Dreamforce 2020 Has Turned Into A Virtual Event Now

Salesforce is all set to bring its events in new and virtual ways

Salesforce organizes multiple global level events during a year, in which people belong to the Salesforce community from different parts of the world come together and share the best practices and innovations.

Just like every year, this year also, Salesforce has planned to organize huge scale events and conferences such as Dreamforce, but it seems that situation is not turning in a way, as it has been planned.

As we all know, the entire world is fighting against the novel Coronavirus, and nobody knows how the situation evolves in the near future. Therefore, Salesforce to ensure the health and safety of its customers, partners, employees, and communities, has decided that all its events including Dreamforce, Tableau Conference 2020, Tableau Conference Europe, TrailheaDX India, and world tours, to be reimagined in the new and virtual ways.

Significance of Dreamforce in a Brief

Dreamforce, an annual four days Salesforce event, is known for its grandness. The event brings together the entire Salesforce community under one roof to celebrate the success of Trailblazers and customers. Dreamforce is an event where Trailblazers from around the globe share their success stories and knowledge with each other.

Every year the Salesforce community waits for this event.

But, in the year 2020, it will be something different.

No, Dreamforce is not cancelled.

How Salesforce Dreamforce 2020 Will Be Like?

Salesforce on its official website has stated that it will not organize its annual Dreamforce conference in person this year, rather it will hold this event in new and virtual ways.

So, yes, the Dreamforce 2020 event is very much happening, but in a re-imagined way.

To deal with the ill-effects of Coronavirus, many companies have started implementing strict health rules to minimize the threat at events. Some are moving towards the digital platforms, while others are postponing their events.

Earlier the Dreamforce was scheduled for November 9th to 12th. On Wednesday, Salesforce wrote in a blog post, “As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve; our first priority is to help ensure the health and safety of our customers, partners, employees and communities. With this in mind, we have decided to reimagine our events through the end of the year in new and virtual ways.”

Why will Dreamforce hold as a virtual event?

Generally takes place during the fall season, Dreamforce is no-doubts the biggest Salesforce event. Salesforce community flocks to this conference from across the globe. According to the sources, last year, this four days annual event attracted 171, 000 attendees.

With that, the event has created more than $240 million in revenue for the San Francisco Bay Area. As a year passes, numbers of attendees also increase, and to have such a huge gathering during this pandemic time would be a great risk. Therefore, Salesforce decided to have this conference as a virtual event.

In its official website, Salesforce further said “As we’ve done with other events, we’ll continue to create innovative digital experiences for our ecosystem, For example, we turned our World Tour Sydney into a virtual event in March, taking what is typically an 11,000-person event into one viewed by 80,000 people. We’re looking forward to building on that success over the coming months.”


Dreamforce 2020 – For Everyone, From Anywhere

The new edition of Dreamforce 2020 event will be a special one. Salesforce is bringing this event with lots of new elements.

Salesforce on its official website has written, “We’re excited to announce a celebratory keynote for all, and introduce a weeklong learning event complete with content, demos, luminary sessions, and thought leadership.”

Along with all these factors, Salesforce is also set to offer a number of high-level, personalized meetings, customer 360 solutions, and facility to be in the room for timely conversations. People can expect a lot more in this all new Dreamforce event 2020.

The Highlights of Dreamforce 2020

The Salesforce community has a brilliant chance to contribute back to the community and enjoy a whole new virtual experience. Following are the significant highlights for Dreamforce 2020:

  • Inspirational Keynotes

The edition of Dreamforce will commence with the inspiring keynotes of Marc Benioff – founder, chairman, and CEO of Salesforce. You will also witness the enlightening keynotes by special guests from State of Rhode Island, AT&T, and Bentley Motors. They will be discussing and sharing their stories of learnings and success in this challenging year.

Dreamforce will commemorate all the leading organizations who not only have excelled in the novel work-from-anywhere world but also have shown their digital innovations, which are worth applause.

  • DreamTX

The all new 4 days of Dreamforce 2020 will be a cornucopia of learning which is designed specially keeping you in mind. It will be held from December 14 to December 17. You can get in touch with other innovators of Salesforce world, and exchange content, demos, luminary sessions and everything related to Salesforce world.

It is the best time you can learn about the power of 360, wherein you can share the surviving and success stories of working in the pandemic.

  • Personalized Meetings

The personalized meeting sessions have been started since November 9. The personalized meetings during the Dreamforce 2020 will help businesses build their perfect customer 360 which are business-specific.

During these rendezvous you will learn multiple ways to easily connect all the teams in your organization and offer them a single source of truth so that the employees of your organization can deliver the ultimate customer experience from anywhere in across the world.

What’s more for the Salesforce Community?

Listed as the biggest business event in the city of San Francisco, it is obvious that the event attracts visitors in huge numbers. Even the preparation of this event gets started months before this Salesforce conference takes place.

From registration for events to the generation of passes, and to the arrangement of sponsorship fees, there are plenty of tasks, which organizers check to arrange a successful event.

Since, in this year, Dreamforce will not happen in person, the respective stakeholders are wondering if the organizers are going to help them with the reimbursement process.

For that Salesforce said on its official website “Salesforce will refund all purchased passes.” For the reimbursements of airfare and booked hotels, it mentioned: “Salesforce will not provide reimbursement for airfare and/or hotels that were booked outside of the event registration system.”

As far as the future plans are concerned, Salesforce on its official blog said “we are excited to shape our virtual events in ways that bring all of the fun, innovation, and learning to our dedicated community of Trailblazers. We’ll share more as soon as we can.”

The organizers of the event will try to record as much content as possible. There will be some sessions and experiences which can only be available during the live ritual events and for that Salesforce has requested the community to join them during live sessions for maximum engagement.

Final Words

The advent of Covid-19 has bolstered the concept of virtual events. Thanks to technology, companies are embracing the virtual event with all open arms. Since the virtual events are not only budget-friendly but are also time-saving, and flexible, it might be possible that Salesforce may adopt virtual events as their permanent solution. What are your views on the same? Share them with us below in the comment section.


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