Tableau Implementation – How it is Beneficial for Your Businesses and Its Growth?

Back when Salesforce acquired Tableau for the whooping value of $15.7 billion, the Salesforce community was wondering, what this biggest acquisition will bring for them. One is the world’s biggest cloud-based CRM, and the other is the best data visualization platform. A merger of these two was strategic, as after this data analytics and data visualization features have become one of the two core offerings by Salesforce. Businesses that have hired Salesforce consulting company, for Tableau implementation, also get the benefits of the two features.

There is no doubt that Salesforce leaves no stone unturned when it comes to building customer relationships and delivering the utmost customer experience, but it has some limitations when it comes to the visual representation of the reporting module. This drawback was mitigated with the Tableau acquisition.

Tableau is a mobile-friendly analytics platform that helps businesses improve productivity by offering the best-in-class business & customer analytics capabilities.


What Are The Benefits of Tableau Implementation for Businesses?

Having a stronghold over the data and its utilization is the guarantee of any business. Multiple large scale medium, and large scale enterprises have to deal with heterogeneous data from across different channels.

Tableau enables businesses to model, explore, and visualize entire Salesforce data from across the customer 360 platforms.

Below are mentioned some of the most amazing benefits of Tableau implementation services:


Enhanced Analysis and Data Visualization

The most basic yet most important factor that makes this implementation a true success is the accessibility to improved analysis and enhanced data visualization.

It helps businesses to access the trends and pattern tracking through which they can end up finding more opportunities and turn more leads into sales.

As businesses can get the detailed visual analysis, it will improve the decision-making capabilities of the users along with other factors such as account management, pipeline management and coverage, and many more.


Impeccable Analytical Capabilities

The implementation of Tableau frees your sales team from the obligation of having the technical know-how to execute the analytical operations.

The platform is compact with an intuitive interface, easy analytical features, and above all easy use point and click controls which will help them manage, manipulate, and organize data as per business requirements.

The users with the beginner level can easily attain proficiency in less time without any challenges.


Data Blending

Due to its easy to use functionalities, Tableau has democratized analytics. The simplified functionalities enable even the non-technical fellow to make powerful and data-centric decisions.

It empowers the capabilities of Salesforce reporting by blending data of two different modules. Salesforce alone has some limitations when it comes to blending data across the reporting. But, with Tableau, you can easily display two different business modules data natively through data blending.

Improved Coordination and Knowledge Sharing

There is no limit to data sharing with Tableau. The platform facilitates businesses to seamlessly share data across different parts of a company without any limitation.

Every department can view and access data as per their requirements, which leads to improved coordination between teams, users, and departments of an organization.

The improved coordination ultimately leads to improved productivity.


Better Decision Making Power

Tableau comes with extraordinary data visualization power. It gives business users’ clear picture of the data they have processed. Tableau also enhances sales teams’ capabilities of pipeline building.

As we know that it allows users to have 360-degree data insights, this thing will enable businesses to make well-informed decisions to achieve sales & growth goals.

All the users of the platform can easily view every specific detail of data collected from different channels or marketing campaigns, correlate data with one another.

Implementation of Tableau in businesses helps companies in prioritizing their leads as per their potential and urgency. Thus, it will improve the business’s return on investments.

In the point above we talked about improved coordination, and we all know that greater coordination among the team will lead to more seamless and smooth communication among the teams.


Identifying New Opportunities

The enhanced level of coordination and communication will help companies detect the untapped opportunities and turn them into leads and then sales.

The advanced level data analytics capabilities of the platform positively impact the sales capabilities and productivity of the business that have Tableau implementation services.

The strong data analysis abilities of Tableau will help the organization improve data monitoring, tracking untapped growth opportunities, and decision-making capabilities, as mentioned above.

All the functions and features will ultimately help businesses to strategize their next moves as per data.


The Integration Between Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Tableau

Tableau is a data visualization platform that helps businesses in garnering greater output from the visually-rich data representation. The tool is a boon for the marketing people. It will help marketing managers to get insights into the marketing campaign through which they can focus on pipeline, new opportunities and areas of improvement.

The integration of Salesforce Marketing cloud and tableau will bring benefits to you such as:

  • Marketers can get a better understanding of where to invest more money and energy.
  • The integration between SF marketing cloud and Tableau will help marketers enhance team communications.
  • It will set expectations.
  • It will provide a 360-degree view of the company’s sales and marketing process that will enable users to identify challenges in the process and plan in a way to improve new trends.
  • You can easily identify the most beneficial marketing channels with the help of integration and focus on the same and deploy the right and required strategies.


Reasons to Choose Tableau for Business Growth

 Tableau implementation is the need of the hour. Businesses and their teams that are facing issues such as less profitability, lack of data analysis, lack of insightful data, for them Tableau come as a boon.

Tableau implementation helps businesses improve teams’ and business’s efficiency and give insights.

Following are the top reasons, why your business requires Tableau:


Easy to Pull and Prepare Data

In case a company deals with a large amount of data if your data requires custom joins, groupings, or calculation, and if the data of your company lies in multiple locations, then Table implementation will be the best choice for you.

The solution will help businesses make time and accurate decisions by harnessing the power of Tableau. The platform also helps businesses get a single and centralized view of their data. The calculation builder of Tableau will facilitate in-depth analysis.


High-end Resilience

The Tableau has a simple to use drag and drop interface, which facilitates analysts to experiment with new ideas and make rapid required changes as per business needs.

The flexibility of Tableau empowers the reporting tool and makes the data exploration process super easy.

 Additionally, it also allows users to take the reports through multiple revisions without losing their essence. 


Improved Interactivity and Segmentation

The intuitive features of Tableau allow business users to seamlessly interact and customize the dashboard to check all possible results by playing with the parameters.

The segmentation enabled by Tableau allows users to have different reports for different segments by simply allowing users to add filters on the dashboards.

The facility to choose a custom date range and granularities enable businesses to granularly check business performance on a daily basis, weekly basis, quarterly basis or even all particular day wise, like Mondays or Thursdays of a particular month.


Up-To-Date Dashboards

The powerful and highly customized dashboard of Tableau helps businesses to automate it in such a way that it pulls the latest data without manual interference. It will pull all the latest data from different sources at a specific scheduled time.

All the stakeholders of the dashboards can easily favorite their certain views, add comments, and edit browsers.


Large Community Support

Tableau platform is supported by a large community of passionate & experienced professionals, where the needs of business users are listened to, and understood.


Tableau Implementation Services – The Conclusion

For every modern business, data is its foundation. With the implementation of Tableau, businesses can enjoy the best of both worlds; impeccable CRM functionalities of Salesforce and excellent data visualization of Tableau.

If you are ready to give your business the best of both worlds, then hire a Salesforce consulting company with certified Salesforce consultants that will help you drive growth & success to your company.

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