13 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Services are Beneficial for Business Success

Cloud computing service is not a new concept. It’s been more than two decades since technology has become an integral part of many businesses. Several large-scale enterprises are reaping the advantages of cloud computing for their businesses.

According to a report by International Data Group, 69% of businesses across the world are experiencing the brilliance of cloud computing solutions. Out of the surveyed businesses, 18% of them are planning to go for cloud computing implementation solutions in the near future.

According to a report by Dell, the companies that invest in big data, cloud and other emerging technologies, enjoy up to 53% faster revenue growth.

In its reports, Salesforce has revealed that 94% of businesses have accepted that they have experienced an improvement in security after switching to cloud technology. 91% of businesses said that cloud computing has made it easier for them to meet government compliance requirements.

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Cloud Computing – A Brief Introduction

Before diving deep to understand the reasons why cloud computing is important for businesses, it is essential to understand what is cloud computing and how it will benefit your company.

There is no rocket science in understanding cloud computing technology. Cloud computing is the technology that offers its users the facility to store data, software, database, analytics, networking, intelligence, and many other factors, over the internet.

Users can easily access tons of data on the go without worrying about the physical architecture. It also allows innovation, facilitates adaptability in resource handling, and proves helpful in scaling up the economies.

There are majorly three kinds of Cloud Computing technologies. These are – 

Public Cloud Computing – Such platforms are owned by third parties like Microsoft Azure.

Private Cloud Computing – Evident in its name, such cloud platforms is privately owned by a single party – a business or an organization.

Hybrid Cloud Computing – These are the platforms that are owned by private and public owners.

One of the best things about using Cloud computing consulting services is its cost-saving benefits. A user has to pay only for the cloud service for which they use. It will reduce operating costs, bring efficiency to infrastructure, and garner higher business growth.


13 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Your Business

Cloud computing solutions are a marvel. They are fast, they bring effectiveness to business processes, and they lead to business success. Here are the top benefits of cloud computing –


Cloud computing solutions facilitate quick deployment. Speed is one of the most brilliant benefits of cloud computing technology. Users can deploy new cloud computing instances and reshape the speed of software development like a pro.

It makes testing quite easy for the developers. Designing of the application architecture becomes fast, and now the users do not have to depend on the onsite hardware, slow process, etc.

Software Updates Automation

The new version of the software can easily be tested in the cloud environment. Cloud technology also paves the path for easy deployment of new clouds.

The benefits of automatic software updates and integration in cloud computing facilitate a higher volume of product innovation, releasing more new features on a monthly, weekly, quarterly or even daily basis.

Cost Reduction

Hire cloud computing services, and you will be amazed to see how dramatically you will save the operational cost of business. Cloud computing technology will mitigate the requirement of spending substantial money on purchasing new hardware and its maintenance.

You can hire cloud computing companies and leverage their expertise without spending money on recruiting a dedicated team.

Data Security

The integration of cloud computing technology mitigates the worry of data breaches and other cybercrimes. With the help of cloud computing implementation services, you can experience advanced security features where all the vital business data can be securely stored.

A cloud environment is fitted with impeccable data security features like granular permissions, access management, etc. that restrict access to sensitive data.

Authentication, access control, and encryption are other security features that cloud computing technology brings with itself and which ultimately boost your company’s revenue, customers’ loyalty, and brand positioning.


Cloud technology is a highly scalable technology. It is not necessary that only a large-scale enterprise can use this technology. Even if your business is listed as a growing business and has fluctuating IT bandwidth demands, you can hire cloud computing experts or cloud computing consulting companies.

With the increase in the IT demand of a business, you can easily increase your cloud capacity without worrying about investing in physical infrastructure.

 Seamless Collaboration

To run business operations, different people from different teams work together. It is necessary to have a proper collaboration among each member and among each team. Cloud computing consulting services could help you achieve the same.

From the development and QA team to the services and support, cloud computing brings collaboration among each team by enabling them to access information and execute their tasks without stepping on each other’s toes.

Collaboration is transparent and highly secured because of cloud technology.


Unlimited Storage

Storage has always been an issue with the company that works on big data. Gone are the days when companies used to keep special physical architecture to store their data. 

Thanks to cloud technology which brings unlimited storage capabilities for businesses. Businesses can store unlimited data of any type on the basis of different factors like cloud data storage type, availability of data, the performance of the data, and frequency of the data to be accessed.

The more storage capacity you require, the cost of storage also goes up accordingly.

Data Back-up

In the traditional way of storing data, there’s a threat of data loss. This is no longer the case with cloud computing. Even if you lose your data, it can easily get recovered with the successful data backup capabilities of cloud computing.

Data gets old and changes with time, sometimes because of regulations and sometimes because of the needs of the customers. Cloud computing integration services allow users to store older versions for later usage, in case of recovery or rollback.


One of the best reasons to hire a cloud computing company is that it brings mobility to your business. You can access all your data via smartphone and mobile devices without keeping anyone out of the loop.

The users who are on the field, those who are traveling, and those who reside a long way away from the offices, for such users mobile cloud computing is a blessing. With the help of this feature, everyone can stay up-to-date with their clients and co-workers.

Avoid Data Loss

Cloud computing ensures that your data is always available and can be accessed at any point in time at users’ discretion.

So even if your physical device gets damaged, you can still access the data without worrying about it getting lost. 

With the help of a cloud computing services provider, you can go for rapid data recovery and save your data. Cloud infrastructure enables loss prevention.

Complete Control

Every company wants to have secured control over sensitive data, and a business can get it with the help of cloud computing implementation services.

Cloud computing gives users complete control over their sensitive data. The users can share the data at their discretion, and without their consent, nobody can access or view the data.


Competitive Advantage

More than 69% of businesses have started using the cloud technology, and those who have adapted to the cloud computing technology have claimed that they saw an improvement in security. Businesses with cloud computing consulting services are harnessing the positive impacts of this technology.


Disaster Recovery

A business often faces downtime because of low productivity, less revenue generation, and poor brand reputation. Thanks to disaster recovery capabilities of the cloud computing technology, you can recover your data with ease and save the data in case of disaster emergencies like natural disaster, man-made disasters, etc.


The Conclusion

There is no second thought that cloud computing technology is helping businesses accelerate their business growth, improve sales, enhance productivity and garner greater ROI.

Hire a cloud computing company today and positively impact your business’s production, collaboration, security, and revenue.

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