What is The Cost of Developing a Meal Planning App for iOS and Android? An Ultimate Guide

Diet plays a pivotal role in maintaining our body and mind healthy. In the fast-paced life, we don’t have much time to plan our diet and eat accordingly, which leads to many health disorders.

Here comes into play the meal planning mobile applications. Businesses’ visionaries have evaluated the increasing trend of food and nutrition tracking applications and dived deep into the ocean of meal planning mobile app development.


Opportunities for Meal Planning Mobile App Development

Meal planning has become an integral part of our lifestyle, especially in the USA. According to a survey it has been found that the prevalence of obesity in the United States has increased by 41.9% and because of this 4.7 million people have faced premature death.

People have started understanding the value of meal planning. It maintains the perfect balance between taste, nutrients, and health. This can be proved by the fact that more than 29% of people in the United States strictly plan their meals and garner health benefits.

The increasing healthcare problems are a clear indication of the fact that the dawn of meal planning mobile app development is here. 35% of people of growing age surveyed have admitted that they like to plan their meals.

On the same hand, 34% of middle aged people actively plan their meals every week or every month as per their requirements.

These numbers solidify the fact that the trend of meal planning apps is surging high. And businesses should invest in food planner app development services and utilize this opportunity for growth.

Food planning app development – What market says?

  • The diet and nutrition app market is expected to reach USD 15,017.42 million by 2029.
  • The market was recorded at USD 2,187.63 million in 2021. And it is increasing at a CAGR of 21.40%.

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The Must-Have Features for The Food Planning Mobile App

Following is the list of the top features of a meal planning app. These features might come in handy to you at the time of food planning mobile app development services.

  • Easy to sign in and sign up
  • Creating the favorite list in a diet plan
  • Search and view recipes
  • Overview of a nutrition
  • Regular Diet tips and instructions
  • Barcode scanner for scanning items
  • Connection with wearable
  • Add and Edit Grocery list
  • Food inventory management
  • Rewards and ratings
  • Push notifications and reminders
  • Social media integration and sharing
  • Cloud sync of grocery list and recipes
  • Offline recipe support
  • Effectual meal planning
  • Create recipes list
  • Tracking daily diet progress
  • Publishing of recipes
  • Settings
  • Add and plan meal

The List of Advance Features for The Food Planning Mobile App

You can also consider including the following advanced features while meal planning mobile app development. These advanced features are also known as the super admin features. The following are the advanced features – 

  • Allows login
  • Management of CMS pages
  • Users Management
  • Management of Social Media Sharing
  • Manage Subscription Packages
  • Management of Rewards and Ratings
  • Manage Loyalty Points
  • Provide Chat and Email Support
  • Manage Statistics
  • Manage Notifications and Reminders
  • Management of Payment Gateways
  • Manage Inventory of Users


There are some innovative features that you can include in your food planning app. These features include –

 Progress Graph

It is one of the most interactive ways to engage users with the food planner applications. The interactive graphs tell the users about the status of their progress in the diet plan. Users can be on track and achieve their diet goals with the help of the progress graph features in the meal planning app.

Meal Planning

As evident in its name, this feature allows users to plan their meals. Through this feature, the users can build a personalized food plan on the basis of their dietary requirements. Users can change and optimize this diet plan at any time and any point of their dietary journey.

Food Listing

Food listing is one of the most innovative features a business owner should include during food planner app development. The food listing feature includes all the details of the proteins, carbohydrates, and other food resources, which will help build a strong and personalized diet plan.

Recipes Collection

The recipe collection feature allows users to choose the best kind of healthy food as per their requirements. Include this feature at the time of food planner app development. It will allow the end users to search for suitable recipes from the vast collection.

Meal Planning

This feature enables users to make their own dietary plans for a whole week. They do not have to go through the tedious process of checking updates regularly. A week-based meal planning will streamline many things.

Offline Accessibility

Ask your meal planner app development company to include the feature of offline accessibility. This feature allows the people who are traveling to manage their food and make one for themselves.


The List of Technology Stack for Meal Planning App Development

Whenever you hire a meal planner app development company, always ask them about the technology that they will use. Here is the list of some of the cutting-edge technology tools which you can consider for meal planner apps like Food Planer –  

  • Sketch
  • FCM
  • Sass
  • Xcode
  • Geo-Fence
  • Mail Chimp
  • Android
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmasters
  • AWS
  • Google API
  • Stripe
  • Fabric iOS
  • MEAN Stack
  • Swift iOS
  • Android Studio
  • Mantis BT
  • Salesforce CRM


How Many Team Members Do You Need for Building a Meal Planning App Like a Food Planner?

If you have a team that is highly experienced and seasoned in their domain, you would have won half the battle already. Their expertise and experience will bring the assurance of the finest quality of the outcome.

Hire experienced mobile app developers that are proficient in using the latest and trending cutting-edge technologies and tools equipped with advanced functionalities.

Here are the team members which you might require at the time of food planning app development – 

  • Android app developer
  • iOS app developer
  • UI/UX designers
  • Project manager
  • Backend developer
  • Quality assurance analyzer 
  • Business analyst


How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Meal Planning App for Android and iOS Platforms?

The dietary and meal planning app markets are gaining momentum with each day. Ever since the pandemic hit our world, things have changed a lot. 

The better you make the app, the higher the price will go. Basically, the price of development for a food planner app varies as per the level of features and functionalities you wish to include.

On average, the development cost for the meal planner app is $53000. The app with basic features might cost you around $30,000, and the app with advanced features and functionalities might cost you around $75,000.



It is high time that you hire a meal planning app development company for your project. People across the globe are inclining toward a healthy and balanced diet, and for that, they need a solution that can help them create a personalized food plan.

We hope the blog post will help you at the time when you are in talk with mobile app developers.

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