Salesforce Mobile App Development: Ways to Keep High The Business Growth & Sales

Salesforce has a broad ecosystem. It consists of multiple advanced tools and products that keep business up and running without any hassle. One of its platforms is AppExchange. It is a marketplace for Salesforce applications that consists of more than 3000 applications.

Through Salesforce AppExchange, the cloud computing company has opened the doors of growth for businesses. Many businesses have now eventually understood the power of Salesforce mobile app development.

Therefore, we can see a huge demand for Salesforce app development companies in different industry verticals. Salesforce apps have empowered its automation feature that helps in improving business productivity.

Many businesses that have opted for Salesforce app development services have experienced an improvement in business efficiency and productivity.

If you are a business visionary and looking forward to building a Salesforce application then you have landed on the right page.

From the selection of a Salesforce mobile app development company to hiring Salesforce mobile app developers, we will discuss myriad aspects along with the benefits of Salesforce apps.

Let’s begin!

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Benefits of Salesforce Mobile App Development

Enhanced Security – Security is a paramount factor for every business. With Salesforce mobile app development, you can rest assured of full and proper 360-degree security for business.

The Salesforce AppExchange platform allows only the scalable, trustable, and highly secured app to be published over its marketplace, and therefore, the app which a Salesforce mobile app developer builds is full-proof secured. 

The Salesforce apps deliver an improved user experience as they are easy to download, easy to install, and easy to operate.


Quickly Available – As we have discussed above, the applications available at the AppExchange market can be easily downloadable, it will make them available of runtime to be easily accessed by the users.


Offline Data Accessibility – One of the best parts of Salesforce mobile app services is that businesses can make their app go offline at their discretion. Another biggest advantage of the apps is that they can be easily synchronized with offline databases. All you require is a little help from Salesforce APIs’


Custom Salesforce App Development – One of the best parts of building Salesforce apps is that it allows easy customization. You can easily build Salesforce apps as per your specific business requirements. You can hire an experienced Salesforce custom mobile applications developer who can create apps that function across multiple devices. Salesforce enables easy customization of apps as per the need of a business.


Standard API Links

Salesforce offers 360-degree customer satisfaction. There are thousands of apps on the AppExchange platform which a user can easily integrate into their Salesforce environment rapidly along with it, there are also several separate apps that can be easily linked. Salesforce offers standard API links. 

For eg; suppose you require a Pardot solution, and you find it not suitable as per your requirements then there is nothing to worry about, you anytime approach other suppliers like HubSpot, Marketo, etc. that can be easily linked to Salesforce without charging extra hours.


Factors to Keep in Mind During Custom Salesforce App Development


Thoroughly Gather Requirements

The process of Salesforce app development begins with defining the end results and duplicating the existing processes. 


Checking Pre-Existing Apps

While you are into the designing phase of the application; make sure you evaluate if there’s any existing Salesforce configuration. Also, analyse all the possible solutions available over the AppExchange platform.

Try to identify the existing application or object that can be leveraged to minimize the customization and also make sure if there’s any Visualforce scripts or Apex scripts that come with it.


Make Sure of App’s Security & Visibility

Security of the data in a business environment is paramount, especially when you design the data model for your application.

While making a Salesforce application, make sure your app adheres to object-level security, field-level security, and record-level security.

It is advisable to thoroughly test the security as per the user-based accessibility before you move the Salesforce custom app to production. Also include profile-based testing of an app’s dashboard and reports as both show different results to different users.


Ensure Seamless Integration

If you opted to build a custom Salesforce application, it’s better to keep a close eye on its functionalities and such apps might leave a downstream impact on the legacy system while incorporating standard objects or integration.

Make sure you properly review all the existing triggers along with the processes, workflows, and validation rules and workflows. Make sure you review all of them on the repurposed objects.

To ensure easy integration also try to follow the nomenclature & convention of your organization.


Ensure Data Integrity

There are multiple ways through which Salesforce app developers can maintain data integrity. To receive cleaner data, you can go for the process that includes validating rules, workflow updates, and the use of default values.

If you are processing integration with the external systems then you can use unique external ID fields.


Security and Visibility

When you hire a Salesforce app developer, make sure they put extra effort into the app’s data security model. Try to work tightly over different securities such as field-level security, record-level security, and object-level security.

Compliance with all the above-mentioned security will help a business protect the system, especially when the app is used by the external users.



Salesforce apps make the business process easy and smooth. All you need is a team of certified Salesforce mobile app developers that could build a robust and reliable business solution for you.

We hope that this post will help you finalize your Salesforce app development company, and when you finalize the one, you could have a fair and clear conversation with them while keeping all the points discussed here.

The Salesforce apps help teams across roles, departments, businesses, and industries to perform their job in an effective and efficient manner.


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