as combining customer data, preparing customer profile, doing privacy management, and more.


Following are the marketing cloud products that will help you throughout the holiday season

  • Email Studio to personally reach the targeted customers.
  • Journey Builder to guide customers throughout their association with the brand & boost customer experience.
  • Advertising Studio to enhance online ads & accelerate one-on-one customer experience.
  • Interaction Studio to make direct interactions with consumers through your brand’s channels.
  • Mobile Studio to conduct effective & personalized mobile marketing.


Leveraging Salesforce Service Cloud for Holiday Season

Strengthen your customer services, accelerate customer response time, and establish a more strong relationship with customers this holiday season with Salesforce service cloud implementation services.

During the special season, businesses often get multiple queries from customers, and handling every query and responding to them within the stipulated time is a hectic process. But, thanks to the Salesforce service cloud, a business can make the holidays of their customers more joyous and hassle-free.

Salesforce service cloud helps businesses manage each customer support case, build easy-to-understand & insightful reports from gathered data, automate the process, route cases to the available service agents, and much more.

Some of the benefits of using the Salesforce service cloud during the holiday season are as follows –

  • Case management becomes super simple. You can easily manage each customer case, store their data, and offer them 360-degree services as per their requirements.
  • Services agents can find all assigned cases to them in one place through a workspace. 
  • Voice integration is possible via the service cloud telephony plugin. It allows you to begin, end, and manage calls via a single dashboard.
  • Case Routing is one of the biggest benefits of the Service Cloud. It routes the case to the most recently available customer agent without wasting clients’ time.


Give your customers a unified shopping experience this holiday season. It is high time to hire a Salesforce consulting company. With professional guidance, you can prepare your business for the coming time and serve your customers in the most personalized way ever.

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