How does the Salesforce Order Management System Empowers Business Processes?

The order management process is easy; it is an apocryphal rumour.

This is the epoch of customers. A business that has the highest customer satisfaction and greater client experience always stays ahead of its competitors. One of the best ways to achieve these two is by integrating Salesforce Order Management System.

The Salesforce Order Management System is all about the customer experience that if used properly and optimally, can lead to improved brands’ reputations and customer relationships.

Technically the Order Management System by Salesforce is the heart of Commerce Cloud, which helps businesses manage multiple things such as order processing, online payment acceptance, communication with suppliers, order tracking, coordination for shipment schedules, and processing of the returns.

Launched with the Salesforce Spring release, this novel tool is also a boon for retailers as it helps them prevent delays in orders processing and enable them to have full order transparency.

This tool not only streamlines the order management process but also helps businesses improve post-purchase experience of customers, sales process, services, commerce, CRM, and ERP.

Hire Salesforce consulting company and understand more about this amazing order processing tool by Salesforce.

Things Salesforce Order Management System Perform For You

The smart customers of the digitally evolved world want easy shipping, hassle-free returns, and transparent order status that can help them know when they will get their order at their doorstep.

Through Salesforce Order Management System, one can streamline all these processes and many more. OMS by Salesforce can easily manage & simplify order processes, ensure transparency, and streamline the entire order lifecycle.

Here are the major functionalities, which Salesforce Order Management can perform for every business.

    • Streamline the process of accepting orders and payments online.
    • Deliver on-time invoices as well as payment processing.
    • Thoroughly tracks orders from purchase to delivery of the product.
    • Deliver all the important analytics to sellers regarding all the orders.
    • It has the ability to route the orders to the nearest fulfilment centre or the warehouse.
    • Strong ability to forecast stock level and prevent out-of-stock issues.
  • Enable customers to track their orders online.


What Challenges Does Salesforce OMS Can Solve For Business?

A business faces multiple challenges when it comes to managing the order management process. From order processing to tracking and fulfilment of orders, the entire process is quite daunting, time-consuming, and expensive. Following are the major challenges that businesses have to deal with:

  • Improper coordination between orders and inventory across multiple channels.
  • No alignment between the sales agents and online tools, which leads to incoherent work.
  • Ungoverned shipping schedules and complex orders.
  • Unmanaged order fulfilment
  • Loss of success tracking through
  • Ambiguous reporting and analytics


The Features and Benefits of Salesforce Order Management System

For a digital retail business, an order management system is a blessing. Through the Salesforce OMS, businesses can automate manual order processing, manage shipping schedules & complex orders, streamline order fulfilment processes, and get reports & analytics that will help them make better decisions.

This customer-first order management system helps you leverage omnichannel order management from anywhere in the world.

Here are a few features & benefits of using the Salesforce order management system:


Visually Manage Workflows

The workflow is done through simple drag and drop tools. It will help users streamline supply chain workflows. Businesses can easily automate order fulfilment, payment captures and invoicing.


Omni-Channel Journeys

Through Salesforce integration services of Order Management System, businesses can accurately check the inventory across all orders and records. It will be easy for businesses to optimize business cost, time, and resources as per the business priorities. 

Through the integration of Salesforce OMS, a business can enable its customers in multiple ways like online buying, store pick up, warehouses, showrooms, etc.



The Salesforce implementation services of the Order Management System give businesses scalability. It will be easy for companies to do business from anywhere in the world. There will be localization support in terms of tax formatting, languages, currencies, etc.

Inventory Management

Hire a Salesforce consulting company for the implementation and the integration of the Salesforce Order Management System. They will help you manage all the complex processes with utmost ease.

Businesses can easily optimize fulfilment from every location with distributed order management.


Empower Customers

Order Management System by Salesforce leads to improved customer satisfaction. It will help customers leverage painless returns, hassle-free returns, and easy exchanges – even before the fulfilment process.

The tool also offers business customers, self-service abilities that ease the processes like checking order status, cancellation of orders or orders, initiating returns, and many other things.


Empowered Sales & Service Teams

It will let you empower your sales and service teams’ productivity. The Salesforce OMS will link your services & sales teams to commerce & order management. It will deliver teams a unified view of customer cases, orders, their preferences, and many more things.


Salesforce Order Management System – A Boon for Online Sellers

Give your customers a perfect unboxing by streamlining the order management process by eliminating manual bottlenecks, simple order tracking, fast shipping, and ultimately delivering the best services to customers.

Following are the major reasons why the integration & implementation of the Salesforce Order Management System will be beneficial for online sellers:

  • Salesforce OMS enables self-services to customers through which they can easily place orders, track them, and cancel their orders as and when required.
  • It will be easy for businesses to align orders across multiple sales channels.
  • The tool can efficiently match the orders to inventory.
  • It allows order tracking fulfilment online
  • Businesses can easily accommodate complex shipping schedules with the help of Salesforce OMS.
  • Provides access to analytics and reports all in one place.
  • Connect commerce to customer service.
  • It will be easy for making order and order tracking across multiple devices.



Though Salesforce Order Management System is one of the newest Salesforce members, it possesses great potential. Business users can expect greater trust, higher scalability, and flexibility in this tool.

Salesforce Order Management System integration allows businesses to leverage insightful reporting and intuitive dashboards.

Identify your business pain points, define your objectives, assess capabilities, and then hire a Salesforce consulting company that will help you leverage the potential of Salesforce OMS to its fullest.

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