How Much Does it Cost to Develop Hyper Casual Game: Features, Techniques, and Monetization Methods

In the world of mobile games, hyper-casual games have made their special place in the life of gamers. The simplicity, less complexity, and interesting levels make hyper-casual games in demand.

Hypercasual game development is in vogue at present. These games are quite addictive and instantly appeal to a wide range of audience. Hypercasual games successfully engage gamers in quick gaming sessions with minimal effort and maximum enjoyment.

The advent of hyper-casual games has revolutionized the mobile game development industry. These games continue with a meteoric rise, and they are expected to double their install counts by the end of 2022.

Hyper Casual Game Development

Let’s Understand Hyper Casual Games in Brief

Are you planning to invest in mobile game development? Have heard of hyper-casual games but don’t know how to go about their development?

In this post, we will discuss hyper-casual game development in detail, and we hope this post will prove helpful to you at the time when you hire a mobile game development company for your project.


Hyper Casual Games are a kind of mobile game genre. They are known for their simple gameplay and come with simple-to-use mechanics such as turning, rising, stacking, and more.

Hyper-casual games do not require a complex onboarding process. Users can play these games instantly with a single tap on the start button. 

The gaming duration of such games is small when, compared to other games, it ranges between 2 to 6 minutes.

Unlike other mobile games, Hyper Casual Games have a single goal at each level, but the difficulty level rises with every upcoming stage in the game. The higher you go in a stage, the higher the difficulty level becomes. It keeps the momentum of the game high throughout.

The hypercasual game does not show live scores or overall ratings, and they can be played at the discretion of the players. Players can play it anytime and anywhere without the obligation of a hardware system set-up.


Top Mechanics to Include That Make Hyper Casual Games Super Engaging

The hyper-casual games work on multiple machines, and depend on the choice of app owner which mechanic one wants to integrate. Some of the top and most used mechanics for hyper-casual games are as follows – 


This mechanic is one of the oldest and most satisfying ones wherein a small object moves around, collects objects and grows in size. One of the best and most examples of this hyper-casual game is Snakes.


Evident in its name, this mechanic allows different objects to merge together to create a new object. You must have played games like jewels classic. Users merge different objects to progress in the stage.


In this type of mechanics, a player moves the object back and forth, and gathers required items – currency or object – and avoids obstacles. The Swerve mechanics focus more on on-screen navigation than tapping on the screen.

Tap and Timing

The tap and timing mechanics are considered the foundation of many other mechanics, such as stacking, turning, dexterity, etc. A gamer plays the game on the principle of tap and timing, wherein the user slowly & precisely taps at the precise time. Through tap, users get the highest score, and the delay in timing leads to reduced scores.


It is also a part of tap and running mechanics wherein the game considers the outcome of all the taps previously done and builds the progress for the users in the app. 


It is another kind of tap and timing kind of mechanic where in game development companies use 3d graphics. The players will get to play with a confusing visual illusion that makes the game more exciting.

Following are the other kinds of Mechanics available to choose from for hyper casual game development –

  • Rise and fall mechanics
  • Dexterity mechanics
  • Merging mechanics
  • Stacking mechanics
  • Turning mechanics
  • Growing mechanics
  • Idle mechanics
  • Resizing mechanics
  • Pushing mechanics
  • Puzzle mechanics
  • Direction mechanics


Hyper Casual Game Development and Business Model to Choose

There are many business models available for hyper-casual games. In general, we can see in-app purchases seem to be a perfect choice, but that could not be the case with these games because they work well with difficult games.

However, you can still leverage hyper-casual games as well with the help of mobile game ads. You can allow the banners as well as the video ads, both perform well on such games. 

You can also provide your users with an option to turn off ads by inducing them to purchase a paid version of the app. Show ads in the games when natural pauses come. Never interrupt the game flow for the users.


Things to Consider Before You Finalize Design and Development for Hyper Casual Games

The hyper-casual games are straightforward to play, but their design is something that should be perfect and user-friendly. Following are some things to keep in mind before you go for hyper-casual game development services – 


Always focus on the instant playability of the games. If the insertion of characters is essential, make sure they do not affect the gameplay experience.


Simplicity is the key. The hyper-casual games are the ones that are known for their quick playability to make sure that doesn’t hamper order focus on visualization. Make sure you make your mobile game development company create bold and beautiful designs with a dash of minimalism.


We have discussed over 15 mechanics in the post above. Choose the one you want to go for and build hyper-casual games of your choice.

5 Things to Do Before When Designing Hyper Casual Games

Brainstorm on New Ideas

    • Choose a theme that is universally applicable
    • Take inspiration but do not copy the entire game
  • Keep every team member in the loop and come up with collaborative ideas


Plan Complete Development Cycle

  • Stage 1 – Build playable prototypes and run early click-through rate tests.
  • Stage 2 – Test the mechanics of the games. It can take up to two to three months.
  • Stage 3 – Develop the game if the prototype gets approved.


Choose Technology Stack

  • The selection of tools & technologies is crucial. Choose wisely.
  • Tools help you in planning, designing, testing, and in improvisation of games.
  • Tools for document designing – google doc, Trello, paint.
  • Tools for planning & testing –, smart look, Game Analytics, Firebase, Cloud build, etc.


Prototyping & Testing

  • Thorough testing of the game is very important.
  • Testing helps you find tentative or hidden bugs.
  • It helps in making the game more user-friendly.


Find the Best Hyper Casual Game Development Services – The Conclusion

There are plenty of hyper casual games available in the market like Unity 3d, Unreal, Buildbox, cocos 2D x, and many more. You can check out the games and start planning your development process.

Or, you can hire a mobile game development company like FEXLE. Discuss your idea with mobile game developers, and they will help you turn your idea into feasible reality.

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