How to measure and improve the effectiveness of your software development team

The economies of the world are at stake ever since WHO has declared COVID-19, a pandemic.  The deadly effects of the virus are severely affecting all big and small economies around the globe.

To keep its denizens safe from the ill effects of the pandemic, different Governments have adopted lockdown models in their respective countries, and due to which various SMBs and even large scale enterprises are facing serious fiscal issues.

To maintain their operations, different companies have adopted remote working culture, a.k.a work from home.

It has two benefits, first employees will be safe from this pandemic, and secondly, the company will not miss any deadlines of their projects due to the unavailability of a development team.

But in this environment, it’s really challenging for employees to stay productive and to show 100% results as they used to show in their office.

To help employees to stay productive, companies follow different measures. In this post, we have penned down all the effective ways through which companies can measure and improve the effectiveness of the software development team.

Let’s discuss these factors in detail.


Sprint Down Reports:

The time duration planned by a developer to complete the task is known as the sprint. Sprint length usually varies on the project. At the start of each sprint, developers summarize the tasks and try to complete it within the timeframe.

As the Sprint ends, developers report whether tasks are finished, completed, or in progress. Organizations follow these reports from where they can see if their team has achieved their productivity goals or not. This measure metric can be false if an organization is not cautious.


Speed of The Team

Story points refer to the estimated time of an individual which is used inside the development team to measure the trouble of finishing a specific project.

Through story points, developers can get prerequisites for the software, and one can understand the complexities of the task.

Every individual’s speed metric is unique and should not be utilized by someone else.

For example, one individual may complete the work in two hours, while it might take another developer for five hours.

The genuine hours taken can rely on factors such as resources, capability & complexities. At the same time, it also depends on the best practices, code quality, and testing.


Process durations

Process duration can also be called cycle time which means how much time an issue takes to get resolved. As an issue rises, companies can track how fast each problem is resolved. An organization can also check how skilled a developers’ team at the time when multiple issues are rising at once.

A development team that continuously fixes issues with a pre-decided time, and don’t get frightened when numerous issues emerge at once, that team of software developers can be trusted.



The throughput of your software development team is similar to its speed. While speed informs the end result, throughput includes tasks and errors in addition to features.

So while speed tells you what your development team did that can actually be sold, throughput gives you a clear vision of what their overall workload was for a given time period?


Open pull request

When a developer completes a task, the one will add it to the code station and then issue a pull request that asks the rest from the team to reevaluate the work.

Each pull request will stay open until associates share their input and the supervisor marks it as closed.

To have multiple pull requests means that a lot of work is done already. It is also the sign that the reviewer of the task is slow in responding.


4 Ways to improve productivity & effectiveness of your software development team

Now we understood the major metrics to track or measure the efficiency of a team. Let us move ahead and understand how an organization can improve its team productivity and effectiveness to get better outcomes.

Below are the 4 top ways to improve the productivity and effectiveness of the software development team.

1.    Create a productive environment

2.    Support your team

3.    Boost expertise

4.    Define your workflow


In the present time, the environment of the enterprises is highly dynamic, complex, and sometimes doubtful. Thus, it is very necessary to keep honing the effectiveness of the software development team.

We hope this blog will prove beneficial for you and the points that were discussed above will help you empower your team’s capability and efficiency.

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