Dreamforce 2024: An Ultimate Guide for First Time Attendee

When is Dreamforce 2024? Where is Dreamforce 2024? What sessions will be held in Dreamforce 2024? There are lots of things that are going on in your mind currently, we understand! And if you are attending the Salesforce event for the first time, finding answers to all such questions becomes more essential. 


Dreamforce 2024: Some Fun Facts

Before you get overwhelmed with the information we share about this biggest Salesforce event, let us tell you some interesting facts and trivia for your better understanding – 

  • Every year the technology conference witnesses around 1,70,000 attendees from all across the globe.
  • The first session was held in 2003 with merely 1000 attendees.
  • In present the conference boasts pantheons of Salesforce technology conducting over 2,500 sessions every year during the three days events.
  • The annual Salesforce conference is focused on giving back to society. The event facilitates thousands of non-profit attendees and helps them generate significant donations.
  • The sessions by keynote speakers are illuminating. You will love being a part of their discourse based on the latest in the world of cloud technology.
  • The annual Salesforce conference gives you a chance to get connected with world’s leaders in Salesforce technology. Admin, developers, architects, c-suite, all come to this tech conference.
  • Did you know every year Dreamforce plays an instrumental role in uplifting the San Francisco economy by boosting revenue for hotels, restaurants, local businesses, etc.


Make the Most Out of Dreamforce 2024 – Guide for First Timers

It’s time to replenish your mind with new updates and upgrades that are happening in the realm of Salesforce and Dreamforce 2024 will give you that chance.

Are you excited to attend this biggest technology event? Prepare like pro with these ultimate Dreamforce tips – 


Plan Your Agenda

Create your agenda by identifying the sessions you wish to attend and the topics with which you can resonate.

Plan your Dreamforce 2024 trip in such a way that you won’t remain the nomad of tech sessions. Put some time to soak in the vibes of this annual Salesforce conference. Immerse yourself in the epic Salesforce Dreamforce experience.


Plan Your Networking

Dreamforce isn’t just about informative talks. It’s a goldmine for building connections! And it is not a hyperbolic statement.

Schedule dedicated time to network with fellow attendees. These interactions can blossom into invaluable professional relationships that can propel your career forward. Remember to set a specific time and meeting place to ensure your connections become reality.


Finalize Your Stay

San Francisco becomes the potpourri of culture and people during Dreamforce, and it will be wise to book accommodation in advance. We suggest it would be better to book two to three months before.

Some of the best places to stay in San Francisco during the event are as follows – 

  1. San Francisco Marriott Marquis
  1. Hilton San Francisco Union Square
  1. InterContinental San Francisco
  1. The St. Regis San Francisco
  1. Airbnb Options

Check out this ultimate guide on the list of best accommodation options during Dreamforce 2024


Prepare Yourself for Interactive Activities

Before you hop on to the plane to San Francisco, be assured that you are well-prepared for interactive activities. The biggest Salesforce event will bring a plethora of quests and hackathons. This is the best time to get inspired, test new ideas, and get acquainted with fellow trailblazers.


Plan Your Packing List

For a first time Dreamforce visitor, it is essential to know what to pack and what not.

Excitement building for the biggest Salesforce tech conference? This packing list will definitely offer you an uncreased Dreamforce experience. 

With keynotes, workshops, and endless networking opportunities, it’s easy to forget the essentials. But fear not, first-timers! Here’s our top tip to ensure a smooth and comfortable Dreamforce experience: 

  • Prepare a backpack with all essentials like laptops, notebooks, etc.
  • Buy yourself a comfortable pair of shoes because there will be a lot of walking.
  • Carry a few layers as the weather of San Francisco varies throughout the day.
  • Do not forget to keep an umbrella. San Francisco is known for its mercurial weather.

Plan your packing list strategically


A Bonus tip To Prepare for Dreamforce 2024

By considering San Francisco’s climate, the conference schedule, and the swag factor, you’ll be ready to navigate Dreamforce with confidence. 

Here are a few bonus tips that will make your visit to this giant tech conference more uncreased and free of pandemonium.

  • Do not forget to keep your phone charger and spare batteries.
  • Use the help of Apple Maps or Google maps to stroll across San Francisco.
  • Always keep yourself well hydrated.
  • Bring lots of enthusiasm and learning zeal.
  • Make you be a part of Dream fest, an extravagant party that you have never seen before.



Dreamforce is a place of Salesforce pantheons that brings the opportunity of the trailblazers to be a part of an unforgettable experience filled with ample growth opportunities to learn, connect, and fuel Salesforce expertise.

We hope this guide will prove to be your roadmap to leverage this technology event to its fullest. 

Partner with a Salesforce consulting company, to become a part of the Salesforce realm and excellently extend your learning and optimize Salesforce implementation. 

Happy visit to Dreamforce, may your Salesforce success journey begin here!!!

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