Hire Salesforce AppExchange Partner and Launch Your Business Idea like a Pro

Are you looking for someone to turn your business ideas into an AppExchange app? It’s time you hire Salesforce AppExchange partner.

For business visionaries, it is necessary to understand that the Salesforce AppExchange app development process is not a piece of cake. One has to be aware of all the options available for the app development process, which include hiring an individual, and second is hiring a Salesforce AppExchange partner.

Going autonomous for AppExchange app development will cost you a lot, and it also gives no guarantee that your app gets past the Salesforce security review process. Whereas, if you hire certified Salesforce developers for app development, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind because not every team is a qualified team.

To list your app in the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace, you want certified Salesforce Consultant AppExchange professionals who have proven working experience. 


Hire Salesforce AppExchange Partner


Types of Salesforce AppExchange Partners and Their Benefits

Majorly there are three kinds of AppExchange partners – first is Independent Software Vendors, a.k.a ISVs, second is consulting and integration partners, and third is cloud resellers. 

Let’s understand them!


Independent Software Vendor (ISVs)

An ISV is a company or individual that develops, markets and sells software applications that are built on the Salesforce platform. These applications are known as “AppExchange Apps” and are made available to Salesforce customers through the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace.

ISVs play a crucial role in extending the functionality of the Salesforce platform and providing innovative solutions to address specific business needs. They develop a wide range of apps, including industry-specific solutions, productivity tools, marketing automation software, customer service applications, and more.

Salesforce has an app exchange trailblazer score, in which it scores ISVs in four different categories that go like this – 

  • Base Tier – 0 to 249
  • Ridge Tire – 500 to 749
  • Crest Tire – 500 to 749 
  • Summit Tire – 750 – 1000

Salesforce evaluate this tire every quarter and accordingly assign a new tier to ISVs


Consulting & Integration AppExchange Partner

Salesforce Consulting & Integration AppExchange Partners are companies or individuals that specialize in providing consulting, integration, and implementation services for Salesforce customers. These partners have expertise in configuring, customizing, and integrating Salesforce with other systems to meet specific business requirements.

As a Salesforce Crest (Gold) Partner, we own three major listings on the AppExchange platform – 

Each of our products is helping thousands of business users on a daily basis from different industry verticals. With our dual expertise as an ISV and a Salesforce Consulting Company, FEXLE offers a range of services, including:

Salesforce Implementation: As a Salesforce AppExchange partner, it enables businesses set up and configure the CRM to align with their unique processes and workflows.

Integration Services: Integrating Salesforce with other systems, such as ERP, marketing automation, or customer support tools, to ensure seamless data flow and enhance overall efficiency.

Custom Development: Building custom applications, workflows, and reports to address specific business needs that go beyond standard Salesforce functionalities.

Data Migration: Assisting with the migration of data from legacy systems or other CRM platforms to Salesforce.

Training and Support: Providing training and ongoing support to help users maximize the value of Salesforce and ensure smooth adoption.

By working with us, you can leverage our in-depth knowledge and experience to implement Salesforce effectively and optimize your business processes, ultimately leading to better results and a higher return on investment.


How a Salesforce AppExchange Consultant can Help You Publish Listing on the AppExchange Platform?

One of the most crucial things that is required before publishing the listing on the AppExchange platform is the security measure. Your app should comply with the security check, and if it doesn’t, get ready to pay $999 for a new security check.

Apart from security check, one should take care of the following pointers while publishing your app on the platform – 

  • Make sure you are technically strong and have someone with technical expertise.
  • Do you understand the nuances of the policies shared by Salesforce for app listing?
  • Always be optimally planned to build & execute the development process efficiently.
  • The business users must have sufficient credibility from Salesforce.
  • Have a robust and well-planned data migration process so that you won’t lose any crucial context.
  • Do you possess proper knowledge of the installation process of the Salesforce managed package into your Salesforce org?

If you are not aware of these pointers, we would suggest you hire an AppExchange consultant who is also an ISV.

Here are some key reasons why you need a Salesforce AppExchange partner to successfully publish a listing on AppExchange:

AppExchange Expertise

AppExchange consultants are well-versed in the AppExchange platform and its submission process. They understand the requirements, guidelines, and best practices for publishing an app, ensuring a smooth and efficient listing process.

Technical Implementation

Developing a Salesforce app requires technical skills and knowledge of Salesforce development. AppExchange consultants can handle the technical implementation of your app, ensuring it meets the platform’s security, performance, and integration standards.

Quality Assurance

AppExchange consultants conduct thorough testing and quality assurance to ensure that your app functions correctly and meets the necessary standards for security and usability.

Marketing and Positioning

A successful listing on AppExchange requires effective marketing and positioning of your app. AppExchange consultants can help you create compelling marketing materials, positioning your app to target the right audience and stand out in the marketplace.

Compliance and Security

As discussed previously, AppExchange consultants are well-versed with Salesforce security standards and can ensure that your app complies with all the necessary security and privacy regulations.

AppExchange Listing Optimization

To attract potential customers, your app listing needs to be well-optimized with relevant keywords, descriptions, and images. AppExchange consultants can help you optimize your listing for better visibility and searchability.

Support and Maintenance

After publishing your app, you need ongoing support and maintenance to address user inquiries and updates. AppExchange consultants can provide ongoing support, ensuring a positive user experience and timely updates.


Top Advantages of Hiring AppExchange Partner Who is Also an ISV

As a consulting partner, you will get the following benefits in product development – 

  • Technical Expertise
  • Solution Architecture
  • Custom Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Testing
  • Appexchange listing
  • Promotion of listing
  • Continuous support

As a consultant, they will help you – 

  • Experience the best solution via their expertise
  • Bring efficient implementation of the Salesforce apps.
  • Get proper training and adoption.
  • Get proper and ongoing support & maintenance services.

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FEXLE Services – Your Top-Rated Salesforce AppExchange Partner

The onboarding process of an app on the AppExchange platform is daunting and complicated. As a crest partner of Salesforce, FEXLE has strong know-how of the process. The team of experienced AppExchange developers and consultants has substantial experience & expertise in Salesforce development.

From creating a package to preparing the right documentation, FEXLE can take care of every tits and bits of the listing process.

AppExchange App Consulting, app development, security review, app compliance, app management, and technical support are some of the top benefits of hiring FEXLE for AppExchange app development services.

What are you waiting for? Contact us and start your journey to success today.

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