An Ultimate Guide To Salesforce Field Service Lightning: Functionalities, Benefits, and Features

Salesforce is an amazing platform, and it has multiple futuristic solutions in its bag of innovation that are apt for transforming businesses for good. One of the best products by Salesforce is Field Services Lightning. 

The tool has come as a boon for businesses and for Salesforce field service lightning consultants that have a mobile workforce. Loaded with the right tools and capabilities this tool will help companies optimize not only the workforce distribution but also the performance of the mobile workforce.

Let’s move ahead and learn everything related to FSL, its features, benefits, and functionalities. We are here to help you understand how you can achieve better customer satisfaction.

Salesforce Field Service Lightning

What is Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL)?

Get ready to experience a trusted field service from anywhere with Salesforce Field Service Lightning. The companies in the absence of the FSL often face challenges when it comes to tracking remote employees, stock, vehicles, or any other factor or remote task force.

With the advent of the Field Service Lightning, this problem of businesses has excellently solved. 

Known as the extension of Salesforce Service Cloud, the FSL streamline and manage key field service processes such as service appointment scheduling, work order generation, vehicle tracking, etc.

The solution has brought efficiency in the process, and users can now leverage the automatic tracking of stock, vehicles, employees, etc., more precisely and in a hassle-free manner.


Improve Customer Satisfaction and Transform Business Operations with Field Service Lightning

Ever since the FSL has come into the world of businesses, it has become a favourite child of companies, especially for those who have to deal with remote working factors (stock, vehicles, and employees) on a daily basis.

By embracing the Field Service Lightning, companies have started embracing transformation into their business operations. FSL has empowered companies to create a technology-enabled mobile workforce – service teams & field technicians.

No matter wherever your remote workforce is –in the office or out somewhere, FSL provides accurate data on customers and service requests in real-time, and that helps them deliver on-time service to customers, which ultimately improves customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for Salesforce integration services for FSL integration, here are few top points that will help you understand its importance:

  • Data collected through Field Service Lightning helps in the long run in improving customer satisfaction.
  • It helps in increasing service revenue and reducing service costs.
  • Integrate sales, support, and field service operations.
  • Improve response time of the team.
  • Reduce the time of service job completion.
  • It lets users optimize complex scheduling activities.
  • Eradicate manual process.
  • Introduces the power of automation.
  • Empowering contractors with field service technology.


Advantages of SDFC Field Service Lightning for Businesses

Improve First-time Fix Rate with AI

FSL is empowered with advanced technology, Einstein’s vision and image classification capabilities. With the help of this tool, remote users can easily identify all necessary parts & assets shown in the image and streamline their work.

It will become easier for mobile employees to understand the relevant steps that one has to take to enhance work quality and minimize turnaround time.


Enhance Inventory Management

The businesses that are dealing in goods, for them FSL is a boon. The Salesforce field service lightning inventory management helps companies in monitoring goods or products in real-time.

Users can acquire all the necessary data and easily access them irrespective of their location. Businesses can manage inventory in real-time and you can rest assured of effective asset management.


Easy Management of Work Orders

The integration of SDFC Field Service Lightning helps users to create a work order and enables them to manage the integration of your work across accounts, contacts, cases and other different important elements.

Through this tool, you can view and manage work rapidly, acquire required knowledge-based articles, and get SLA compliance tracking.


Improves Employees Efficiency & Productivity

The Field Service Lightning tool emerges as the best option when it comes to improving the efficiency and productivity of employees. Through this tool, a user could provide personalized service to clients and allow field workers to enhance the use of field time.

There are plenty of features such as schedule optimization, work order customization, job schedule distribution that will make employees flexible, elevate performance delivery, and get greater control over productivity.

Catering to the specific needs of a particular customer has become easy with FSL. The strong real-time collaboration feature of this tool creates a connection between employees, business, and customers, and keeps everyone on the same page.


Smart Job Distribution

One of the best parts of Field Service Lightning is that it makes the job distribution work easy. You can hire a Salesforce consulting company for the integration of this tool and smartly assign jobs among your employees based on their availability and skills.

The tool empowers with facilities like smart scheduling, crew tracking, and tools tracking, to name a few.

The tool is backed up by the power of automation. Before it assigns jobs, it first evaluates the location, then availability and skills of an employee and then allocates the task to the most suitable employee, ensuring the best output.


Smart Decision – Rapid Decision

The power of Einstein makes this tool worth using as a utility. The Field Service Lightning tool improves the capability of users to make a decision more accurately. The powerful analytics feature of this tool also facilitates the user with all possible issues that might arise in the near future and take precautionary measures and also let their data across platforms before an issue becomes a problem.


Enhanced Customer Experience

A satisfied customer is a key to a successful project. The FSL tool helps you identify and eliminates all the factors that will lead to lower customer experience. It constantly resolves the issues before they disturb the customer experience. 

Get your business integrated with FSL and provide personalized service delivery to customers. It improves their user experience and eventually helps in long-term customer retention.


How Field Service Lightning (FSL) Works?

The working process of FSL involves three important parameters. These are as follows:

Call Centre Executive – One of the most important parts of the FSL working process is CCE that offers the required assistance to a client. Whenever a client requests any service, the Call Centre Executive creates a record in the Service Cloud.

 Another work that a Call Centre Executive performs is the appointment booking for a specialist.


Dispatcher – A dispatcher comes next that works with multiple records and on the appointment of the field professionals and experts. You can find the dispatch console on the top of the Service Cloud console in your Salesforce org.


Field Service Technician

The major work of a Field Service Technician is that one obtains and updates the service orders details. The field service technicians use the FSL mobile apps on their cell phones and conduct their operations. Through mobile apps, users can easily request client signatures.


Hire Certified Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant for Optimum Output

FSL is an amazing tool, and it leaves no stone unturned to enhance your business growth. To maximize the chances of growth, you should hire a certified Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant for successful implementation and integration, as per the requirements of your business.

Every organization has a unique need, and to satiate it effectively, one should hire an FSI consultant. An experienced and expert FSL consultant helps you use FSI as per the requirements of your business needs.

The Field Service Lightning also helps you modernize your field service operations in the following manners:

  • Help you generate real-time customer service reports.
  • Ease the tracking of customer assets, work performed, etc.
  • Easy deployment of service resources across multiple geographic territories.
  • Users will get a 360-degree customer view of the entire process from lead to sale to service.
  • Easy to use mobile & offline functionality for field service teams.



We have discussed multiple aspects of FSL, and you understand the importance of hiring FSL implementation and consulting services for better output.

With proper expert guidance, you can avoid errors like zero delays, and provide data with high accuracy. 

There is no doubt that Field Service Lightning will be a perfect choice for you to improvise the efficiency of your remote workforce.

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