Salesforce Payment Integration – Secured eCommerce Billing with Salesforce Support Services

Do not let poor B2B payment and billing processes dent your brand image. Get Salesforce support services now!!!

Online payment is now a necessity for any business. If you are an eCommerce business or run an online store, having a secured, well-integrated, and robust online payment gateway is a must. Here comes Salesforce payment integration into the picture, a solution that brings efficiency to b2b payment.

B2B payment and billings on Salesforce ensure businesses a timely cash flow, accurate financial reporting, and assurance of enhanced customer satisfaction.


Challenges for B2B Billing and Payments

One of the biggest challenges in the traditional billing and payment process is the lack of insights and data silos. B2B businesses used to suffer a lot because of a lack of real-time time insights on outstanding invoices, regular payment statuses, and other factors that used to affect creditworthiness in the eyes of customers.

According to a report by Harris Interactive, it was found that around 89% of customers switch to competitors if they face poor customer experience.

Many businesses still follow traditional B2B payment and billing processes, causing significant suffering. – 

  • The error-prone manual tasks often lead to inaccurate invoicing, incorrect payment collection & reconciliation.
  • Business visionaries with traditional B2B billing and payment processes face the problem of a lack of insights into outstanding invoices. It severely affects the creditworthiness of businesses.
  • The traditional process is the harbinger of data silos across sales, accounts, and finance departments, which creates friction in payments.

Let’s move ahead and learn more about the benefits of Salesforce payment integration.


Why Hire Salesforce CRM for B2B Payments and Billing? The Features You Should Know!

Salesforce is the world’s largest CRM solution platform with the largest client base. One of the best parts of this cloud CRM is its superlative integration capabilities. As an eCommerce business, you can streamline your B2B payment and billing process by harnessing the power of Salesforce integration.

Here’s the list of features of Salesforce CRM that make this cloud platform stand apart from its contemporaries – 

  1. Automated Invoicing and Payment Processing

Salesforce automates invoice generation and sends them electronically directly to your customers. It saves your time and ensures faster payments by offering convenient online payment options.

  1. Flexible Billing Arrangements

B2B transactions aren’t always one-size-fits-all. Salesforce easily caters to diverse billing models, allowing you to manage subscriptions, recurring orders, usage-based pricing, and custom contracts with ease.

  1. Real-time Payment Tracking and Visibility

Gain instant insights into your B2B payment transactions. Salesforce provides a clear view of successful payments, outstanding invoices, and overdue accounts, allowing you to proactively manage your cash flow.

  1. Streamlined Order Management with CPQ Integration

For complex B2B sales with customized pricing or product configurations, consider implementing the Salesforce Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) service. Salesforce CPQ implementation allows you to generate accurate quotes, streamline order processing, and ensure seamless integration with your billing system.

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience

Your B2B customers deserve a positive experience throughout the buying journey. Salesforce empowers them to manage their account information, download invoices, and make secure online payments within a self-service portal, fostering greater satisfaction and loyalty.


How to Integrate Payment Gateway in a Salesforce App?

It is crucial for any online business or B2B company to have a secured and trustworthy Salesforce Payment Gateway and it can be achieved with the help of a superlative Salesforce consulting partner.

We have asked our experienced and certified Salesforce consultant about the best way of payment gateway implementation in Salesforce, and here are a few experts’ insights they shared with us, we hope they will help your business – 

Leverage Pre-Built Payment Gateway Options

Building a payment gateway from scratch is a resource-intensive process. Salesforce offers a variety of pre-configured integration options for popular payment processors like credit cards and ACH transactions. These pre-built solutions provide a quick and reliable way to accept payments within your app.

Customization for Specific Needs

While pre-built integrations offer convenience, there comes a time when it also requires customization. Salesforce empowers developers to leverage its Gateway API to tailor the payment process to your specific needs. This allows for functionalities like integrating with less common payment processors or creating unique user experiences for your customers.

Seamless Communication with Payment Interfaces

Salesforce billing utilizes three separate interfaces to interact with your chosen payment gateway. These interfaces act as bridges between user actions within your app and the payment gateway’s API.

Your Salesforce development company will ensure a smooth flow of communication between these interfaces, guaranteeing a secure and efficient payment process.


Secure Data Mapping and Authorization

Robust data mapping is crucial at the time when payment gets initiated. As the data is captured and sent to the chosen payment gateway for authorization, it ensures that the information is translated correctly by the gateway.

Following a successful authorization, a status update is sent back to the app, informing the user of the transaction’s outcome.


Capture and Manage Payment Information

Upon successful authorization, the Salesforce Capture Transaction API steps in. This crucial function stores all transaction data within your Salesforce instance.

The captured data empowers you to manage invoices, track payment lifecycles, and gain valuable insights into your app’s financial health.


Optimizing the Payment Journey

By implementing these steps with the expertise of a trusted Salesforce support and maintenance services provider, you can integrate a secure and efficient payment gateway into your Salesforce app.

This not only simplifies the in-app buying experience for your customers but also empowers you to manage your finances effectively within the Salesforce ecosystem.


The Conclusion

With the advent of the Salesforce in B2B payment and billing process, eCommerce stores and online businesses have experienced unprecedented efficiency with a 17% higher lead conversion growth rate.

Partner with FEXLE, a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner. The certified Salesforce experts will help you navigate through the complex landscape of billing with utmost ease.

Stay accurate in billing, and deliver flawless payment with Salesforce CRM.

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