Salesforce Brings Customer 360 Innovations to Connect Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud on One Platform

Salesforce CRM is an absolute solution for most business requirements. From sales & services to marketing & commerce, the cloud-computing company brings intelligence to every aspect of a business.

One of the best parts of Salesforce is that it never leaves its world in silos. Every couple of months, the company keeps bringing new & innovative updates and upgrades that keep the momentum high among the trailblazer community.

One of the recent announcements that Salesforce has made is about the launch of new customer 360 innovations across commerce and marketing clouds.

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Salesforce Announced New Customer 360 Innovations

A couple of months back, Salesforce announced new customer 360 innovations. This innovation will help the users in connecting commerce cloud, marketing cloud, and service data on one platform. 

The newly introduced innovation not only connects the clouds but also harnesses the power of automation through which businesses can personalize every customer interaction. It will help them build a trusted relationship at scale.


Do More with Less: Salesforce Customer 360 Innovations

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In the present time, every business is coping with the pressure of doing more with limited resources. The collection of customers’ data via cookies and other internet-based regulations has become quite challenging. The dynamic changes in the data privacy laws have severely affected the data-collection capabilities of businesses. Personalization of customer services and customer retention are also affected by the limitations.

Amidst all, it becomes imperative for businesses to develop such first-party-based strategies through which they can connect, automate and personalize the interaction with every single customer across multiple channels.

The newly launched Salesforce customer 360 innovations will prove helpful in achieving the connected, personalized, and enhanced customer experience by connecting the marketing cloud, commerce cloud, and service data.


Customer 360 Innovations for Different Industries

Salesforce never makes any difference while bringing new innovations. Its solutions benefit each industry with equal importance. There are several benefits that different industries can enjoy with the newly launched customer 360 innovations. It will pave the path for different industries to deliver a unique and connected user experience.

Manufacturing Industry – A service agent in the manufacturing industry can offer personalized services to the customers by collecting their data signals in real-time while servicing interaction. 

Insurance Industry – The new customer 360 innovation enable healthcare insurance provider to garner a high level of productivity and revenue by delivering on-time and relevant product recommendations.

Banking and Finance – It has become easy for the bank’s client manager to keep a consolidated record of customers, including their credit history, accounts, previous customer service interaction, and more. The service agents build a unified profile for each customer and offer a personalized recommendation for a new credit card.

Retail Industry – Smart recommendations are the best way to garner customers’ trust. It also improves customer retention. With the new customer 360 innovation, the retailers can identify the most suitable product as per individual customers’ preferences, demographics, and history and give the customers personalized recommendations.


Customer 360 Innovations for The Marketing Cloud

One of the best parts of the marketing cloud is that it humanizes every interaction. Personalization makes every marketer more efficient. 


Triggered Campaign Messages

This newly introduced feature in the marketing cloud enables the marketers to deliver personalized one-to-one customer engagement by bringing together SF marketing cloud personalization and engagement.

Businesses can understand their customers and their preferences on the basis of the first-party data and recommend their desired products whenever available.

Digital Command Center for Slack

This works as a connector between the marketing cloud and the commerce cloud. This feature connects order and product data and enables business users to get insightful data about revenue product, sales performance, and more from one centralized command center.

Google Ads and Salesforce Customer Data Platform

It has become super easy for companies to automatically connect their customer profiles with first-party data. It will help them plan, activate, and optimize their Google Ads marketing campaigns. Marketers can create personalized campaigns based on reliable first-party data, and they do not have to rely on cookies. 

Intelligence Ecommerce Marketing Insights App

Evident in its name, this application streamlines eCommerce operations. With the help of this application, business users can unite their marketing cloud data, marketing cloud data, and other KPIs on a single platform.

Through this unification, users get an experience of working with interactive dashboards and actionable insights.

Intelligence Connector for B2C Commerce Cloud

It works as a connector for products and orders. It connects both to give the business users insightful details on revenue, products, and sales performance throughout the years.

The data integration process has become easy for businesses with the help of automation. Through automated data integration businesses can understand the areas where they need to spend more or less to achieve increased ROI across channels, products, and campaigns.

Marketers can check the real-time data of the number of orders placed during the promotion period.

New AppExchange Partners for Marketing & Commerce

There are new partners announced by Salesforce for its CDP and commerce cloud platform. The partnership with the new partners is done to drive efficiency, personalized experience, and to build trusted customer relationships.


Customer 360 Innovations Across Commerce Cloud

Following the newly introduced features by Salesforce under its Customer 360 innovations –

NFT Cloud

NFT Cloud will help businesses improve and expand customer experiences to the Web3 environment in a more trusted and sustainable manner.

With the help of the NFT cloud businesses now can easily manage, mint, and sell their non-fungible tokens on Salesforce customer 360 platforms directly. The transaction will be highly encrypted and gives a 360-degree view of customers’ digital world alongside their physical world.

Social Integration for Commerce Cloud

Making digital content for marketing campaigns and harnessing new customers has become easy with social media integration for the commerce cloud. With this new feature, brands can now create video ads for TikTok and redirect their customers to their commerce website.

It allows businesses to create and automate product feeds. Segmentation of audience becomes super easy, and businesses can target new audiences while publishing their ads.

Commerce for Customer Services

Customer 360 innovations have equipped the commerce cloud with new capabilities under which a business user can get a holistic view of orders and their history across multiple touchpoints. This will allow businesses to transform their service team into revenue drivers.


How to Access New Customer 360 Innovations with Certified Experts?

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The right guidance from the certified Salesforce consultants will ensure you garner greater results through Salesforce implementation and integration services.

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