How Much Does it Cost to Build & List Application on Salesforce AppExchange?

How to build a Salesforce application? How to get the Salesforce app listed on the AppExchange platform? How much does it cost to build a Salesforce app? These are some of the questions that companies often face when they opt for Salesforce consulting services.

The world of AppExchange is highly prolific and profitable, where you can turn your solution into a commercial success.

Before we dive deep into understanding the cost of development and listing, let’s first understand AppExchange and its importance.

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Understanding Salesforce AppExchange

AppExchange is a marketplace. Here Salesforce users can search for a required app that helps, then elevate the functionality of their core Salesforce solution.

The platform has an enormous user base coming from various industry verticals. It has thousands of applications listed that solve different business requirements. There is no second thought on the fact that having an AppExchange app is a profitable affair for businesses.

The platform, on the one hand, lets app developers get financial benefits and, on the same hand, lets businesses get the right solution.

  • The AppExchange products are classified into five categories.
  • The five types are Apps, Lightning Data, Flow Solutions, Components, and Bolt Solutions.
  • AppExhchange apps elevate the functionalities of all SF products like Sales cloud, commerce cloud, marketing cloud, services cloud, etc.
  • The apps listed on AppExchange prove helpful for different industries like education, government, media, retail, communication, etc.
  • With the help of AppExchange apps, an organization can bring efficiency into their different operations, such as sales, human resources, marketing, etc.


Bifurcation of AppExchange Applications Development Cost

The cost structure of the Salesforce mobile app development is as complex as its solution. One must have a proper understanding to leverage the market price.

Different AppExchange app development companies can quote you different prices. As a Salesforce Gold consulting partner and a market leader in Salesforce consulting services, we can help you with the proper app development cost estimate.

For building a feature-rich, well-functional, and optimized Salesforce app, the cost of Salesforce app development starts from $20,000. There are different features, such as MVP functionalities, custom UI, and team structure, that affect the cost of Salesforce app development.

The team structure is classified into two – 

Outsourcing an AppExchange App Development

  • It is about hiring external partners such as Salesforce consulting companies.
  • The outsource partners are better than the in-house team as they are long-time Salesforce partners.
  • They have all the required knowledge, experience, and expertise to list apps on Salesforce AppExchange.
  • The Salesforce consulting service provider can publish your app in a pocket-friendly manner.
  • The Salesforce experts are well-aware of all the rules & dynamic license programs.


The in-House team of Salesforce Professionals

  • This is another option to build a Salesforce application. For this module, you would require a complete team.
  • Salesforce business analyst, Salesforce technical lead, and Salesforce architect are some of the core members of the team.
  • These members will take care of different aspects of app development, such as understanding the app idea and explaining it to the technical team, team management, and turning the app idea into reality.
  • The in-house team of Salesforce app builders also includes quality analysts (one or two) and UI/UX designers. 
  • It is a costly affair to hire an in-house team. It makes development & maintenance not pocket friendly.


Now you must be having a question, how did Salesforce charge at the time of development? Well, the answer to this question is, None.

Only ones that charge for app development include Salesforce developers, Salesforce consulting companies, or your Salesforce product development outsourcers.

Salesforce will start charging when your app gets sold. Salesforce will levy a minimal share according to the cost of the app license.


The Programme Licenses for AppExchange Partner

The Salesforce Partner Program is a way through which you will be able to list your app on the AppExchange platform. Choose a license as per the requirement and monetization model of your type.

There are two kinds of AppExchange Partner Program License – 



The Independent Software Vendor license type is exclusively available for Salesforce users only. It is a common partnership type that works best for businesses who want to monetize their product on AppExchange.

The ISV partner pays 15% of total sales to Salesforce as a fee for using their technology.



The original Equipment Manufacturer license type works best when the app is not dependent on Salesforce technology. It is not necessary that your app should be a Salesforce add-on.

One of the best parts of having an OEM license is that the app owner can sell his or her app to external users also. They are not bound to the Salesforce customers only.

Salesforce charges 25% of the share of your total sales on AppExchange.


The work does not stop at getting an app listed on the platform. It also requires some extra work so that your listing becomes extraordinary.

Some of the best tips to make your Salesforce AppExchange listing noticeable are as follows – 

  • Optimize the title and tagline.
  • Write an appealing description. App description includes USPs, differentiators, and numbers.
  • Add visuals that engage with the audience.
  • Always preview before the final listing.
  • Make well-informed decisions via analytics.
  • Work on ratings and reviews.


The Details of the Security Review Fee on the AppExchange Platform

Following is the detail of the security review and listing fees that Salesforce charges from us – 

  • Initial review of a paid solution – $2550
  • Reviews for free solutions – No fee charged
  • Follow-up review of a paid app – No extra fee. a Limited number of follow-ups are available.
  • Periodic review of a previously listed app – No extra fee.

You have to pay $2700 to Salesforce. $2250 (security review fee) + $150(first-year AppExchange listing fee)



We hope the post will prove helpful for you and that you will make a well-informed decision. Hire Salesforce AppExchange app development services and leverage its brilliance to the fullest.

You can hire Salesforce mobile app development, and professional guidance will help you make the right decision.

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